Joan Rivers leaves money for charities

December 10, 2014 in International

[caption id="attachment_695" align="alignleft" width="300"] Joan Rivers died today at age 81. (FP)[/caption] NEW YORK (AP) - Joan Rivers' left her daughter, Melissa, in charge of her fortune and left money for some of her favourite charities, including Guide Dogs for the Blind, Jewish Guild Healthcare and...

Eaten Alive watched by 4.1 million viewers

December 09, 2014 in International

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Discovery Channel's Eaten Alive special that pitted snake against man drew more than four million viewers, but not all considered it time well spent. Although the title and a promotional video indicated that naturalist Paul Rosolie would be swallowed by a giant...

Cop cleared in chokehold death of Eric Garner

December 04, 2014 in International

A Staten Island grand jury cleared an NYPD cop in the chokehold death of Eric Garner during his caught-on-video arrest for peddling loose cigarettes, the Staten Island district attorney confirmed Wednesday. The panel voted a “no-bill” and dismissed all potential charges against Officer Daniel Pantaleo. The blockbuster...