Freedom Wall

❤️SexyLADY❤️11:54:43am@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - dem waiting
IT MAY JUST BRING ABOUT A CHANGE! Dem mekin tings no sweet man...
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:57:11amBye sugars
@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - take care guys love yah!
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:57:41amOmgosh another road March like you own it
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:57:56amThey’re watching each other to see how come out first
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡11:58:30am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Gurl that does **** me off so tail,
hence I am in total agreement with Sugars.
They have months to do this & EVERY single year they wait till the 99th hour... You can't even get use to the songs for Carnival...
SexxyE12:01:27pmSugar Bowl please play Kentucky Dread before you leave.
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:07:09pm@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - hmmm 🤔 and the sounds so sweet we could have
been jamming all year
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:08:22pmGo sugar band whoa 😮 I know I own it
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:08:54pmAh mine it be whoa 😮
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:41:42pmWah Douggie nuh easy
Arm chair critic1:49:07pm15 minutes late this is not acceptable.
Sandwich1:51:38pmGood Afternoon EK and Daly.
BlueFace2:01:44pmDaly the sexogenarian always bring the doom and gloom. Daly how old are you now??
BlueFace2:02:17pmSo this is Christmas and what have you done??
BlueFace2:03:28pmNevis is entitled to it's fair share. CCM will fight for Nevis.
BlueFace2:05:13pmDaly is there transparency in your party??
BlueFace2:05:30pmA young man wants to know.
Sandwich2:06:52pmWhy is now okay for Mark to insult the court now that he is Premier.
Sandwich2:07:49pm@BlueFace- What happened to B&L worldwide?? Christmas is coming..
Sandwich2:08:43pmThe NIA is burdened with debt.
Sandwich2:09:06pmLet them know again, Daly.
Sandwich2:11:37pmThey still haven't finish the new building in town either. Cost overruns again.
BlueFace2:13:18pmNevlec is offering a scholarship. I'm sure you've heard.
Sandwich2:15:26pmSomeone pls tell our Air premier that business licenses are not the only way to measure economic growth.
Sick of all of you politi2:17:23pmDaly you ain't going do no better...You want go in to full you pocket...Go and sleep
Sandwich2:17:34pm@BlueFace - I saw that, that's very good but much more can be done.
Sick of all of you politi2:18:19pmEk you very one sided
Listener2:19:56pm@Sick of all of you politi - So why are you listening?? It's a political program..
KnowItAll2:19:57pmWould I prefer one man to full his pocket for 12 years OR Two? Mmmmm
KnowItAll2:21:43pmTrust me, people who defending Mark need to go to Nevis, START from the AIRPORT, then go by the hospital...then ask the dialysis patient what they have been going through for years...NEVIS needs help..I feel sorry for NEVIS ..NO LIE!
Sandwich2:22:42pm@KnowItAll - $500,000 was left to rot at the Hospital by CCM.
KnowItAll2:22:47pmNEVIS people WAKE UP!!!!
observation2:22:48pmhow can one who bare they face/teeth to you all the time be onesided?
Sandwich2:23:20pmCCM isn't serious about health care for Nevisians.
KnowItAll2:23:27pmIs the hospital any better than since mark was all these years?
KnowItAll2:23:41pmim only asking?
Sick of all of you politi2:23:47pmDaly you know all what can be done now...Give you that chance you ain't going do ****
KnowItAll2:24:20pmI am not NEVISIAN ..but i went to nevis recently and "Lard me belly hut me"
Sick of all of you politi2:25:13pmKnowitall please give me a break...Bout you ain't a Nevisian.
KnowItAll2:25:57pmVOTE MARK!!!!!!
KnowItAll2:26:43pmI in a better place let nevis fight for they own ...I DUN!
Sandwich2:27:13pm@KnowItAll - He's still on the nark after all these years. Can't get set and go yet.
BlueFace2:28:45pmCCM plans to win all 3. #11 wants to keep the momentum.
KnowItAll2:28:46pmI kno nothing about mark or daley...but i listen to both of this ...Mark over the years "Bull crap catching up on him" he is a great speaker and a real lawyer..At least open your EARs and listen to Daley ..he talking sense...
KnowItAll2:29:35pmi use to like mark....but i think he need to give me a job...he making a LOT a money ..loool
KnowItAll2:30:15pmthe junior ministers doing all the work for him YET they are not minister and geting FULL minister PAY...Mark getting IT!
KnowItAll2:31:45pmNevis people like
KnowItAll2:31:55pmKnock bout
Sandwich2:32:07pmOnce again. CCM allowed $500,000 to rot in the Hospital Yard. I don't want to keep that momentum.
KnowItAll2:32:39pmu still on the 500,000 7 years ago
Sandwich2:32:55pm@KnowItAll - It's worth remembering.
KnowItAll2:33:01pmlook at the dialysis machines in nevis for years they rotting
KnowItAll2:33:13pmi work nevis hospital tooo
KnowItAll2:33:18pmits a dump!
KnowItAll2:33:30pmlook like 1980's
KnowItAll2:34:26pmr u so blind? my God...Mark work he magic on Nevis People ...loooool
BlueFace2:34:54pmNevisians will #KeepTheMomentum #All3ForWe.
KnowItAll2:35:10pmIn the next 10years when Neivs continues to sink under bout the 500,000
KnowItAll2:35:25pmTell him look for the 200Million Timmy gave him
BlueFace2:35:36pm@KnowItAll - You are not a Nevisians. You said it yourself.
KnowItAll2:35:40pm200 Miill
KnowItAll2:36:07pmThank God Im not
KnowItAll2:36:38pmLet the coolie dem vote and the spanish
KnowItAll2:37:01pmthe original Nevis ppl Sleeping
KnowItAll2:37:36pmMark got dem hook! line and sinker
Sick of all of you politi2:38:05pmYou Ek does **** a **** off eh
KnowItAll2:38:05pmPromise is a comfort to a FOOL....
BlueFace2:38:47pm@KnowItAll - Harris has said many things.
KnowItAll2:38:58pmThank God for Timmy ..NEvis ppl eating
KnowItAll2:39:04pmVOTE TIMMY!
KnowItAll2:39:55pmCharismatic Leader...Mark Brantley! Its a strategy!
KnowItAll2:40:13pmGod Help NEVIS!
KnowItAll2:40:37pmHe was sick...Leave Mark...he have the Flu
observation2:40:42pmno thank you mr knw it all......lboy you care more bout nevis than you do you self...........we love and appreciate your put you money wherew you mouth is send money ..plenty money..
Guest2:41:33pmDr. Daley, why are you so obsessed with Brantley's sweat?
KnowItAll2:42:06pmSweating is a sign of lying! Discomfornt...FEVER too loooool
KnowItAll2:42:46pmmy Jesus!
KnowItAll2:43:24pm45,000 x 12=540000
KnowItAll2:43:39pma right?
KnowItAll2:43:49pmlook mark need to be me sugar daddy
BlueFace2:44:30pm@Guest - Apparently the good gentleman has never seen sweat before.
KnowItAll2:45:32pmMinister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of health, education, Money, Tourism, Money, Law...
Guest2:45:49pm@BlueFace - This childish obsession with sweating is just assinine.
KnowItAll2:45:57pmSweating sweating sweating....lying...lying..lying ....
KnowItAll2:46:41pmLard they miss it ...Daley it went over they head...loooool thay cant see, the blind...they deaf...
KnowItAll2:46:59pmMark you are charge with ****: You **** NEVIS!
observation2:47:33pmtalking bout sweat i wonder if de doctor done get pay for the fish pot wire.......
KnowItAll2:47:40pmthx God I aint live nevis!
Sandwich2:47:52pmWell said carbo!!
KnowItAll2:48:21pmlook mark have 45,000
KnowItAll2:48:27pmgo ask him for some
KnowItAll2:48:37pmlaw firm..go ask him for some
KnowItAll2:48:49pmalways on plane getting 6000 per trip
KnowItAll2:48:54pmgo ask mark for some
Sick of all of you politi2:49:37pmDaly u grudge Mark
BlueFace2:50:08pmDaly do you understand what a loan is??
BlueFace2:50:48pmThat was then, this is now.
KnowItAll2:51:27pmthx God for sk!
KnowItAll2:51:49pm500,000 that was then this is now!
KnowItAll2:52:13pmNevis people memory short and Belly Long!
Sandwich2:52:23pm3 less than 0, unity maths lol
Sandwich2:52:58pmGood point caller.
KnowItAll2:53:05pmNevis getting double?
KnowItAll2:53:17pmloool or just st.kitts
KnowItAll2:54:36pmNevis cant afford double
BlueFace2:55:48pm@KnowItAll - Nevisians will stick with CCM.
Sick of all of you politi2:57:00pmSee wha a tlking about with you mr Ek
Gingerlander2:57:00pm@KnowItAll - both islands should get the same double. itz a Twin isle Government..
Sick of all of you politi2:57:23pmDaly you want somebody deal wid you
observation2:57:26pmfor all intents and purposes based on all wall traffic.....and the articulate dissemination of flatulence coming across the wave ..todays nrp is poised again to find there place..
Gingerlander2:58:37pmWhy should SK get extra and not Nevis? the gov is called UNity not ONEity
Herb2:58:56pmMark Brantley in his budget address this morning was praising VAT for how much revenue the NIA was able to generate from it.
Sick of all of you politi2:58:59pmEk you and Daly got a problem wid Mark
KnowItAll2:59:35pmwhen nevis geting K9 unit
KnowItAll2:59:45pmwen nevis getting traffic lights
Listener2:59:52pmGeothermal seems like a pipe dream. No real progress after 25 years of spending money on it.
KnowItAll3:00:03pmwen nevis getin a criuse
KnowItAll3:00:15pmwen nevis getin a hyatt
KnowItAll3:00:34pmso many years nevis run down and it will stay run down the ppl are dumb
KnowItAll3:00:40pmthey sleeping
Gingerlander3:00:48pmMr. Nevis Politician ai't you party de ones who fight against de referendum in 1998?
KnowItAll3:00:54pmnevis got nothing under mark
Herb3:00:57pmregardless of the VAT that Unity criticize Douglas for implementing Nevis is still runnning deficits for continous years. Mark Brantley suggest that it because the global growth has slowed
KnowItAll3:01:00pmhe scrabbling now
KnowItAll3:01:43pmOut of ORDER!
KnowItAll3:02:29pmNevis ppl looool God help them!
KnowItAll3:02:44pmMark is Trump brother
Gingerlander3:03:03pmYou ah bawl now?? 21 years ago you coulda work wid CCM to be controlling you all destiny on 03 Dec 2019
Gingerlander3:04:57pmNevis and SK wasn't always together. de crown put arwe like dat 120 years ago... ah who say SK and NEV MUST BE TOGEDDER still?
observation3:06:24pm@KnowItAll ......that is uno problem ...,.you to jealous and crossed the line when just call all nevis people and grudge are you grudge......
Gingerlander3:06:53pmSim Daniel in 1980 made that part of de constitution if NEV want to leave...29 years ago.. and YOU now ah say you doan want to loose de Knot wid SK
Herb3:08:01pm@observation - quote me properly i never said Nevis people are dumb. I just ask them to speak up and express themselves.
KnowItAll3:08:31pmlard why people always going back in the PAST...Why people so ignorant....
observation3:08:59pm@Herb - u name know it alll .......get you life back boss... please get you life..
Gingerlander3:09:10pm@KnowItAll - that's history... not ignorance
KnowItAll3:09:30pmOk so you dont like white people cause they enslaved you
Gingerlander3:09:31pmdid you flunk you own history?
KnowItAll3:09:56pmHistory makes people ignorant
KnowItAll3:10:19pmi have a MSc and a BSc. but not in histroy cause i dont hold onto the past
KnowItAll3:10:28pmI go forward ever Backward NEVER
KnowItAll3:10:41pmo yes and im doing my PhD
Herb3:10:50pmMr. Daly gives knowledge every week. The fact that Nevis people vote against the decriminalization of marijuana I can safely said that the Nevisian electorate does not vote on issues and for progress.
KnowItAll3:10:57pmSing for R U supper!
Gingerlander3:11:01pmSlavery was an inside job... how de hell europeans who live in a brick jungle coulda go to Africa and don't get eaten? now you ah tell me you flunk you own ancestors history too?
KnowItAll3:11:12pmHerb@ YES
KnowItAll3:11:17pmKnowlegde every week
KnowItAll3:11:38pmall they have to do is listen! nobody saying vote for him but listen go home do your research
KnowItAll3:11:48pmand think about the future of NEVIS!
Gingerlander3:12:02pm@Herb - maybe dey tekking dey lead from SKPols
KnowItAll3:12:04pmPoliticians NEVER gave me anything
KnowItAll3:12:12pmLet me bang ME Mouth
KnowItAll3:12:52pmDaley Talk sense....Every week ...He talk de Tings DEM! win or no WIN ..he good
KnowItAll3:13:05pmthank him for telling you what your leaders are hiding
KnowItAll3:13:16pmbut still vote for who you want!
Sandwich3:13:38pmDaly your message is getting through.
Empress D5:03:19pmGood afternoon Ekkk❤😊
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:14:06pmRaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay madness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:15:10pmI can definitely see people jamming to this one.... Shoulder to shoulder & just staggering....
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:15:44pmGREAT JOB RUCAS!!!! He did say he was coming back & it was going be MAD!!!!!!!
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:15:59pm@Empress D - Good afternoon...
Bingi5:17:29pmOh gosh, ek gone need a crow bar to get him out the studio
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:23:47pmTuuuuuuuuunneeee 💃🏾🎵🎶💃🏾🎵🎶💃🏾🎵💃🏾🎶🎵💃🏾🎶🎵
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:24:55pmWell done Rucas, you delivered King! Show them other jokers that still ain't release yet how to do it...
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:34:26pmTun up de vibezzzzzz
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:34:35pmGood afternoon EK,
@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 -
@Bingi -
@Empress D - tunes ❤️❤️🔥🔥🎉💃🏾💃🏾🎼🎼🎊🎊💥💥💥🏖🏖🏖🏖
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:37:01pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Good afternoon.
Girl where you been is madness on Freedom..
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:50:29pm@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - lmao 😂 Strupes was in a meeting from 1-4
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:50:45pm@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - damn
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡5:51:21pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - oh man...
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:54:30pmRiddim 💃🏾💃🏾🎼🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🔥💥💥💥❤️❤️
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:54:51pmEK what’s up with you man
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:59:22pmLmao 😂
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡6:00:04pmTell dem EK! Dem no ha no sense! Is wood you gah use to build the dog pen...
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:01:15pmEh eh this song nuh easy
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡6:01:18pmLmmmmmaaaaaoooo wooooooooiiiiiiieeeeeeeee
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡6:01:43pmEK you issa ROYAL mess!!!!!
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:01:43pmBye EK
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:01:51pm@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 - you too Miss
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡6:05:15pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - lol lol
💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡6:07:25pmGurl DK full of passa passa
Monica4:14:04am@💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 -
And Freedom wallers
good morning, giving thanks to the Lord for a new day.
Stay With God Ministry5:04:24amWorship Wednesday to my freedom family @💜💚🧡ANGEL🧡 -
@Monica -
Stay With God Ministry5:06:33amRemember to keep Christ in your Christmas and oh good morning to the designated DJ and our own brother Bernel how we miss you.
🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽7:20:40am@Stay With God Ministry -
@Monica - Good morning ladies. Have a Blessed day...
philadelphia 8:11:49amgood
morning bowl
Boston8:15:56amMorning Sugar
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:26:44am@Monica -
@Stay With God Ministry -
@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 - morning all praising God for another day. Hope your rest was peaceful. Blessings always
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:27:15am@ng -
@philadelphia -
@Boston - sorry my dear blessings!
Boston8:29:44amMorning @SexyLady
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:49:06amOne of my favorites Silent Night 🙏🏾🙏🏾
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:49:43am@Boston - morning love
Neka9:12:10am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Good morning sweetie how u doing
Neka9:12:50am@Boston -
@philadelphia - Good morning
Neka9:13:21am@Bowl good morning
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:14:46am@Neka - hi 👋 good morning lady I’m doing well my dear.
Neka9:15:51am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Nice
Neka9:17:07amBowl please big up problem snakeye and angel
@ Neka
Carol in Atlanta 9:19:58amGood Morning Sugarz...Your girl is on the Morning Express.
@Neka -
@❤️SexyLADY❤️ -
@Boston -
@Monica -
@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 -...Good Morning All
@Carol in Atlanta
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:27:27amLmao 😂
sugars you ****ing me
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:27:34am@Carol in Atlanta - morning lady
Neka9:29:24am@Carol in Atlanta - Good morning lady
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:32:37amI can’t wait 😊
Neka9:33:12am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Lol
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:34:02amMusic fest this year was off the chain!!!
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:35:07amThey need to get this ready for sugar mas
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:36:20amAbsolutely SKN is a beautiful place to visit
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:37:41amThe adverting folks for music fest is on point 🙏🏾
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:38:54am#MusicFest2020 hoping to get there as my girls graduating HS 2021 God’s willing!!!!
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:42:08amPumpa, Koffee, the weekend, Hi-light, we need VI, st. Croix, Bunji, ultimate rejects
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:43:43amHmmm 🤔 ok once I can get a bus down to DB lol
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:43:57amMake it nuh
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:45:17amWow this sounds so lovely 😊 I’m LOVE ❤️ SKN
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:45:43amWe need bands to come up Labor Day weekend
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:46:55amYes yes see it deh omgosh that was amazing 😉
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:49:05amHe’s coming back???
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:54:44amNicki Manaj?
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:57:14amNice yes
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:57:19amWow 🤩
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:57:43amUte gonna be a bright shiny day🎉🎉🎼💥💥🔥🔥💃🏾💃🏾
❤️SexyLADY❤️9:59:08amYes I said it yesterday
❤️SexyLADY❤️10:13:43amNice 👍 so far
PROBLEMS.....10:16:21amMusic festival line up already ?
PROBLEMS.....10:16:45amAnd Christmas band dem no release yet
PROBLEMS.....10:23:27am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ -
@Neka -
@Boston -
@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 - morning how you doing ?
PROBLEMS.....10:26:28am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - when the band dem gonna release only nu vybes
done release
Nisha 💕10:37:07amGood morning Sugars! Good morning Freedom Wallers, have a blessed day
PROBLEMS.....10:37:37amBowl when the band dem gone release? Only nu vybes done release?
PROBLEMS.....10:38:26amWait so only nu vybes gonna be on the road for carnival?
PROBLEMS.....10:40:37amBowl you liked the sangria for communion ?
❤️SexyLADY❤️10:44:38am@PROBLEMS..... - yep that’s HOW it’s done ✅! Boo yah
❤️SexyLADY❤️10:44:50am@PROBLEMS..... - morning
❤️SexyLADY❤️10:45:07am@Nisha 💕 - hey beautiful have a blessed day as well
PROBLEMS ....10:52:04am@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - the station chipping out
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:10:18amI’m in a meeting
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:10:33amGive me an hour to come back in
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:28:34am@PROBLEMS .... - pack wood in front...
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:31:17amSugars who sing this one??? Engine ah over heat
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:33:40amLove ❤️ it
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:36:14am@PROBLEMS .... - what’s the Riddim you told me about the other day.
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:46:15amBut aren’t these the songs form
❤️SexyLADY❤️11:46:22amthis year already
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:12:20pmDamn SKN full of evens and parties man. The place to be
❤️SexyLADY❤️12:12:33pmBye sugars
KnowItAll1:43:57pmIm ready EK to learn and gain whatever information VAT free ...not to be bias
WebMaster1:52:46pm@San back in town - if you can't address ppl properly on this platform you will be blacked from posting here.....have your different views but do so respectfully please, thanks.
San back in town1:53:09pm@WebMaster - OK I hear you.
Vivian2:01:33pmInstead of term limits how about good governance?? The US has term limits for a President but there is still corruption.
Herb2:04:21pmCant believe term limits is the most important thing to change in the constitution
Herb2:05:12pmHow about let all voters individually vote for the PM so that we actually get who we vote for
Vivian2:05:15pmIn addition corruption is not limited to just a President or Prime minister. A lot of times ministers of government use there ministries to sway power and enrich themselves.
Vivian2:05:38pmTheir power*
San back in town2:06:54pmThe music festival committee has been doing an excellent job these past 4 years. Kudos to them.
Riptide2:07:18pmDr. Pep will defeat Dr. Concrete and Steele
San back in town2:08:54pmKonris did not support term limits remember that when you vote.
San back in town2:12:43pmYes Yes the people want akilah for west basseterre.
De Passport Man2:13:54pmNo place of birth.
De Passport Man2:22:25pmDon't forget to renew your drivers license, food license, business license, gun license. Whichever apply to you.
De Passport Man2:23:09pmVirdee was a birdee that flew away.
Gingerland Man2:28:47pmIs only fair.. If Labour wasn't as transparent, how do we expect Unity to do the same... is "Tit for Tat.. Butter for Fat.. You **** me dog, I gun **** you Cat".. it's a political cyclic process.
Herb2:31:12pmDr. Drew is a Gem. We need to protect and uplift this man so that he can be most productive for this country.
Film Festival2:33:09pmThis is a man of substance. I hope canyon is listening.
Charles USA2:33:11pmReceive the Trumpet award from the USA and still can't enter the US....this got to be a joke
Film Festival2:33:18pmCayon
Herb2:36:26pmDrew you are a good man! We need you in leadership roles immediately. Even if we have to make you honorary Mayor of St. Peters
Jah rasta2:37:25pm Drew Tlk bout the money with douggie...Ain't hear nothin speak on everything not some
Herb2:38:39pm@Jah rasta - He said anyone with a judgement like that On either side should not be in government. Please listen carefully
Jah rasta2:38:40pmU all spoke of Tim but no Word on douggie...Where's ****ty mouth Terry and Dwyer.
Jah rasta2:39:30pmDrew you want go thief d same money
Herb2:41:24pmhow is it you google Grant name and you see him on video doing Illegal things. people of #4 have no shame
Jah rasta2:41:40pmTim was charge?
Jah rasta2:42:10pmDrew oru fake
Herb2:42:13pm@Jah rasta - Listen carefully he said Jonel and Grant. It is in the courts currently!
Film Festival2:42:55pmA situation like this is unique.
Film Festival2:43:12pmWe deserve better.
Film Festival2:43:37pmVote dem out
Herb2:46:13pmif every candidate was Like Dr. Drew we would have the best nation in the Western Hemisphere and i stand by that!
De Passport Man2:49:21pmDouglas forget he's not in charge?
Vat2:52:28pm@Herb - I agree with u he is great. Dr. Drew is the man for the people Vote for Dr. Drew in the next coming election.
Vat2:56:18pm@De Passport Man - You don't have to be in charge to talk facts, and to help people understand the real facts, and fundamental issues that they are facing in SKN.
Vat2:58:13pm@De Passport Man - One man is in charge and that is the almighty God.He is the supreme above all others.
De Passport Man2:58:48pmGood Governance means keep Douglas out of office.
De Passport Man2:59:32pmHarris deserve $2 million on his house he do a good job.
Jah rasta3:00:12pmWell douggie u was in for 20 years what did you do about the hospital?
Herb3:00:28pm@De Passport Man - To remdy that how about we change the constitution so that ever voting individual has to vote for the office of the PM then we will know for sure who the people want to be PM
Jah rasta3:01:11pmDouggie u a liar
Vat3:01:18pm@De Passport Man - Ha ha tell him to give u some of the million so that u too can put some on your house if u own one.
De Passport Man3:01:43pm@Jah rasta - Say it again he very forgetful.
Jah rasta3:02:02pmU want get your hand
on more money
Jah rasta3:02:19pmWe keeping u out
Gingerland Man3:02:26pmLook... I man is a Labour Supporter, and HAS BEEN!!! But me ain't no Die Hard Labour... WE haffe question our Leaders... SO...Douggie.... what about de new Pier Unity building in irish Town? Didn't you start dat? wea de project money went to?
De Passport Man3:03:34pmYou throw out Harris and he come back as PM. A want to laugh.
Gingerland Man3:03:44pmDouggie... Nepotism... AlexWoodley who is now in self exile in Dubai, who you had in charge at de Mission in NYC..... ain't dat Nepotism too?
Susiej3:04:24pmDe joke on them, Mark should have vote twice, since he get two salaries. Vote them out!!!!!!!!
De Passport Man3:04:35pmHarris right he should have buy his own mattress lol
Vat3:04:50pm@Jah rasta -
@De Passport Man -
@Gingerland Man - Politicians would come and go and the citizen would remain the same cry babies with nothing to hold on lol Oh what a set of tangle webs we are.
De Passport Man3:05:08pmLock all them up Harris. You right!!
Big difference3:05:59pmI'm glad the ppl can see how wicked they are.
Big difference3:06:37pmDouggie I 💓 you.
Gingerland Man3:08:57pmSeriously Douggie? you talking bout terms and you 4 terms? You should be propping up MARCELLA LIBURD TO BE THE FIRST PM and make History.. But NO... You want to go back in again.
Gingerland Man3:09:11pmgreedy???
Vat3:09:19pm@De Passport Man - Simmer down and pay attention life is short politics is the same all over world a jokers they be soon Dominica will choose their P. M. Politics is not not serious for u to get sick
Gingerland Man3:09:31pmDouggie, maybe Timothy was trained by YOU!
Gingerland Man3:11:33pmDouggie,
you talked a lot bout HOG.... but ain't you HOGGING the PM Office now??
Vat3:11:46pm@Gingerland Man - The people should vote for term limits. Every thing they do in foreign are u want to do the same so let the people decide on term limit.
Gingerland Man3:12:31pm@Vat - over a decade ago SK aint had no picture pon dem license.... do't they all have MUG SHOTS NOW?
Charles USA3:12:33pmLabour heading for a terrible defeat come next Election
De Passport Man3:12:39pmAre you deserve more than that.
De Passport Man3:12:56pmHarris again man tel dat.
Gingerland Man3:12:58pm@Vat - Let's talk GARRET MORGANS... How many from foreign inna SK now?
Vat3:13:18pm@Gingerland Man - It is all jealousy got are u
empty barrels make the most noise
@Charles USA -
De Passport Man3:13:31pm@Charles USA - pure licks for them.
Gingerland Man3:13:32pm@Vat - hell. you even a celebrate Holloween... ain't dat FOREIGN?
Gingerland Man3:14:52pm@Vat - Stop shooting from de hip
Vat3:15:09pm@Gingerland Man - Yes so since u want term limit do like foreign country let the people vote on that. U S got term limit and are u want to do like them too
Charles USA3:15:27pmLabour hate Democracy and Freedom...Terrible defeat for them come next Election
Herb3:16:24pmDougie ain easy did he say he wrote to Commonwealth??
Gingerland Man3:16:30pm@Vat - re read my posts.... i had NOTHING to say anything bout term limits... but douggie had enuff.. Time for MARCELLA.. let's mek History.. It will be NO mystery.
Pier3:17:14pm@Herb - Yes
Ritz3:17:30pmE. K. I'm wishing u the best be safe and let God be your guide will miss u and would keep u in my thought and prayers
Pier3:17:36pmThey have to resign man. Resign they must!!
Film Festival3:18:33pmGreat program. EK thumbs up.
observation3:18:37pmwonderful exchanges and lively fake info today....i love it .......
Pier3:19:45pmYou want to be a representative but you stealing client money.
Gingerland Man3:19:48pm@Vat - By the way... I'm still a citizen of SKN.. with property!!
Pier3:19:54pmThat is unacceptable.
Charles USA3:20:16pmall parties Reform, except Labour, they don't believe in changes
Pier3:21:12pm@Charles USA - Pam need to reform and throw out their corruption. (Jonel and Grant)
Gingerland Man3:23:17pm@Pier - Labour needs to do another Political MITOSIS again... Timothy and Sam were ther first...
observation3:23:46pmone of my sources reliably informed me that eedinborrow has moved to the dominican rep seems he taught he was headed to dominica...
Charles USA3:24:32pm@observation - LoL
Gingerland Man3:24:47pm@Pier - makes u wonder why ASIM chose not to participate again.... I heard Douggie say that He's "The Minister of Every thing"... so the other 7 Members are just Figure Heands...
Pier3:26:06pm@Gingerland Man - Labour has made its changes. No candidate is in the Court for stealing money.
Pier3:27:27pm@observation - Who??
Gingerland Man3:27:44pmI was just on the IMF page yesterday. How is it UNITY disallowed the IMF to release their 2018 Report for SKN?
Charles USA3:27:46pmTeam Unity doesn't even have to campaign to win this Election, this will be the easiest win
Gingerland Man3:28:31pmWHAT IS UNITY HIDING?
Pier3:29:17pm@Gingerland Man - Because that report would tall about things like the PAP. Which is paying ppl $500 per month to mask high cist of living and low wages
Gingerland Man3:29:48pm
Pier3:30:10pm@Gingerland Man - you get what I'm saying.
Gingerland Man3:30:32pmGOT IT
San back in town3:31:41pmThe best PM in the world. Dr Timothy Harris.
Pier3:34:00pm@Gingerland Man - Pap money ($500 per month) that's what making them look good but the IMF will tell them it's not sustainable.
observation3:34:22pm@Charles USA - hehehehe....... @Pier - you tell me............
@San back in town - performance is good but consistency get u money stay the way u are...
Gingerland Man3:34:50pm@Pier - Got it.
Gingerland Man3:35:30pmSo dat September 2019 town hall budget report given in de Bronx wasn't entirely correct..
Pier3:35:55pm@Gingerland Man - Exactly just creative accounting.
Gingerland Man3:37:01pm@Pier - Sensationalism
Charles USA3:46:25pmam I hearing correctly? double salary plus $500...kudos to Team Unity
Pier3:48:24pm@Charles USA - Take that away and what are the true state of affairs??
Pier3:51:42pmWe are all happy the k1lling has stopped. Don't say that man.
San back in town3:54:57pmTheir solution was let them k!ll each other.
San back in town3:55:27pmRemind them Harris.
San back in town3:59:00pm#OnlyTeamUnitycan
Monica5:21:09amGood morning Freedom wallers .
@🔥🔥ANGEL🔥🔥 - Good morning have a happy Thursday.
🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽5:58:46am@Monica - Blessed light & love darling! Thank you. Wishing you a day filled with love, happiness & beautiful memories...
Monica6:27:39am@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 - Thank you Angel.
may God guide and protect you, through out the day.
Stay With God Ministry 6:29:27amThankful
Thursday to my freedom family
Stay With God Ministry 6:32:54am@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 -
@Monica - the DJ @ Bro. Bernel we all have so much to thank the Lord for no matter
the circumstances .Let us hold fast to His amazing
Monica6:46:28am@Stay With God Ministry
- Good morning have a bless day.
🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽7:09:44am@Monica - Thanks hun.
@Stay With God Ministry
- Pleasant good morning. Amen. Have a Blessed day!
Boston 8:19:41amMorning Sugar
Philadelphia 8:23:03amGood morning bowl
Empress D8:50:39amGood morning all
Empress D8:51:25amGood morning Sugar Bowl
🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾8:53:43amGood morning sugars,
@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 -
@Boston -
@Philadelphia -

@Empress D - blessings for an awesome day. Be well!
Boston 8:59:56amMorning @SexyLady
🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾9:27:43am@Boston - hey beautiful how are you?
Carol in Atlanta 10:32:04am@🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾 -
@Boston -
@Empress D -
@Philadelphia -
@🙏🏽 ANGEL 🙏🏽 -
@Monica -..Good Morning
🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾11:00:39amGo GM late!!! Weh small ax be???? They shouldn’t qualify for road March with this late music
🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾11:00:54amJouvert is in 3 weeks they need to learn from
🙏🏾SexyLADY🙏🏾11:01:07amMusic fest
Vancelyn11:04:45amMorning greetings go in out to cass
Sling Thing11:17:36amLeave Thursday arrive Monday
Pics1:46:48pmThe line up looking good so far. Well done Jonel.
Pics1:47:00pmAnd to the entire committee.
vera1:55:53pmwe need a new chairman, he ****ing the carnival that is why people not interested in attending the shows. he should stop micromanaging everything
vera1:59:06pmjust imaging he does not want the radio stations to broadcast the shows foolishness.
Even though the shows are broadcast on radios people still used to attend the shows.
Frank1:59:34pmJunie even thou Jonell wears many hats. Hes on a PAID program representing PAM" not Music Festival or his other duties
Frank2:00:05pm:34pmJunie even thou Jonell wears many hats. Hes on a PAID program representing PAM" not Music Festival or his other duties
vera2:02:10pm@Frank - i guess he wants to deviate from that because he knows he is going gets lots of licks from Marcella.
vera2:04:03pmJonell I agree with you on that.
Machine readable2:05:02pmAn order requiring the defendants to return immediately the sum of US$460,000.00 paid to them in trust and/or in escrow for the purchase and execution of title of condominium unit or with interest there on pursuant to section soft he eastern Caribbean supreme(Saint Christopher and Nevis) Act CAP 3:11 of the revised laws of saint Christopher and Nevis.
Uk 2:12:54pmJonel Powell have no shame he need to resign now
Uk 2:19:18pmWhat ass jonel Powell talking
vera2:20:26pmJonel, the term limits was only to benefit tim harris since he said he only wanted 2 terms during his campaign.
San back in town2:21:19pmThat's the same report we paid $1 million for?
San back in town2:22:23pmI hear sylvine said that some time ago.
Pas2:23:26pmLabour didn't have to support the bill.
Pas2:23:40pmThat's your problem
Pas2:24:18pmYour bill was not constructed properly.
Charles USA2:25:48pmI'm surprised the opposition didn't support the term limit bill...I thought they were all about freedom and Democracy
San back in town2:26:06pmTell the AG to draft a better bill. That's why he lose all the case.
Taba 2:26:09pmGood afternoon cant u please ask jonel Powell the meaning of mispproprition
San back in town2:27:05pm@San back in town - Everyday you write rubbish on the wall? You ain't tired???
vera2:27:38pmmisappropriation mean theif
Charles USA2:28:12pmTerm limits is not a party politics issue its accountability of our leaders to show honesty and integrity to the electorate they serve.
vera2:28:28pmbut jonell he said he only wanted 2 terms during the campaign so what does that mean
Plan B2:28:35pmAre you spend 2 days making it about Douglas though.
Plan B2:28:49pmDouglas Douglas Douglas
San back in town2:30:29pmMs development bank need to go. Jonel for Central Basseterre.
Chase San out of town2:31:36pm1 term for this corrupt government. 1 term and no more.
Chase San out of town2:32:14pmWhy you thief the ppl money??
Charles USA2:32:41pmI'll be ashamed to support Labour, knowing they against freedom and Democracy
San back in town2:33:57pmLabour will lose again they better be ready for it.
San back in town2:35:46pmLabour can't tek it. 4 years of Unity too much for them LOL
San back in town2:36:03pmWatch them a cry LOL
San back in town2:36:58pmLabour voted against progress 1 week ago.
Charles USA2:37:45pmLabour is a fake to freedom and Democracy
Chase San out of town2:39:07pm@San back in town - You ain't crying because the can pay you to campaign here all week.
Chase San out of town2:39:39pmTime soon up.
MIA LBA2:41:01pm@Chase San out of town - SOON UP BIG TIME
Uk 2:44:47pmJonel Powell need to resign
San back in town2:45:27pm#OnlyTeamUnityCan #HarrisAgain One good term deserves another.
Uk 3:01:44pmTell jonel Powell resign now he have no shame
San back in town3:03:06pmHave a great carnival and Christmas Ambassador Powell.
San back in town3:03:28pmYou've done well.
Debbie 4:15:24pmIf u send in the birthday now will it come over on the radio tomorrow
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:54:54pmGood afternoon EK!!!!
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:55:18pmOpen ah little bit ❤️❤️❤️💃🏾💃🏾🎉💥💥🔥🔥💃🏾🎼🎼🎼🎼❤️❤️❤️❤️
💜🧡ANGEL💚💜4:56:52pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Good afternoon young lady!
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:59:28pm@💜🧡ANGEL💚💜 - hey babes what’s up just got out a 5 hour meeting w/a work in lunch Omgosh
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:59:38pmTunes who sing this song?
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:59:46pmLeave it in the back omgosh
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:06:05pmWhat’s this mix? I need it
Neka 5:31:59pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Hi lady sup
Neka 5:32:36pm@💜🧡ANGEL💚💜 - Hi lady how u
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:32:47pm@Neka - hey lady like you won it
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:32:57pmOWN it whoa 😳
Neka 5:33:10pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Lol no not yet
❤️SexyLADY❤️5:33:12pmAh mine it be whoa 😳
Neka 5:33:56pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Lol
Neka 5:35:11pm@ Ek please big up problem and snakeye
💜🧡ANGEL💚💜5:37:21pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Wow! That's like my day yesterday... Jus one of the those days....
💜🧡ANGEL💚💜5:37:45pm@Neka - Hey Queen! It's been awhile,
hope is well?
Neka 5:38:33pm@💜🧡ANGEL💚💜 - Yes am good just giving thanks
💜🧡ANGEL💚💜5:42:07pm@Neka - Nice to know! Amen!
Neka 5:43:02pm@💜🧡ANGEL💚💜 - Thanks
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:00:56pm@💜🧡ANGEL💚💜 - gurl I was like mi sugar getting low lol 😂
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:02:06pmGet home safely ttyl
❤️SexyLADY❤️6:02:31pmBye EK
Stylish 7:55:03pmKollision sweet
Berry8:02:29pmSensi, tell d band member to put the album on iTunes, Google play music etc PLEASEEEE
Bungbang8:06:54pmSensia tell chubby and 3D de album sounding good so far
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:12:33pmNice loving it when Kollision coming NY?
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:12:48pmGood night al
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:14:02pmRiddim ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😳😳🎼👌👌🎉🎉💥💃🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍👍👍👍👍
A vex8:16:06pmA Kinda vex wid dem, Where cock up for de baby? where Appetizer?
Bungbang8:16:23pmYea man kollision band sounds good loving de vibes
A vex8:16:49pmWhere the eyes dem red song? So much good chants not used
A vex8:17:32pmThey aint sound bad, but when I hearing dem saying so much leading up to carnival I was expecting big big big guns. Oh well, they still sound good but next time bring all de big chants
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:18:52pmRight yah
A vex8:29:27pmOkay I happy now, drop de baby!
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:33:10pmYes Luxe Carnival my cousin Angie troop whoa 😮 Europeans
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:34:40pm@A vex - lol good night
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:35:01pmDamn ah looking a flight Nung
❤️SexyLADY❤️8:35:48pmKollision sound the best so far they cheat them last year for road March #Gears
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