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Stay With God Ministry 5:11:05amThankful Thursday to all [@WebMaster] - @DJ.Thanks thanks Lord we give you thanks for all you have done for what you are doing and continues to do in our lives.We thank you for a new day a new month for the breath of life and the preservation of the same.This and more we ask in your precious name and may your great name be praised in Jesus Precious name we pray Amen and Amen
Stay With God Ministry 5:17:37amFather Lord bless this new month of June with healing strength wisdom new ideas new opportunities spiritual mental and financial growth in Jesus name Amen and Amen
Stay With God Ministry 5:36:31amFather defend the oppressed depressed and destitute in our nation in this season.Judge the wicked and the workers of iniquity the gatekeepers of the kingdom of darkness may their plans agenda and devices be nullified and destroyed this and more we ask Lord Amen
Carol in Atlanta 9:37:18amGood Morning Sugar Bowl
VICTORIA💚SECRET 9:58:45amMorning babe sending you a virtual hug LoL
St.KiitsFIRST2:02:10pmGood afternoon Wallers!
GHETTO LIFE 2:02:15pmAgain the Democrats sold out their voters to the Republican party and claiming nobody got what they wanted but it was a compromise Biden the segregationist sold them out
Bus Man2:03:27pmGood afternoon Andrés. Could you look into what\'s happening with National Bank, myself and a number of persons been loosing money from our accounts and when we the bank about it they are telling us there\'s nothing they can do about it. Up to last night my daughter lost $100.00 from her account and she didn\'t make any online purchases nor did she take it from any ATM. Please sir I\'m at the end of my rope with them.
St.KiitsFIRST2:05:21pmWell Andre what this means if China invades Taiwan, lace up your boots Sir.
St.KiitsFIRST2:07:11pm[@GHETTO LIFE ] - Well the question is will the Senator meet the deadline.
GHETTO LIFE 2:07:26pmWhen would our people realize that banks are apart of the oppressive part of our society
St.KiitsFIRST2:10:23pmExtremely important
St.KiitsFIRST2:10:54pmSemiconductors are critical for electronics.
GHETTO LIFE 2:11:07pmANDRE did the ambassador say that it is the outside forces that is causing problems between TAIWAN and CHINA
St.KiitsFIRST2:15:52pmWow,,what happened?
ODG2:16:43pm[@St.KiitsFIRST] - You didn\'t hear about the fire in Guyana?
mappa2:17:55pmBRICS standing up to those bullies in the west
Not our fight2:19:03pmSouth Africa has promise not to arrest Putin when he comes to visit in August
St.KiitsFIRST2:20:39pmThe thing is people don\'t know what money really is.
GHETTO LIFE 2:21:24pmThese UKRAINIAN TERRORISTS are trying to take over a part of Russia to give to NATO so they can build a military force on the border of Russia
mappa2:21:45pmHopefully BRICS can expand, the US likes to sanction everyone they can\'t push around
protect me from ppl2:32:11pm20 ppl dead over a phone
protect me from ppl2:32:27pmTaiwan has a very low crime rate
protect me from ppl2:32:59pmmost of south east Asia has a low crime rate, japan, south korea etc
GHETTO LIFE 2:35:19pmConfusion they support the gang and gun violence tunes but they say they hate the gun and gang violence this is a contradiction
Khan 2:36:46pmWhat the caller trying to explain 🤔
St.KiitsFIRST2:37:31pmWhat I would like to know is why are we having some rasta bill when these people don\'t vote except to call a radio station to annoy the fk out of us? Oh well.
Khan 2:38:46pmNo caller we don\'t understand you\'re all over the place
line452:39:37pmRastas are so annoying please go away
St.KiitsFIRST2:39:59pmOh God here we go
line452:40:15pmAlways trying to sound smart and it\'s BS they talking
St.KiitsFIRST2:40:56pmMeanwhile people staving in Ethiopia and him ah feed his lion meat.
Khan 2:41:09pmCaller started tlkn about the Guyana 🇬🇾 incident then went on to tlk anout music and then to world War
line452:42:29pmThese rastas and their idol worship boy i tell you
Khan 2:42:34pmHmm get to the point now nuh caller
line452:42:43pmWho selassie took out of darkness?
line452:42:55pmyou hear this foolishness
GHETTO LIFE 2:43:41pmSo you nar talk long look like you want all for yourself like most who call in
line452:43:57pmboy hang up and go
Khan 2:44:06pmHe called in tlkn about ppl taking up time and not getting to rhe point and now he gone on a rant 🤣 😂
St.KiitsFIRST2:44:18pmLOL so the first one must not talk but he must talk. LOL
line452:44:31pmba ba black sheep have you any wool
Khan 2:45:04pmCan he get cur off now plz
St.KiitsFIRST2:45:16pmOMG when they bring that rasta bill, meh nah listen freedom for a week
Khan 2:45:32pmWTF ......
Ito 2:46:23pmThat last caller talking about rasta and white people need a break from the radio please and thanks he say education is not the key that a lone say a lot about him
Khan 2:46:31pmSo today is a ranting day
line452:47:21pm[@Ito ] - That\'s what happens when your favourite subject in school is lunch you graduate and become a rasta
Khan 2:48:22pmReally carl brown
Khan 2:48:27pmFoolery
Khan 2:48:53pmYou can\'t list all they positions now
Not our fight2:49:04pmCarl you done call winn and ziz about this you ain\'t tired now
Khan 2:49:53pmWe all know them names just meet them and ask them they position
Not our fight2:50:32pmThese lonely ppl love calling in with the same old nonsense
Khan 2:51:15pmIs we going to get some comments read from the wall
Khan 2:51:21pm?????
Khan 2:52:09pmAmerican would supply the weapons needed that\'s it
Hor2:52:39pmcut off he waste of time
Khan 2:53:41pmAnd for American to get involved they will have to loose a few solider so
Not our fight2:53:51pmThey whole of Guyana should be charged honestly
Mel2:54:06pmThat caller is trying to mislead others, like himself. A devidend will ONLY be paid IF there was a surplus
St.KiitsFIRST2:54:18pmSo they expect things to get done by staying home?
Khan 2:54:29pmThe whole of Guyana government neet to thrown away
Not our fight2:54:48pm[@Khan ] - yep that\'s pure slackness
St.KiitsFIRST2:54:50pmBS! If she started the fire she should be held accountable
Khan 2:55:15pmThe case already finished that why they charge the young girl
Mel2:55:48pm[@St.KiitsFIRST] - she should be charged as an adult too
Khan 2:56:07pmThe girl will serve some time but will be out of jail before she\'s 25yrs old
St.KiitsFIRST2:56:09pmThey do that from bad people getting in to trouble the kids.
Khan 2:57:31pmIf she was 16yrs old she could of been charged as adults but she\'s 15yrs so she get juvenile
malt2:57:35pm[@Khan ] - she\'s a juvenile so she might get 6 years in a psychward who knows
Mel2:58:34pm[@Khan ] - and murdered 20 persons!! She should stay behind bars. Let her throw her temper tantrum in there
Khan 2:58:40pmShe [@malt] - she will do some time in juve and about 5yrs in prison
Mel3:00:07pmOther young persons will copy her if she is given a pat on her back
matt3:01:20pmSo are we blaming the staff for this entitled little girl burning down a school?
Khan 3:01:40pmDo you\'ll know it have an intview with her? And saying she was not around when the fire started and it said she have an alibi of the nite of the fire
Khan 3:03:45pm[@matt] -the staff also to blame for padlocking the kids in them rooms without proper supervision
loom3:04:13pmNational bank needs to check into it multiple complaints about purchases and charges made to accounts
line453:07:21pm[@loom] - Call the bank and let them change your credentials it might be compromised
VICTORIA💚SECRET 3:45:15pmHey EK it was nice to meet you in person I love SK loll
VICTORIA💚SECRET 3:53:12pmOMG you killing me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mole3:53:32pmlay dem go ahead play with ppl money EK things are changing...
mole3:54:31pmTimes different now when ppl done wuk they want their money
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