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LOVE IS OF JAHOVAH GOD 4:38:17amWe can look at each other and tell what is wrong can we look within us and tell what is wrong
LOVE IS OF JAHOVAH GOD 4:48:35amRead and study JUDGES SAMUEL KINGS and CHRONICLES and learn what JAHOVAH GOD told HIS prophets to warn us about not what the corruption of man and woman especially these king fish that is in control of our societies today
Stay With God Ministry 6:12:09amThankful Thursday to all [@WebMaster] - [@LOVE IS OF JAHOVAH GOD ] - @the DJ.Thanks thanks we give you thanks Lord for all you have done for what you are doing and continues to do in our lives .Thank you for the gift and preservation of lives.May your precious name be glorified in Jesus name we pray. Amen and Amen.
Just Saying6:31:42amCome on Mr Ex PM Dr.Douglas(on FB) you are going back into the past that is why we can\'t go forward in many things as we often seek to go back into the past.Victory can\'t be near when you have already won the victory.It is often said if you don\'t know your history you are doomed but if we linger too much on the past we will not go forward either.The comparisons the dislikes the negativity etc will not get us anywhere.Let us go forward with hope and faith in the Lord 🙏🙏🙏
Just Saying6:34:17amOh and positivity as well
Just Saying6:52:12amI hope you as not praying for your successor to fail cause if he does so will you as well as the entire country. Excitement anxiety etc can make us say and do unexpected things but let us always continue to pray for each other in the best way even your worse enemy.
worker 7:01:22amGod grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and Wisdom to know the difference.
worker 7:07:41amGod be in my head, God be in my heart, God be in my left hand, God be in right hand, God be in my whole life, and my understanding, and I would go in Peace to Love and serve the Lord.
November Born10:09:08amGreetings bowl. What site do you go on for the cheap clothes?
November Born10:09:28amLike old navy and so
Stich man1:17:06pmSo much trouble in the world
St.KiitsFIRST 1:38:27pmGood afternoon Wallers!
St.KiitsFIRST 1:39:00pmOh wow right on time
St.KiitsFIRST 1:39:24pmFolks she\'s learning
Yip 2:12:22pmRespect to mr clark but he continue to spread the wrong information on the radio everyday, we have to becareful with his message
Hmmm2:16:23pmPoor Earl..Jamie floor him wid an upper cut
Hmmm2:21:59pmSo etrute the government going legislate laws to stp ppl from playing certain music in theirs private space? Wat? Wat? really?
Hmmm2:24:58pmPoor he....he from tlk show to tlk show sound like a stick record
Colin2:29:50pmJamie dont be fooled by slyeven
Hmmm2:33:26pmteach dem sylveen....deh lacks education
Oyssv2:34:11pmI don’t alwys agree with slyveen but she is so right is everyday curtis and mr clark have something to say about the woman and she never call none of them bame give the lady some respect….. if she was only one of them bad man family they wouldn’t be calling up the woman name trust and believe this
Hmmm2:38:33pmRas iyah..dis PLP man say give de new administration some time plz iit ain\'t even 2months yet
Colin2:39:36pmThe Rastaman for get or he a pam ,he for get to call out the pam party leader
RangKaTang2:42:39pmJamie, comparing de amount of students going to taiwan vice skilled workers qorking pin de Ramadais that the payback dor Taiwanz HELP?
Colin2:42:49pmOk to the end the ras call out the pam leader blesed love Ras i am a Labour &No body gone blame just Labour
RangKaTang2:48:10pmWait.. Ras Eli X.. who used to sell Grind up dried Banana leaves to Tourists.. and a run from dem bekar dey carn get a Buzz🤣🤣🤣😅😆
RangKaTang2:51:55pmMr. Clarke.. PIDGIN English is a mixture of African Vocabs and English, that began when our Ancestors were waiting the slVe ships. The Enslavers mixed up the tribes to avoid Communication, but they geniuously still communicated
Petwe 2:51:58pmI and I don’t respect everything that slyveen say on the radio but she never call out mr clark or curtis but those two individual always trying to diss the lady they need to stop it because little that there know the ghetto youths respect slyveen to the upmost and won’t let nobody disrespect her it have to stop
RangKaTang2:54:57pm[@Petwe ] - 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽
RangKaTang2:56:01pm[@Petwe ] - agreed.. dun with the Sylvine dissing. De Woman has a right to opine
DJ KUE ANGUILLA SKB3:47:57pmSame thing here in Anguilla with Private Ryan
DJ KUE ANGUILLA SKB3:48:18pmCame 3 years and play the same crates
DJ KUE ANGUILLA SKB3:48:28pmMusic we play on a regular
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