Freedom Wall

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Stay With God Ministry5:22:55amWorship Wednesday to all
@WebMaster - @ the DJ. Bow down and worship Him for He is king of kings and Lord of lords for He is worthy of all our praises..At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is Lord
Stay With God Ministry5:39:05amI am appealing to the youths out there stop defiling your bodies.Whether it is bucal,anal or frontal it is still sex,whether with or without a condom.Having sex one cannot only contract or transmit STDs diseases but STDs demons that can ruin one's life.For example by be sex with a prostitute eventually you become
one.Whatever demons that individual/s have you too will acquire
Stay With God Ministry5:49:12amSuch.Many aged or older folks are also doing such for survival they say the married and the singles.To help in the home for food bills etc.If you can't refrain think wisely if you have to protect yourselves pls.Many years ago a young lady passed on and the parents wanted to know what she died of and when told she died of HIV/AIDS they were astonished and said it can't be because she is a virgin but the autopsy showed she was having anal sex.
Stay With God Ministry5:54:45amFolks wait upon the Lord for He shall renew your strength.If you are already deep into sin whatever it may be of fornication masturbation drinking smoking etc there is still hope out there for us all and that hope is in Jesus..He saves He delivers He restores and there is much more He can do just trust Him .With faith in Him all things are possible not some
but ALLl
Stay With God Ministry6:02:57amAnother thing is that meant young people are running away from the works of God.You may say that there is more evil in the church than outside but where there is good there can also be evil as Satan himself loves to put in his appearance and knows who to use as there are some untouchable in Christ.You too can't be like others as you can make the right choice and that choice is to serve God.
Stay With God Ministry6:26:22amBelieve it or not there are many cults in SKN and the world at large but here in our beloved Federation it is getting more and more prevalent each and everyday even in primary aged
children are initiated into occultism.What some of us don't realize it you are wizard or witch your children too become the same even those unborn.Those of you that are flying around day or night seen or unseen in blacks red in moreena shirts or shirt less remember one day your deeds will catch up on you.
Stay With God Ministry6:36:42amYes there are many cults here of various levels nd you know new levels come with new levels of power rank and authority.They can be among you undetected or in the form of cats lizards flies mosquitoes,dogs etc.You too can be able to detect them if you are on levels with Christ .Yes you need to repent and be saved and refrain from going back to your sinful ways.Dont be a cockroach or ice cream Christian but be strong in the power and His might.
Stay With God Ministry6:42:00amRemember the Lord hasn't given us the power of fear but of knowledge,love and a sound mind and power to trample on these snakes serpents and anything evil in this world.Be not afraid for He is forever with us.Be Strong and stay strong in the Lord my people .
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