Freedom Wall

San back in town1:54:26pmIts a fair question. He's a former PM.
MY EYES GOOD1:57:15pmPoliticians like to tell ppl to live within their means and nothing so thief like them 😒
COUNTRYABOVESELF1:57:43pmAsk The prime minister when he is going to take trip to London England
wills1:57:57pm@San back in town - How come every day you here on the wall writing garbage and nothing constructive to give to your tunes.
MY EYES GOOD1:59:14pm@San back in town - How come a minister of government thief he client money. A want ask you that.
wills1:59:36pm@San back in town - Since you know so much may be you can go for him then Ha ha
Only jah know1:59:59pmDoggie and Labour rape d country for 20 years..When is dey prison time coming?
Only jah know2:01:03pmAlot of Labour ppl like back douggie wid he ****...But wait for time
KnowItAll2:02:05pmLARD>>the Pay Haters start early...Lard....Lard..Lard... Listen and learn...Pick sense outta NONsense....Same thing "he do this and she do this so let Pam do this cause Labour do it" DUNCE!
Matt2:02:46pmI remember back in 2013 the buzz words were accountability, integrity and transparency.
KnowItAll2:02:48pmEvery week somebody sing the same only song "Labour do it pam do it" ...Kyso!!!!!
From the VI with Love2:03:07pmWe look forward to serious and sober discussions this weekend. No propaganda, half-truths, gossips and innuendoes please!! We want to hear plans for the future of the Federation.
Listening 2:03:22pmas much as the laptop program helped many students and families , it was a program that was abused and misused in many many different ways. Students sold laptops, used them for many things that had nothing to do with school. they destroyed them many times and expected the government to carry the cost for repairs. the project had many
many flaws. it is unfortunate yes but our people need to stop sitting waiting for governments to do everything for us and our families. WE LIKE TOO MUCH FREE
Tasha2:03:45pm Really
San back in town2:05:24pm@Matt - I remember lex consulting it was big news. Made it all the way to Barbados.
KnowItAll2:05:51pmPolicy and management needed to be in place for the laptop program. A task force should have been in place.
Creating jobs for ppl to be at school monitoring activities and care of the laptops.
Students that abuse the program
would face penalties...just like the "SELF Program"
Only jah know2:06:01pmI soursop tlk bout oru..Snakes...Knowitall am sure you
ain't take a sure for d day. Every ****ing body cld say what dey want go **** yourself
KnowItAll2:06:58pmTo God be the Glory great things he has done, why some people in hole and some people got to beg for they supper
KnowItAll2:08:03pmI dont support any government! I dont come here being Bias...If you dont like labour STAY OFF ..If you dont like Pam STAY OFF
KnowItAll2:08:23pmI come here to learn ....Listen and learn ..looool
Only jah know2:08:37pmKnowitall you is a real s****...Just your words you suppprt douggie ticket y.
Only jah know2:08:52pm****ery
Matt2:09:39pm@Only jah know - Why some much cussing?!
Only jah know2:09:54pmThat's my rights
Only jah know2:10:03pmIt ain't take away yet
Only jah know2:10:12pmTaken*
Matt2:11:07pm@Only jah know - Intelligent people don't need to use a bad word every other word.
Only jah know2:11:18pmActing like nasty Douglas ain't do no wrong
Matt2:11:18pmCheck yourself
Matt2:12:24pmCan't have a conversation without bringing up Douglas.
Only jah know 2:13:20pmMatt and u all cant tlk without saying Tim
wills2:13:25pmPeople on the wall need to slow down with their heat life is to short, plenty of heart aches, and high blood pressure, calm down and take a chill pill.
Only jah know 2:14:27pmWell well oru good yes
San back in town2:15:27pmDoggie hired them all.
KnowItAll2:16:41pmlooooooool @ MATT good point ! "Intelligent people don't need to use bad words" - I was thinking the same thing!
Listening 2:18:14pmwe believe in our country so much and all is fight against each other when it comes to politics - divide divide divide.
All the concerns that the opposition has why not create some sort of forum or platform to work with the government to address some the things that could be different or improved . why we can't share ideas and build each other up.
the success of others mean nothing to us ?
San back in town2:18:48pmWho sign the paper work to employ them?? It was Douglas!
Matt2:19:48pm@San back in town - What about those who were hired and promoted since 2015?
Listening 2:19:58pmwe believe in our country so much and all we do is fight against each other when it comes to politics - divide divide divide. All the concerns that the opposition has why not create some sort of forum or platform to work with the government to address some the things that could be different or improved . why we can't share ideas and build each other up. the success of others mean nothing to us ?
San back in town2:20:28pmNext Gen SKN is a copy cat name.
wills2:21:14pm@San back in town - Listen and learn something for a better life
Repeat 2:23:25pmIs this the same program from last week ???
I feel like I am listening to last weeks program
MY EYES GOOD2:24:06pmHow come not one politician get lock up yet.
San back in town2:24:57pm@Repeat - It might as well be right??
wills2:25:07pm@Listening - May be you can approach either party and help them to build a better community for you and them to live in.
Dog@repeat 2:26:02pmYou need to wake up and smell the coffee you big moron
wills2:26:50pm@San back in town -
@Repeat - Why waste your time listening if you know it is a repeat. LOL
Matt2:27:14pm@Repeat - @San back in town - I'm sorry you're being forced to listen. I will pray for you.
San back in town2:28:33pmWe voting Unity.
Repeat 2:28:33pmwow people on. here very touch . and savage with their responses . You Ain suppose to have an opinion on here .
Lets pray for all of us and done then
Repeat 2:28:57pmwow people on. here very touchy . and savage with their responses . You Ain suppose to have an opinion on here . Lets pray for all of us and done then
San back in town2:30:00pmNew pier no bus stop yes this is good governance.
San back in town2:31:06pmNo gang related deaths for 8 months.
wills2:31:57pm@San back in town -
@Repeat - Are you to jealous of each other and full of greed imagine if are you had foreigners in the circle what would have happen them?
Matt2:32:47pm@Repeat - Please have a different opinion. If you don't like the program you can stop it at anytime.
wills2:33:35pm@San back in town - Folks should be able to live in peace and unity that is nothing to brag about and using death as a weapon shame on you.
Matt2:33:54pm@San back in town - Oh grow up!
wills2:36:48pm@San back in town - What have you learned for the last hour? I would never want you to represent me for nothing, where is your heart only focusing on evil.
San back in town2:39:41pm@Matt - We grew up that's why we vote out labour tek dat
San back in town2:40:05pm@wills - I've learned that labour dead LOL
Way you ah talk bout2:40:21pmEK please ask Kenny what new development ideas and plans he have for sandy point and it environs
wills2:41:45pm@San back in town - What about Pam are they alive? well a change is coming start counting the days from now.
KnowItAll2:41:48pmDe fish STINK from the Head come straight DOWN
wills2:44:33pm@Way you ah talk bout - While you waiting to ask Kenny a question look around your neighbor hood and ask your self if you are satisfy with the quality of life there.
San back in town2:44:43pmWe wanted the young men to stop the crime and they have. We wanted a strong economy and we got it. We not going back to labour.
Matt2:48:17pm@San back in town - Sexual crimes are on the rise and the gang members stop the violence not the government and the economy is only good for a few. The facts back this up, where is the IMF report??
KnowItAll2:49:12pmEK every week i post the same question.
Please ask it
KnowItAll2:49:20pmThe rehabilitation of the “Coconut Walk" in Dieppe Bay.
Rehabilitation of the “Sugar Factory” and
the partial rehabilitation a “Plantation” can generate so much revenue. Can these be in your plans to enhance tourism, instead of selling out all the lands for hotels? These initiative create JOBS and support Climate Change
Way you ah talk bout2:49:21pmEK please ask Kenny what new development ideas and plans he have for sandy point and it’s environ
SWEETIE2:49:25pmEK check the volume of the caller please.
Why 2:49:47pmNo audio on the caller EK
wills2:50:06pm@Way you ah talk bout - call in and ask Kenny the question please
SWEETIE2:50:39pmEK please check the Audio, we cannot hear the caller question
MY EYES GOOD2:50:48pm@KnowItAll - Thank you.
Why 2:50:59pmNo audio check the audio we are not hearing anything EK
San back in town2:51:47pmTime up for Labour long ago.
crucian2:52:36pmwe cannot hear what the caller is saying. no audio
London England 2:53:09pmThe immigration in England is waiting for Timothy to arrive and it will
be all over arrested for bribery
crucian2:54:11pmek please check the audio. we are not hearing what the caller is saying
San back in town2:54:22pmFebruary 17 2015 heart of Basseterre. That was a good day.
Dippy 2:55:06pmCrucian jacklin go call patches
San back in town2:58:03pmDr. PEP we will read your file again.
San back in town3:00:35pmLabour getting blows soon.
Way you ah talk bout3:01:55pmEK please ask Kenny what development plans and ideas he have for sandy point
Twin3:07:22pm@Way you ah talk bout - all roads leads to Stadium View on Friday get there early you got to be in it to win it
KnowItAll3:10:29pmLard you gorn go tell them way de money be now...
KnowItAll3:10:40pmde kitty dead now!
💜SexyLADY💜9:43:06pmGood night Righty how are you?
💜SexyLADY💜9:43:49pmHey Rinch Lawrd the time messing me up
💜SexyLADY💜9:44:34pmRinch please wish my daughter, Emmanuelle a happy sweet 16th Birthday 🎂🎉
💜SexyLADY💜10:51:52pmTunes ❤️🎉🎉🎉🔥🔥🔥💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💥💥💥💥💥💥
💜SexyLADY💜10:52:14pmWho listens to MY favorite DJ???? eeevvvveerrryyybbbooodddyyyyy
Monica5:08:12amGood morning Freedom wallers, what a m8ghty God we serve
have a great day,
Stay With God Ministry5:16:18amThankful Thursday to all freedom wallers
@Monica - @DJ.It is God'grace and mercy why we are here today .Thank you Lord.
Monica5:35:44am@Stay With God Ministry - Good morning, have a happy Thursday, God is always
there for us , he is a merciful God.
Stay With God Ministry5:42:44am@Monica - I know like me we were both pleased to see Angel back yesterday.Anyway how is the cold back dere?
Stay With God Ministry5:44:51amLord lift me up to stand on higher ground.Take me from one level to the next only you alone can do it Lord
Stay With God Ministry5:50:41am,Great is Thy Faithfulness" one of the DJ's favorites in remembrance of his dear mom
Monica6:11:48am@Stay With God Ministry - Yes I was very happy to see Angel on the wall yesterday,
Well about the cold, its
not official winter as yet, but as far
I am concern
it is winter, because we
had a big sow storm, and its very cod.
Boston9:13:21amMorning Sugar
💜SexyLADY💜9:50:18amGood morning sugars,
@Monica -
@Stay With God Ministry -
@Boston - happy Thursday!!! Blessings to all.
Philadelphia 9:55:00amGood morning bowl
Carol in Atlanta 9:56:52am@Monica -
@Boston -
@💜SexyLADY💜 -
@Philadelphia -
@Stay With God Ministry - Sugar Bowl...Good Morning
Good morning sugar bowl 9:58:16amGood morning sugar bowl
Good morning sugar bowl 9:59:26amSasha is blessed
@ SexyLady
Boston10:12:11amMorning @ Carol in Atlanta
💜SexyLADY💜10:30:59am@Philadelphia -
@Carol in Atlanta -
@Good morning sugar bowl
- morning
💜SexyLADY💜10:31:41am@Boston - how are you is it cold enough for you!! I will be in Boston for the day on 12/13
💞 ANGEL💞10:40:54amGaaawwwddd I love this song from Michael Bolton....
💞 ANGEL💞10:41:10amGood day Sugars & wallers!
💜SexyLADY💜11:55:39am@💞 ANGEL💞 - good morning love. How are you today.
💜SexyLADY💜11:56:10amI LOVE ❤️ this song ❤️🎉🎉💕💥💥💃🏾💃🏾💗💗🎊🎊
CONCERNED1:51:59pmWOW lindsay Grant of Mariott fame is at it again.This is anotherHigh court ruling against him and Jonell Powell.Recently also there was the ruling by the court ordering Grant to pay Bussmakers.There is also the judgement on the Eastern Caribbean Court in the matter Vierra and Grant vs Maxine Herbert the daugther of the late ****.There seems to be a trend here. Both Grant and Powell should get out of politics and immediately resignrt
Merle1:55:17pmI totally agree with CONCERNED they should resign this is so embarassing.I did not expect Jonell to be on today to face the music by himself.
Herb2:04:41pmwhy is it that Grant is always caught up with Off Shore Accounts
Herb2:05:18pmAt this point we have to assume that Grant engages in some shady business
How much2:05:49pmGrant's offshore account must be full fight now.
How much2:06:05pm@Herb - of course.
San back in town2:12:36pmHarris Again.
San back in town2:13:08pmLabour needs to stop with the fake news and slander
San back in town2:13:21pmIt's not a good look for them.
Herb2:13:57pmwhat is 30,000 housing solutions??? politicians need to stop using these empty words that mean nothing
Namesake 2:14:44pm30,000 Solutions? What garbage is that.
Namesake 2:15:13pmThat makes absolutely no sense
Clifford2:15:25pmUnity is corrupt don't let them fool you.
Herb2:15:43pmbest he hold his breath. no BHS will be build over in New Town
Herb2:16:51pmVictoria Road the road most central street in Basseterre is the Ideal site for the Basseterre High School
Herb2:17:36pmhow could it be the best interest of the students when students will now have to walk from Buckleys to New Town ??
Herb2:19:21pmShawn said BHS would start build in june the year is about to end. The next election will call and no BHS will be built that is a fact !
Clifford2:19:37pm$10 million allocated back in 2017 for a new BHS. What became of that money?
Namesake 2:19:40pmThat’s another lie. Mold is not everywhere.
Clifford2:20:26pmI'm reading from the budget.
Herb2:21:24pmNew Town people would have to be well Mumu to let them build any High School over there. The amount of traffic is already a problem in that corner
Ni2:24:38pm@Namesake - From "Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, and spread and reproduce by making spores".
Herb2:26:22pmThat is why for tropical climates big windows are very useful for circulating the air.
Moi2:26:30pmI've never wanted to vote more in my entire life. What a corrupt lying government.
Stafford2:26:44pmWhat is wrong with the present site of the BHS.
All it needs is the land need to be cleaned and prepared properly. The Unity Government is ashamed with the mess the caused and now they have not proper answer to give the people.
They should be ashamed and just give up.
Moi2:27:51pm@SWEETIE - I'm hearing just fine.
Dudy 2:28:43pmVolume to low canot hear the callers
San back in town2:30:01pmTell Marcella to spend some of that $4 million on she election park.
San back in town2:30:59pmMs development bank should fix up her park.
Moi2:32:31pmJonel I can't believe you are being that ignorant. Marcella has less sway at the moment than you. You are an ambassador.
Herb2:34:29pmJonel the point is that there will never be a BHS built over in NEW TOWN you are missing the point
San back in town2:34:34pmIn the cabinet signing paper work.
concerned2:35:16pmcannot hear the ppl who calling in
Standing strong2:36:35pmTim again
San back in town2:37:21pmMs development bank and Mr LED lights losing their seats.
Clifford2:40:34pmWhy is the state media being used as a political arm of the government?? What are the repercussions of this??
Herb2:41:19pmThis is why the governmental system needs to change because if you are not apart of the ruling party even if you are the elected representative cannot do anything
Herb2:42:26pmIf you are elected to represent your constituency but your party isnt ruling, you have no power. Our governmental system is a joke all together
Lisa2:42:27pmWhat's going on wall??
Standing strong2:42:50pmJonel dont study Terry he got bad mind and dutty heart.Want Unity full he pocket.
Moi2:43:10pm@Herb - We need reform badly. This is a sick joke.
Standing strong2:43:47pmHe and Astaphan is a Judas.
San back in town2:44:15pmMs development bank has no shame.
Herb2:44:28pm@Moi - very much so. First order of business is limiting these politicians power
Geoffrey2:44:41pmWe know that Marcella is the representtive in Parliament, your government is in power, do you expect Marcella to go to the cabinet to ask for something to be done.
Good Qiestion. Jonel knows nothng about politics and running government.
Moi2:45:25pm@Herb - That's why they don't care. Too much power in their hands.
Geoffrey2:46:25pmJonel you know St.Kitts does not operate that way, yiou are just talking rubbish. So because Marcella is not in cabinet she should do everything, where would she get the power.
Jonel you really dont kow anything about politics./
San back in town2:47:07pmKonris LED Light Maynard.
San back in town2:47:29pmDon't study them Jonel.
San back in town2:50:32pmMs public bath and ms development. Which sounds better?
San back in town2:51:16pmMs development bank has not been a good representative.
Standing strong2:51:20pmThat's right Jonel
San back in town2:51:43pmWe need fresh new ideas. Central needs a fresh start.
Herb2:52:44pmI am willing to give Jonel a chance. I like new ideas and youth. He seems inspired. Just wish he didnt have to back up his colleagues.
St. Clair2:54:36pmJonel what you are saying is nothing new, you could have started that, you dont have to wait till election is due to say those things.
You have dont nothing, we dot want to hear now election is coming.
St. Clair2:56:57pmJonel you are in power, if you wanted to do those things you would get your government to to them.
You all are just looking votes now.
Put your money where your mouth is.
You are in the Government.
NRP Soldier2:58:28pmJonel please explain the issue with Grant and Powell Law Firm
NRP Soldier2:58:51pmThe people wants to know
Taba 2:59:22pm@San back in town - why u dont tell u Government stop pay the gang mab and spend the money on d park jo el is a punl
Taba 2:59:31pmk
St. Clair3:00:24pmJonel you are just talking and nothing happening.
You have had five years to to things, what you talking about.
Standing strong3:00:56pmTaba hes a punk bcuz he ain't want ride u mudda
San back in town3:02:00pm@Taba - Labour couldn't solve crime.
Standing strong3:02:34pmMarcella is joke
CRIP3:02:51pm@Taba - you ain’t glad he paying us so we don’t buss you face and tek what you have
Standing strong3:03:27pmLol lol@crip...Buss a face yes
San back in town3:04:04pmMs development bank well need a new job come 2020.
Herb3:04:17pm@CRIP - yh Mcknight got in alota snakes Peace or no Peace we dont trust them boys. Show your thru colours
San back in town3:04:34pmLabour have 50 years in the wilderness to cry.
San back in town3:04:59pmMaybe doggie will retire by then.
Standing strong3:05:17pmDouggie a want to cry lol lol...muddo
San back in town3:05:41pm@Standing strong - He better cry LOL
San back in town3:07:06pmLabour will never put their hand on this treasury again.
Standing strong3:07:29pmNever @san back in town
George3:09:00pmSan back in town - you dont even know what is going on, just talkig for talking sake. Leave the politics alone.
St. Clair3:20:33pmJonel - PAM should not be waiting for Nevis to help them win the election if they are so strong. PAM is not a new party, why they need help.
Moi3:30:33pm@George - Same regurgitation from the day before, San back in town never has nothing new.
Moi3:31:19pmI don't write on the wall everyday but I read it most days and it's the same back and forth.
Sandwich3:40:32pmGood Afternoon EK.
UK resident3:56:14pmHerb you are totally correct.
What use is the opposition if you are in the opposition and you canot ask the current representative to help with any problems in the constituency.
total joke.
⚖ ANGEL ⚖4:08:34pmSo tru EK ...
The music was soooo good then compare to now....
Ijahson 4:12:10pmThe shooting was done by an Asian student
WayneP4:20:55pmBig up
WayneP4:21:38pmVibes nice!!!🔥 music for days
Saggers 4:22:36pmSugar head for life
Saggers 4:22:54pmSugar head for life
Pat4:43:52pmWhat about Pennsylvania
Pat4:46:54pmYou pick up barrel in Pennsylvania to
Saggers 5:14:07pmYo Kelly Leeds in the house log on
Saggers 5:14:45pmReginald street
💜SexyLADY💜7:18:38pmGood evening Righty I’m enjoying the tunes, the interviews and the music dropping live. Hailments for the artists them. Love from New York. They sound nice 👍
💜SexyLADY💜7:19:05pmSugar mas gonna be nice!!!
💜SexyLADY💜7:38:36pmNice Blade & JZ
💜SexyLADY💜9:24:47pmGood night Rinchy mi moders yah boi you making PURE noise pon freedom... what’s up!!!
💜SexyLADY💜9:27:19pmYou got mi jamming while I’m frying mi fish
PROBLEMS.....9:29:27pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....9:29:44pmGood night
@💜SexyLADY💜 -
rinch wa good?
💜SexyLADY💜9:31:48pm@PROBLEMS..... - hey man mi monkeys yah Rinch going on bad tonight
💜SexyLADY💜9:32:07pm@PROBLEMS..... - night night how things?
PROBLEMS.....9:34:00pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - I dey here enjoying the cold and drinking chivas regal straight
PROBLEMS.....9:34:32pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - what you cooking with fry fish?
PROBLEMS.....9:35:01pmSugar head
PROBLEMS.....9:35:22pmReal sugar head
PROBLEMS.....9:35:28pmCan you feel it
PROBLEMS.....9:35:51pmPull up the tuneeee
💜SexyLADY💜9:35:53pm@PROBLEMS..... - hmm well my girls had bread and salad 🥗 but I also have quinoa
💜SexyLADY💜9:36:03pmIt’s flounder fillet
PROBLEMS.....9:36:06pmSmallaxe to the world
PROBLEMS.....9:36:19pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - ok
PROBLEMS.....9:36:51pmRinch you missing angel
PROBLEMS.....9:38:06pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - going madh up some squash green fig and
mutton in okro sauce
PROBLEMS.....9:38:56pmTurn up
💜SexyLADY💜9:39:10pmYes a @PROBLEMS..... - mutton??? Nar
PROBLEMS.....9:39:23pmPut he on pause
💜SexyLADY💜9:39:24pmMutton is goat beef?
💜SexyLADY💜9:39:43pm@PROBLEMS..... - squash and green fig yes
💜SexyLADY💜9:39:58pmSlow down Rinch mi waste line going hard
PROBLEMS.....9:40:06pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - sheep
💜SexyLADY💜9:40:29pm@PROBLEMS..... - Helll NO
PROBLEMS.....9:40:42pmThis is new music ?
PROBLEMS.....9:41:01pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - I'll eat it for you
💜SexyLADY💜9:41:16pmIsn’t that lamb
PROBLEMS.....9:41:18pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
💜SexyLADY💜9:42:06pm@PROBLEMS..... - SexyLADY and EEeeeevvverryyybbbooodddyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....9:42:25pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - young sheep
PROBLEMS.....9:42:45pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - ah eating everything young
PROBLEMS.....9:42:57pmLol me love nunnie bad
PROBLEMS.....9:43:39pmRinch no jl drink nunnie juice ?
PROBLEMS.....9:43:53pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....9:44:09pmWhere we going down by tata
PROBLEMS.....9:44:27pmDown by tata go look for nunnie
PROBLEMS.....9:45:11pmWhere the jab jab crew ..... we going down by tata go look for nunnie
PROBLEMS.....9:46:28pmBenefits of drinking nunnie juice ....good eyes sight, strong back , full a stamina
💜SexyLADY💜9:46:44pm@PROBLEMS..... - you and Rinch just crazy
PROBLEMS.....9:46:44pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....9:47:47pmCook on wood
PROBLEMS.....9:47:55pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....9:48:06pmCook on wood
PROBLEMS.....9:48:16pmShe smell smokey
PROBLEMS.....9:49:07pmThunder want nunnie juice
PROBLEMS.....9:49:44pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....9:49:54pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....9:51:43pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - how your week going so far ?
PROBLEMS.....9:52:23pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - how you angel dealing with things ?
PROBLEMS.....9:53:20pmMusic that's how we love it
PROBLEMS.....9:53:48pmJamming thru the avenue
PROBLEMS.....9:55:21pmRinch what year that ?
PROBLEMS.....9:56:21pmNo other band but small axe band
PROBLEMS.....9:56:31pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....9:56:41pmRiddim in you side
PROBLEMS.....9:57:11pmWow you gone way back
PROBLEMS.....9:59:16pmRinch out angel and neka
PROBLEMS.....10:00:01pmNo other band but small axe band
PROBLEMS.....10:00:12pmRoad march
PROBLEMS.....10:02:15pmUnder the limbo stick
PROBLEMS.....10:02:25pmTurn up
PROBLEMS.....10:03:02pmOliver twist touch you toe
PROBLEMS.....10:03:47pmPull up the tuneeee
Instructions time
PROBLEMS.....10:04:23pmWhat a mix bad ehhh
PROBLEMS.....10:04:40pmRinch you a tape this mix ?
PROBLEMS.....10:07:28pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....10:14:13pmLook back and wuk
PROBLEMS.....10:15:11pmPre jouvert wuk up
PROBLEMS.....10:15:25pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....10:15:35pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:16:20pmTurn up
PROBLEMS.....10:16:49pmNo apology...... ah who send you in here
PROBLEMS.....10:17:18pmSee it dey ..... they sound bad
💜SexyLADY💜10:22:24pmHey guys I’m outta here. I have my great Auntie’s funeral tomorrow. Love you guys
Neka10:24:06pm@💜SexyLADY💜 - gd night
Neka10:24:35pm@PROBLEMS..... -
@PROBLEMS..... -
@PROBLEMS..... - Good night my love
Neka10:25:49pmRinch good night
PROBLEMS.....10:28:10pm@Neka - good night how you
PROBLEMS.....10:28:58pmMiddle finger in the air
Neka10:29:15pm@PROBLEMS..... - Me yah a cool
Neka10:29:38pmnot in d air
@PROBLEMS..... -
PROBLEMS.....10:30:30pm@Neka - lol
Neka10:30:48pm@PROBLEMS..... - Lol
PROBLEMS.....10:31:05pm@Neka - you a sugar head?
PROBLEMS.....10:31:35pmRiddim in you side
Neka10:31:35pm@PROBLEMS..... - always
PROBLEMS.....10:31:53pm@Neka - lol
me love small axe band
PROBLEMS.....10:32:05pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:32:13pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:32:32pmSmall axe to the world
PROBLEMS.....10:32:40pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:32:55pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
Neka10:33:04pm@PROBLEMS..... - Not me
band to the world
PROBLEMS.....10:33:24pm@Neka - no start nothing
PROBLEMS.....10:33:38pmTurn up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:33:51pmNo start nothing
PROBLEMS.....10:34:01pmPull up the tuneeee
PROBLEMS.....10:34:09pmRinch a sleep lol
PROBLEMS.....10:34:38pmFreedom turn up
PROBLEMS.....10:34:58pmMash up the place
PROBLEMS.....10:35:12pmSee it dey
PROBLEMS.....10:35:41pmLook at that hog
PROBLEMS.....10:36:55pmLook back and wuk up
PROBLEMS.....10:39:43pmBend over let me thump you from the back gul
PROBLEMS.....10:40:52pmFreedom on fire
PROBLEMS.....10:41:05pmAh who trouble rinch ?
PROBLEMS.....10:41:15pmHi hater
PROBLEMS.....10:42:42pmRinch ah who trouble you?
Neka10:43:20pm@PROBLEMS..... - not me no a start nth
PROBLEMS.....10:43:49pm@Neka - lol riddim sweet no
PROBLEMS.....10:44:17pmOld music sweet?
PROBLEMS.....10:45:09pmLook pun riddim
Neka10:45:30pm@PROBLEMS..... - Rinch got the good music
PROBLEMS.....10:45:58pm@Neka - come let whine inna you whole
PROBLEMS.....10:46:19pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....10:46:47pmStop it calm down ..... lol turn up
Neka10:47:12pm@PROBLEMS..... - Like when u whiine in a me hole
Neka10:47:45pm@PROBLEMS..... - how d weather
PROBLEMS.....10:48:08pm@Neka - oh god .... the place cold but a so I like it
Neka10:48:43pm@PROBLEMS..... - seen
PROBLEMS.....10:49:13pm@Neka - 34 degrees now
Neka10:50:50pm@PROBLEMS..... - ok
Monica5:06:21amGood morning Freedom
wallers, I am not getting Freedom. I am wondering is any one hearing the station.
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:19:48am@Monica - Blessed rising Queen! We are abundantly blessed with another day! Most High we are grateful!
Monica5:22:42am@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 - Good morning Angel, Yes the Lord wake us up this morning, give him
thanks. Are you hearing Freedom?
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:22:45am@Monica - It keeps buffering on my end...
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:23:35am@Monica - It is repeating 15 seconds of a song then buffer....
Monica5:30:07amI am not even getting a sound,
because I check another station and they are OK.
Monica5:30:59am@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 - And I must ask how are you
Monica5:32:41am@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 -
I did not even ask how are you keeping?
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:39:14am@Monica - Okay mine just repeating & buffering 3🤷🏾‍♀️
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:41:28am@Monica - My dear, I am hanging in there. I lost a very near & dear aunt on the 2 November,
it was very unexpected & I am taking time to fix me. I am going home next week for a few days for the service. Thank you so much for caring.
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:42:05am@Monica - How have you been?
Monica5:42:57am@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 - I know their was a problems couple weeks ago when the system was down,
but I am not sure what happening now.. But I hope it will get fix soon.
🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽5:52:13am@Monica - I do too...
NFough7:13:37amGood morning,
there is an island wide power outage.
Philadelphia 8:14:03amGood morning bowl
Boston8:31:49amMorning Sugar
Brown Sugar9:40:29amGood morning all.
NightinGale in Tampa9:44:36amGood Morning Sugar bowl wishing you the best for the weekend
NightinGale in Tampa9:47:32amyes sugar play my songs Pat Ross
💙SexyLADY💙9:48:29amGood morning ☀️ sugars,
@Monica -
@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 -
@NFough -
@Philadelphia -
@Boston -
@Brown Sugar -
@NightinGale in Tampa - Blessings for another day on this earth. Have a good day all!!!
💙SexyLADY💙9:49:50amI’m preparing my heart to say until we meet again to my great auntie, Madeline Francis Briggs... May you rest in God’s eternal peace.
💙SexyLADY💙10:14:06am@NightinGale in Tampa - thanks 🙏🏾 so much.. she lived a long life 94 years old so that’s such a blessing!!! We’re grateful for that
LadyGail11:01:44amgood morning
💙SexyLADY💙11:19:44am@LadyGail - good morning
Leny11:29:09amSugar, do you have the song from QueenyG
PROBLEMS.....11:29:41amMorning morning morning ppl is it Friday yet ?
PROBLEMS.....11:30:17am@💙SexyLADY💙 - you fell sleep last night
I here you snoring from Toronto lol
PROBLEMS.....11:31:02am@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 - hey stranger how you holding up ..morning
I miss you last night rinch mash up freedom last night
PROBLEMS.....11:32:35amBowl wa good ? Bless up
happy friday
PROBLEMS.....11:33:47am@NightinGale in Tampa -
@LadyGail -
@Boston -
@Philadelphia - morning ppl
PROBLEMS.....11:41:32amBowl big up neka
Neka11:48:32am@PROBLEMS..... - Good morning
I want u come drive me round d country
PROBLEMS.....11:49:23am@Neka - me no want you bawl like a siren for gears in
Neka11:49:44am@PROBLEMS..... - Lol
PROBLEMS.....11:50:21am@Neka - how your day going?
Neka11:50:31amOnce u driving good I will b fine
@PROBLEMS..... -
Neka11:50:49amNot to bad so far what about u @PROBLEMS..... -
PROBLEMS.....11:54:35amLook pun riddim
the riddim catchy and peppy
PROBLEMS.....11:55:15am@Neka - you does play mass?
PROBLEMS.....11:56:55amRock and come eeennn
Neka11:57:11amNot now use to
@PROBLEMS..... -
PROBLEMS.....11:58:00am@Neka - positive example for the kids
PROBLEMS.....11:58:18amPull up the tuneeee
Neka11:58:26am@PROBLEMS..... - yes
PROBLEMS.....11:58:49am@Neka - I understand
Neka11:59:10am@PROBLEMS..... - can't tek on the dressing
PROBLEMS.....11:59:23am@Neka - its speaks volume of you
PROBLEMS.....11:59:41am@Neka - lol. Only feathers
Neka11:59:59am@PROBLEMS..... - I know lol
PROBLEMS.....12:00:56pm@Neka - feathers talking to vagina lol
PROBLEMS.....12:01:16pm@Neka - what r u do to bowl ?
Neka12:02:36pm@PROBLEMS..... - what happen to him Lol @PROBLEMS..... - me nono fowl lol
PROBLEMS.....12:03:28pm@Neka - lol.
Bowl a pep up the jam like somebody mad him up lol
Neka12:04:35pm@PROBLEMS..... - Lol
PROBLEMS.....12:08:32pm@Neka - you naughty or you nice ?
Neka12:09:28pmNot Nice
@PROBLEMS..... - I love to be Naughty
PROBLEMS.....12:09:43pm@Neka - puuuussssshhhhhh
Neka12:10:43pm@PROBLEMS..... - Bowl get way
PROBLEMS.....12:10:55pm@Neka - ah tell you
PROBLEMS.....12:11:34pm@Neka - bowl high off drinking coconut
Neka12:11:55pm@PROBLEMS..... - Lol
PROBLEMS.....12:12:33pmChoke her let her pass out then slap her she will wake up
Neka12:13:01pm@PROBLEMS..... - Lol
💙SexyLADY💙12:13:12pm@Leny -
@PROBLEMS..... -
@Neka - good morning ☀️
PROBLEMS.....12:13:29pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - where you went
💙SexyLADY💙12:13:34pm@PROBLEMS..... - Boii you got me laughing so much omgosh @snoring
PROBLEMS.....12:13:50pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - lol
💙SexyLADY💙12:13:51pm@PROBLEMS..... - rest mi Brains man
Neka12:14:10pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - Sup sweetie
💙SexyLADY💙12:14:16pm@PROBLEMS..... -
@Neka - and Angel 😇 be lighting up di wall
PROBLEMS.....12:14:32pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - we drinking coconut water with jelly inside
💙SexyLADY💙12:15:28pm@Neka - aw trying to get my HEALTH in order!!!!
LadyGail12:15:34pmHow's everyone doing
💙SexyLADY💙12:15:45pm@PROBLEMS..... - no more alcohol 🍷
for me
Neka12:16:17pm@PROBLEMS..... -
@💙SexyLADY💙 - Please
tell bowl people no like silk
Neka12:16:27pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - lol
PROBLEMS.....12:16:32pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - coconut water no got no alcohol in
💙SexyLADY💙12:16:35pm@LadyGail - we’re doing well. Praise God!
💙SexyLADY💙12:16:48pm@PROBLEMS..... - but sugar
PROBLEMS.....12:16:55pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - rinch had nunnie juice last night
Neka12:17:10pm@LadyGail - Good what about u
PROBLEMS.....12:17:15pm@Neka - lol
@LadyGail - if you want to respond to anyone on the wall click on our name then type
PROBLEMS.....12:17:33pm@Neka - he dont read the wall
💙SexyLADY💙12:17:54pm@PROBLEMS..... - lmao 😂 Nunnie what dat?
PROBLEMS.....12:18:28pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - lol. It good for you health it's the fountain of youth
@PROBLEMS..... - I realize that
PROBLEMS.....12:18:36pmDrink @💙SexyLADY💙 -
💙SexyLADY💙12:18:39pm44 degrees in NY
Neka12:19:09pmI want a stag and stones
@PROBLEMS..... -
@💙SexyLADY💙 -
PROBLEMS.....12:19:41pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - let's switch 34 degrees now and
17 tonight
💙SexyLADY💙12:19:45pm@Neka - damn
PROBLEMS.....12:19:56pm@Neka - coming up....
💙SexyLADY💙12:20:01pm@PROBLEMS..... - hope you got a human blanket
💙SexyLADY💙12:20:21pmSugars ****ing me Lawrd
PROBLEMS.....12:20:34pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - no only chivas regal later
PROBLEMS.....12:20:51pmChoke her lol
PROBLEMS.....12:21:10pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS.....12:21:56pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - you miss last night freedom was burning up
rinch burn down the place
💙SexyLADY💙12:22:06pm@PROBLEMS..... - EEEVVVEERRRRyyyyhbbboooodddyyyyyy
💙SexyLADY💙12:22:19pm@PROBLEMS..... - damn that’s my Boii
PROBLEMS.....12:22:28pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - lol
💙SexyLADY💙12:22:30pm@PROBLEMS..... - he was HOT since he come on
PROBLEMS.....12:22:44pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - pure old tunes
@PROBLEMS..... - nice
PROBLEMS.....12:26:05pmRoad march
LadyGail12:27:13pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - nice
PROBLEMS.....12:27:21pm@🙏🏽ANGEL 🙏🏽 - where you?
PROBLEMS.....12:28:07pmLook pun pumper
PROBLEMS.....12:28:33pmPull up the tuneeee
💙SexyLADY💙12:29:49pm@PROBLEMS..... - angel is dealing with a loss right now.
PROBLEMS.....12:30:24pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - she told me I was checking in on her
💙SexyLADY💙12:30:37pm@PROBLEMS..... - ok cool 😎
💙SexyLADY💙12:30:54pmDamn I’m missing SKN this Christmas
💙SexyLADY💙12:32:19pm@Neka -
@PROBLEMS..... -
@LadyGail - have a good rest of the day folks. Will be at my auntie’s funeral later so peace be with you.
💙SexyLADY💙12:33:05pm@PROBLEMS..... - tunes 🎉🎉💥💃🏾💃🏾👍❤️🎊🔥
PROBLEMS.....12:34:28pm@💙SexyLADY💙 - ok try to have a good day
PROBLEMS.....12:34:54pm@Neka - later @💙SexyLADY💙 -
💙SexyLADY💙12:36:06pm@PROBLEMS..... - I will man you too the wall is nice with you and
@Neka -
💞 ANGEL 💞12:37:27pm@PROBLEMS..... - Hail up King!
LadyGail1:08:35pmVolume please I can hear a thing
Fugi 1:09:47pmFix the volume can't hear nothing
Volunteer2:00:38pmCorruption in the camp. .
Volunteer2:01:08pmThey think people can't read.
Volunteer2:01:25pmResign man.
Volunteer2:03:44pmThey want to call everything "fake news". We cannot go done the road.
Volunteer2:04:00pmDown that road.
Volunteer2:04:43pmJuni that's from a legal court document. Not from the Labour party.
Volunteer2:05:04pmMake sure people understand that.
knowitall2:05:33pmThey should resign until the case is settled and their names cleared
Uk 2:33:29pmJonell
Powell and grant need to resign
Veronica in Kansas 2:36:31pmJonel and grant is not going to resign they going to fight it from all end to make them look good
💙SexyLADY💙3:33:06pmGood afternoon Rigjty. Happy Friday!!! I’m tuned in but en route/driving.
💙SexyLADY💙6:01:01pmPeace ✌️
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