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Stay With God Ministry3:27:28amThankful Thursday to all
@WebMaster - @ Bro.Bernel.Thanks Thanks we give you Thanks for all you have done for what you are doing and continue to do in our lives Lord.Yes great are you Lord and greatly to be praised.We give you all the honour all the glory and adoration is due unto your name.In Jesus name we pray.Amen and Amen.
Stay With God Ministry3:43:03amFolks give Thanks 2 anyone that comes bearing gifts at this time of C19.Take your gift,do sanitize them as well and more so pray 🙏over them.For you see men faces but not their hearts for the hearts of men are desperately wicked.Many are accusing many of the virus spreading like wildfire and the real culprits are not been exposed.No finger pointing 👉 as well but let us a people look beyond this and ask of the Great Physician to heal our lands our hearts our minds bodies and souls..
Stay With God Ministry3:53:27amI pray 🙏over our people take away this affliction this sickness 😷 this demonic virus from among us Lord.May we seek you intervention into this delicate situation.May the numbers of infections, suffering, untimely deaths etc be ceased.We ask this in your precious name and May your will be done Amen and Amen
Monica4:29:48am@WebMaster -
@Stay With God Ministry -
@Bro Bernel He who dwell in the secret
place shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty Have A marvelous day.
🌻🌻ANGEL🌻🌻5:21:26am@Stay With God Ministry -
@Monica - @Bernel, Blessed rising. Blessings of Grace & peace be with you today & onwards.
A terrific Thursday is wished to you.
VICTORIA🖤SECRET 6:12:13amGood morning freedom wallers @DJ. Happy Thursday to you'll hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe. Avoid propaganda videos and negative speech about covid 19. Listen to credible information do your research and then make your decision on the vaccine. It's a personal decision Have a wonderful day and fulljoy the music on #library day ✌🏼
Stay With God Ministry6:31:03am@Monica -
@🌻🌻ANGEL🌻🌻 -
@VICTORIA🖤SECRET - welcome to the wall and may your day be blessed as well as fruitful.
Stay With God Ministry6:41:35amToo many folks are dealing in the kingdom of darkness here in our Federation and beyond but if we do not refrain from the works of iniquities then the wrath of God will be upon us.There are more workers of iniquities than servants of God around us as many are falling into preys to the dark kingdom.Folks stay away from the workers of iniquities that our Heavenly Father may have mercy on us.The deeper we go the greater the wrath see the face of God and not the faces of other gods.
Stay With God Ministry6:42:25am*seek
Stay With God Ministry6:49:31amYes too much witchcraft in the country and it seems as if it is the only hope for many.The more we seek the faces of the little gods the more Corona and other afflictions be upon us.We need to cry out to the Lord ask him for forgiveness refrain from evil and do good and most of all give our Iives to Him.Yes be saved and repent of our many sins and for sure our Nation will be healed.
Dwight7:09:56amHappy birthday to Derek Jones
Dwight7:12:59amOver there in Nevis
Monica7:49:16am@🌻🌻ANGEL🌻🌻 -
@Stay With God Ministry - Good morning have a great day, and may God cover
you, with many blessings.
Monica7:49:57amIs Freedom off air, is any one hearing it.
@Monica - good morning think they're back on 👏🏾👏🏾
Monica7:56:17amYes its back now.thank you.
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