Freedom Wall

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Stay With God Ministry 5:04:40amWorship Wednesday to all [@WebMaster] - @ the DJ.Bow down and worship O worship HIM worship the King of kings and Lord of lords for He is worthy of all our praises and honour and adoration to His holy name.
NOMORE LIES 5:09:49am[@Stay With God Ministry ] - JAHOVAH GOD blessings in breathing HIS breath of life into us another day
Stay With God Ministry 5:13:20amFolks pls be vigilant of your surroundings your going out your coming in even when you stay in.It is the Festive season and by hook or crook my are trying their best to take advantage of any situation seems pleasable to them.It is also at this time there can be many domestic violences in homes relationships etc Pls solve amicable no disturbances in homes neighborhood streets etc Walk with God always and He will sure see you thru.Dont let Satan rules in our hearts for he is a big liar
NOMORE LIES 5:16:58amIn our federation those in power and those who have the means to teach our people the truth if they do not respect JAHOVAH GOD how can they respect POOR people continue to confuse our people
NOMORE LIES 5:21:17amLike those who told PILATE to execute EMANUEL YASHUA JESUS THE CHRIST so today we have those chasing money and influencing our people into doing evil and hating each other
NOMORE LIES 5:26:12amMaybe through out this christmas celebration we might find out who JAHOVAH GOD is and why we cannot trust no one
NOMORE LIES 5:39:24amWhat is freedom when everyday we are taught us live in a society that lies to our people to keep us in servitude while workers are under paid there is more poor people suffering while those seeking to be millionaires continue to keep us as their SLAVES
ShirleyNYC 9:30:37amBless Wednesday morning sugar bowl
ShirleyNYC 9:30:50amHappy birthday to me
Carol in Atlanta 9:41:46am[@ShirleyNYC ] - Happy Birthday Darling.
Carol in Atlanta 9:42:04amSugar Bowl Good Morning
LadyGail10:12:48amgood morning uncle bowl could you tur up the mic a little please
ShirleyNYC 10:42:17am[@Carol in Atlanta ] - bless Wednesday morning gir. Thanks
Jfuv10:48:04amWha bagnal saying in the first part of the song he whine one a baby or he trying to say lady
Jfuv10:48:29amOr it’s because his speech problem it sound like baby but suppose to be lady
Tre10:55:37amI have been experiencing the app issues for 2 months now since the update on my phone as well..have to listen on tunein
Jfuv10:56:32amYea it’s happening to all iPhone I had the same problem all you have to do is after you play on the app go to the top of you phone where the battery and the internet signal at pull it down and hit the play button
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