Freedom Wall

PROBLEMS ....4:46:04pmLol
PROBLEMS ....4:46:22pm😂😂😂😂
Sexycherise 4:46:24pmRight carry me with u
ShirleyNYC 4:46:43pm🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
PROBLEMS ....4:46:46pmLol
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:47:01pmHow EK could let that happen 🤣🤣
PROBLEMS ....4:47:53pm😂😂😂😂😂
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:48:30pmD mango tree gone🤣🤣🤣
PROBLEMS ....4:48:45pmOil it up
ShirleyNYC 4:48:53pm🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽🤸🏽💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
PROBLEMS ....4:48:55pmRinch got the monkey shoulder
Sexycherise 4:49:08pmOil it up oil up
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:49:47pmWhen I come home I might get lost then😂😂
Sexycherise 4:50:03pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - ok.
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:52:14pm@Sexycherise - I could make that happen
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:52:16pm@PROBLEMS .... - A Carnival without the foreigners will be mass
PROBLEMS ....4:52:20pmHello
PROBLEMS ....4:52:39pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - who on stay in who out stay out
PROBLEMS ....4:52:57pm10 woman to 1 man
PROBLEMS ....4:53:22pmHorn
PROBLEMS ....4:53:35pmTunnnnnneeees
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:53:40pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - 😆😆😆😆
ShirleyNYC 4:53:42pmYou a look rub up
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:53:57pm@PROBLEMS .... - I concur...
PROBLEMS ....4:53:57pmRight hand they want space between dance
PROBLEMS ....4:54:04pm😂😂😂😂😂😂
PROBLEMS ....4:54:14pmPull up the tuneeee
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:54:18pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - lol
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:54:27pm@ShirleyNYC - rub up is forbidden haha
PROBLEMS ....4:54:46pmMonkey shoulder talking
Sexycherise 4:55:33pm@PROBLEMS .... - Lol lol
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:55:46pmMonkey shoulder gonna turn JL inna babysitter😂😂😂
PROBLEMS ....4:56:04pmYep it monkey shoulder talking
like you get communion
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:56:10pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lmaooooooooooo behave ya self nuh...
PROBLEMS ....4:56:14pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lol
Sexycherise 4:56:35pmSee there right hand hold on me boy
ShirleyNYC 4:57:04pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Sexycherise 4:57:05pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lol
ShirleyNYC 4:57:16pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Sexycherise 4:57:23pmTuneeeeeee
SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳4:57:38pmTunes blazing
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:57:39pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - couldn’t let that one past sorry
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:57:55pmBIG UP DEEJAY FLAMES! !!!!
Sexycherise 4:58:06pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃 carry on carry . Baby
Sexycherise 4:58:13pmWine. Wine wine
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:58:34pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - That tickled me... hahaha
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️4:58:48pm@Sexycherise -
@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - carry on🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧
Sexycherise 4:59:07pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - yes carry on
ShirleyNYC 4:59:22pmRight hand behaved yourself
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž4:59:24pm@Sexycherise - okay that means we're in sync.
I thought I was behind...
Sexycherise 4:59:27pmwine wine. Wine up
Sexycherise 4:59:45pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - Lol u not.
PROBLEMS ....5:00:28pmInstructions time
Sexycherise 5:00:28pm Tunnnnnneeeee
PROBLEMS ....5:00:40pmAh who calling me name
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:00:42pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - Gee me a dance deh. This song too sweet for self dancing... 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
PROBLEMS ....5:00:52pmPull up the tuneeee
Sexycherise 5:01:04pm Wine wine wine bubbble
@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž -
@SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳 -
Sexycherise 5:01:22pmpull.
Sexycherise 5:01:29pmUp
PROBLEMS ....5:01:49pmRight up in dey
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:01:49pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - just tek dance and whine as you like
Sexycherise 5:02:08pm Wuk up wuk up ladies for days
ShirleyNYC 5:02:19pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Sexycherise 5:02:22pmPush back push back.
PROBLEMS ....5:02:22pmShow me
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:02:38pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - lol
PROBLEMS ....5:02:45pmGive me
Sexycherise 5:03:01pmGive it to. me baby
PROBLEMS ....5:03:03pmWine gal wine gal
PROBLEMS ....5:03:34pmMonkey shoulder
Sexycherise 5:03:42pm Want give. It to.
You baby
PROBLEMS ....5:05:00pmShe want iron ...... ring the iron
Sexycherise 5:05:20pmCome.
No baby come.
PROBLEMS ....5:05:34pmSee it dey
PROBLEMS ....5:05:45pmStop it calm down
Sexycherise 5:06:05pm Tunee
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:06:11pm@Sexycherise - 🚜🚘🚔
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:06:14pmIs me deh talking bout!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:06:28pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - a lie
Sexycherise 5:06:33pmBig ride big ride @SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
PROBLEMS ....5:06:38pmBig truck she want
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:06:45pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
PROBLEMS ....5:07:14pmInstructions time
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:07:15pmWay lame body a go?????
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:07:30pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - oh you mek me heart skip
Sexycherise 5:07:30pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - tell u
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:07:36pmLj come I show you
ShirleyNYC 5:08:05pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:08:08pm@Sexycherise - gyul yhhh...deh boring bad!
PROBLEMS ....5:08:17pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:08:46pmCome eeen Angel
ShirleyNYC 5:09:21pmğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:09:49pmVibes up like 7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:09:57pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - You done know!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:09:59pmDis my jam🔥🚧🔥🚧🔥🚧
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:10:27pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - 😆😆😆
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:10:48pm@PROBLEMS .... - lmao at big truck
Sexycherise 5:10:50pmTuneeeeee
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:10:58pmSee me chune deh!!!!!
PROBLEMS ....5:10:59pmJuice
PROBLEMS ....5:11:27pmGul bring the mop
Sexycherise 5:11:41pmSweeter juice blacker de berry
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:11:49pmCarpet business in effect Right Hand
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:12:06pmP.U.M.P.A. 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:12:10pm@Sexycherise - lolol you chk
Sexycherise 5:12:23pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - yes
Sexycherise 5:12:44pmSweeter juice blacker de berry
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:12:55pmYou a geh bunnnnnnn
PROBLEMS ....5:13:01pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:13:03pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - 😄😄😄😄😄😄 You think he knows his dad is the CEO?
Sexycherise 5:13:04pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - lol
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:13:23pmU nar do it gd das why
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:13:35pm@Sexycherise - so I have to get rid of these red ones
PROBLEMS ....5:13:43pm😂😂😂😂😂😂
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:13:44pm@PROBLEMS .... - 😄😄😄😄😂😂😂 @gul bring de mop
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:13:49pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - lol
Sexycherise 5:14:01pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lol yes
PROBLEMS ....5:14:16pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - 😂😂😂😂
Sexycherise 5:14:26pm a
Sexycherise 5:14:43pm😂😂😂😂
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:14:54pmYou all breaking me out
PROBLEMS ....5:15:13pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - 😂😂😂😂😂
Sexycherise 5:15:18pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - u break. Out long time
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:15:22pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
@Sexycherise - The red is okay too just a different taste...
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:15:55pmLawd have mussy y'all cracking me up this afternoon....
Sexycherise 5:15:56pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - yes.
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:16:24pmPut on your chassity belt baby plz
Sexycherise 5:16:34pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - we jus enjoying we self
PROBLEMS ....5:16:34pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - 😂😂😂😂😂
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:18:44pmChastity belt my bad🤣🤣🤣
PROBLEMS ....5:25:29pmRiddim you side
PROBLEMS ....5:25:49pmI look like I is a ****
Sexycherise 5:26:19pmLook i
is a skunt
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:26:50pmPull uppppp
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:27:05pmAh look like Isaac Hunt ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’žğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶
PROBLEMS ....5:27:14pmShelll
PROBLEMS ....5:27:22pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:27:24pmLawd main wuk up in a while!!!!
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:27:32pm💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾TIME TO SHELL DE PLACE 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:27:50pm@Sexycherise - lmaooooooooooo Guuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrl
PROBLEMS ....5:27:57pmLook at all them a.s.s
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:28:32pmI like d vibes!
SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳5:28:38pmEnjoy folks
SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳5:28:48pmI’m locked in but driving
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:28:54pmCraaaaaaaazzyyy people 💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾
PROBLEMS ....5:28:55pmCrazy ppl
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:29:09pm@SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳 - safe journey! 🙏🏾
PROBLEMS ....5:29:28pmThem crazy ppl
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:29:28pm😂😂😂😂 FUNNY LJ!!!
ShirleyNYC 5:30:08pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:30:32pmOh lawddddddd
PROBLEMS ....5:30:32pmRiddim in you side
PROBLEMS ....5:30:43pmPull up the tuneeee
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:31:05pm@PROBLEMS .... - in you backside!!!!
Sexycherise 5:31:08pmWuk. Up wuk up
PROBLEMS ....5:31:25pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - Instructions time
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:31:39pmLj are you a panty dropper????
PROBLEMS ....5:31:45pmI am the panty dropper
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:31:45pmI wan nuh
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:32:10pm@PROBLEMS .... - oh yes!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:32:28pmWhat a title I respect
PROBLEMS ....5:33:01pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ShirleyNYC 5:33:07pmğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:33:13pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - haha #pantydropper
ShirleyNYC 5:33:15pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ShirleyNYC 5:33:25pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sexycherise 5:33:45pmFear away burn them
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:33:53pmBad mind people
PROBLEMS ....5:34:18pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:34:20pm@PROBLEMS .... - Let them know... haha
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:34:24pmGlass breaking effects ğŸŽ™
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:34:41pm@SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳 - Be safe.
PROBLEMS ....5:34:51pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - 😂😂😂
PROBLEMS ....5:35:31pmBig shake time
ShirleyNYC 5:35:48pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:36:38pmSen it backkkk
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:36:39pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - da bamsy has no behavior
ShirleyNYC 5:36:49pmğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ¤£ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:36:53pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - NONE!!!!!
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:37:32pmWay slim body a go??????
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:37:39pmDat nuh inna it!
PROBLEMS ....5:37:59pmAh want a rolly polly
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:38:25pmI working accordingly🚧🚧🚧🚧🚧
Sexycherise 5:38:39pm Roll it see me here plz let pass
Sexycherise 5:38:58pmme
PROBLEMS ....5:39:02pmLook at that a.s.s.
Sexycherise 5:39:11pmlet me pass
PROBLEMS ....5:39:17pmHello
Sexycherise 5:39:27pmHello
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:39:55pmRockette whey you deh🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:40:17pmWay d driver?????...I wan driveeee
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:40:23pmSoul searching
PROBLEMS ....5:40:37pmWatch that a.s.s
PROBLEMS ....5:40:56pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sexycherise 5:41:03pmright hand big up my mother Margaret Richards an my sister fluffy in st.thomas coming sexy cherise
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:41:07pmGwalla mode is activated ** 💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏾🤸🏾‍♀️ #nojudgemeh
ShirleyNYC 5:41:18pmğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶
PROBLEMS ....5:41:29pmOwner
Sexycherise 5:41:41pm💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 5:41:51pmğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒ
PROBLEMS ....5:41:52pmRiding season
PROBLEMS ....5:42:08pm869🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ShirleyNYC 5:42:09pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sexycherise 5:42:29pmTunnnne aera code 869
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:42:39pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - lolol
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:42:41pm#869 #SKN. 🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳🇰🇳 #areacode
PROBLEMS ....5:42:56pmWe hyper active 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:43:00pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - 😀😀 das wassup
ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž5:43:17pmSUGAR BAND!!!!!!!!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:43:31pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - 😂😂gwalla
ShirleyNYC 5:44:20pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
PROBLEMS ....5:44:25pm869 is the sk anthem
Sexycherise 5:44:44pmRiddim
PROBLEMS ....5:45:18pmRiddim in you side
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:45:25pmmasters of d artğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥
PROBLEMS ....5:45:45pm✌✌✌✌✌✌
Sexycherise 5:46:14pm Wuk up wuk up ladies
PROBLEMS ....5:47:35pmWuk up in you mother month
Sexycherise 5:47:53pm Wuk in u mother month
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:48:20pm@ğŸ’žğŸ’žANGELğŸ’žğŸ’ž - lol...telling you!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:48:24pmDem man does have some kinda chant yow🤣🤣🤣
PROBLEMS ....5:48:32pmRiddim in you side
ShirleyNYC 5:49:34pmYou back with de mango bush right hand
PROBLEMS ....5:50:16pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
PROBLEMS ....5:51:00pmRight hand you dont have nowhere to go
PROBLEMS ....5:51:13pmBoy right hand stop play
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:51:46pmMe knees say thanks
PROBLEMS ....5:51:50pmMonkey shoulder talking right hand where you going
PROBLEMS ....5:52:42pmBless up king
stay safe
ShirleyNYC 5:53:08pmHave a bless weekend right hand, bless up
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️5:54:33pmYou made d ancestors fuljoy travels Right👌🏿
♡☆Nadz☆♡5:59:08pmSafe journey lj!...bless up! 🙏🏾
PROBLEMS ....6:00:08pmBless up king
PROBLEMS ....6:00:41pmBite her back
♡☆Nadz☆♡6:00:54pm@PROBLEMS .... - lol
ShirleyNYC 6:09:52pmBless afternoon dj Rinch
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️6:11:51pm🧊🥃🍾🛰gravy settings ğŸŽ›
ShirleyNYC 6:17:14pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 6:20:34pmğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ¤¸ğŸ½ğŸ”¥ğŸ¤¸ğŸ½ğŸ¤¸ğŸ½ğŸ¤¸ğŸ½ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶
ShirleyNYC 6:20:43pm🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
ShirleyNYC 6:21:19pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
ShirleyNYC 6:23:40pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
♡☆Nadz☆♡6:23:57pmRajiv!!!! afternoon
♡☆Nadz☆♡6:24:06pmI mean
♡☆Nadz☆♡6:25:19pmYh me deh ya
SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳6:25:23pmAh drive
ShirleyNYC 6:27:04pmğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒ
PROBLEMS ....6:27:34pmRinch wa good
PROBLEMS ....6:27:47pmYou bring the monkey shoulder
PROBLEMS ....6:32:53pmA come for that wuk
PROBLEMS ....6:34:12pmTunnnnnneeees
PROBLEMS ....6:34:22pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
SexyLADY❤️🇰🇳6:46:41pmMash it up Rinch Lawrd
Sexycherise 6:56:10pmGood evening rinch an wallers
Neka 6:57:57pm@PROBLEMS .... -
@Sexycherise - Good evening
Sexycherise 6:58:23pm@Neka - sup
Neka 6:59:21pm@Sexycherise - me a enjoy the vibes rinch good night
♡☆Nadz☆♡6:59:28pm@Sexycherise - hey hun
Neka 6:59:38pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - night
ShirleyNYC 7:04:06pmğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶
ShirleyNYC 7:04:48pm@Sexycherise - you finish you hair
ShirleyNYC 7:09:50pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:16:33pm@Neka - night hun
ShirleyNYC 7:19:16pmğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ¤¸ğŸ½ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:21:25pmLike me neighbor dem down ya!
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:21:32pmFarse bad!
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:23:15pmCheers Lawrd I reach the Bronx safely pure traffic and double parking
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:23:33pmCheers to SKN Finest DJ Rinchy
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:24:41pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
@ShirleyNYC -
@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - good night
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:25:20pm@Neka -
@Sexycherise -
@PROBLEMS .... - night how ayou. Enjoying the tunes 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:27:21pmRinch bunning down FREEDOM buh
ShirleyNYC 7:27:44pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - bless evening
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:28:12pm@ShirleyNYC - how are you got a minute to type
ShirleyNYC 7:28:45pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - am good, how’s your weekend going gurl
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:29:29pm@ShirleyNYC - my weekend is going good
Neka 7:31:47pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - Hi lady
ShirleyNYC 7:31:47pmYes a true Rinch
ShirleyNYC 7:32:21pmMake sure he well full
Neka 7:33:18pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - Tinch ****ing me
ShirleyNYC 7:34:02pmMake sure me smell all over he ass, before he walk out that door
💛💚ANGEL💛💚💛7:34:23pm😳😳😳 story dis lawd!!!.
Neka 7:34:25pmK mec
💛💚ANGEL💛💚💛7:34:43pm@ShirleyNYC - Guuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrl 😀😀😀😀
Neka 7:35:50pmRinch u is
something else
💛💚ANGEL💛💚💛7:36:08pm@Neka - Hey lady...
Skn7:40:34pmWhere ek be ridin karissa brown in
ShirleyNYC 7:47:50pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 7:48:04pmSugar band for life 💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
Neka 7:49:13pmSugar band to the world
Neka 7:49:42pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚💛 - night lady
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:50:06pmI LOVE SKN
BAD miss that PLACE ğŸ‡°ğŸ‡³ğŸ‡°ğŸ‡³ğŸ‡°ğŸ‡³ğŸ‡°ğŸ‡³ğŸ‡°ğŸ‡³ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽŠğŸ–ğŸ–ğŸŽŠğŸŽŠğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸â¤ï¸
Neka 7:50:20pmCock it up
@🥂SexyLADY🥂 -
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:50:33pm@Neka -
@ShirleyNYC -
@💛💚ANGEL💛💚💛 - back it when you ah ride
Neka 7:51:09pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - me like to back it up
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️7:51:41pm@Neka -
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️7:52:38pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - 🙋🏿‍♂️
Neka 7:52:41pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - good night come let me back it up on u
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:53:25pmMe band dat!!!!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️7:53:59pm@Neka - you nar waist no time huh let me brace for d pace
Neka 7:54:36pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lol
Neka 7:55:00pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - long time we no back it up
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:55:41pm@Neka - I know you do lol 😂 tek it ghal
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:55:48pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - I hole you can ha fleek it
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:55:58pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - meant HANDLE it
🥂SexyLADY🥂7:56:14pm@♡☆Nadz☆♡ - Riddim for real
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:56:30pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - oh yes!
Neka 7:56:52pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - wonder if he still have the feel
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️7:57:14pm@Neka - real talk
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️7:57:54pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - I built for it
♡☆Nadz☆♡7:58:11pmRiddim in you backside!!!!
Neka 7:59:25pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - Lol
ShirleyNYC 8:02:19pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:14:20pmHead dung ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµ bring it back ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ push it back ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:14:55pmGRAND MASTERS!!!!!!!!!!!
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:16:07pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - don’t take advantage of the situation now
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:16:49pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - Full advantage...
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:18:39pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - Do ya thing gurl...
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:19:30pmğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ ALL AH WE AH ONE BLOOD ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾
ShirleyNYC 8:27:33pmğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶
🥂SexyLADY🥂8:28:31pmAyou mashing you JUNIE station
ShirleyNYC 8:29:59pmğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥
ShirleyNYC 8:30:18pmğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶
ShirleyNYC 8:36:08pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 8:37:34pmBalance battyğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶
ShirleyNYC 8:37:46pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 8:39:41pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
ShirleyNYC 8:42:44pmğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:44:29pmSweating out in full effect!!! ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:44:51pmSoul searching
ShirleyNYC 8:44:59pmğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶
ShirleyNYC 8:45:52pm💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:46:03pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - You're getting a full work out today huh?
ShirleyNYC 8:46:14pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - bend over gurl
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:46:21pm@ShirleyNYC - Get your work out on lady...
ShirleyNYC 8:46:36pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - yes gurl
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:46:42pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - I calling it quits
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:48:06pmPaging 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
ShirleyNYC 8:48:57pmğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:49:00pm@ShirleyNYC - I am gurl my son asking me if I ain't tired... haha
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:51:56pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - haha hang in there man you'll make it ...
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:52:30pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - Rockette caught up...
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:52:58pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - lol
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:56:00pmThis calm for d warm down
Neka 8:56:01pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:56:49pm@Neka - set up d massage parlor
Neka 8:56:57pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - lol and just getting
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️8:57:32pm@Neka - come eeen d boom boom room
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:58:36pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ -
@Neka - 😀😀😀😀😀
Neka 8:58:37pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - me in d dark room
💛💚ANGEL💛💚8:58:58pmGrand Masters ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾
Neka 8:59:42pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - long time we no meet up so we making up for lost time
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:00:27pm@Neka - Make it worth your while honey...
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:01:20pmLove me some Grand Masters bad see.... ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:01:38pmRajiv, walk safely....
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️9:01:39pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 -
@Neka -
@ShirleyNYC - it was a pleasure time to go soak....take love.Rinch safe travels
SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️9:02:01pm@🥂SexyLADY🥂 -
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:02:41pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - You deserve that soak King. You've out done yourself tuhday... One love. Rest well...
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:03:52pm@Neka -
@ShirleyNYC -
@🥂SexyLADY🥂 - Take care ladies.
Blessed love.
Neka 9:03:57pm@SNAKEYES🧘🏿‍♂️ - same too u
Neka 9:04:10pm@💛💚ANGEL💛💚 - same to u lady
Neka 9:04:27pmRinch be safe
💛💚ANGEL💛💚9:04:35pm@Neka - Thanks...
PROBLEMS ....9:33:48pmI need some
Neka 11:29:53pmWhere EK ridin karissa Browne in Newtown?
Neka 11:30:21pmDat EK he a busy guy ridin all da skn women
Karissa browne 11:30:58pmLove me some team unity and sexing up EK da fat slob
Karissa browne 11:31:16pmFolks i am one mentally disturbed fool
Karissa browne 11:31:38pmTimmo bought my hair weaves like Dougie did
Karissa browne 11:31:56pmWhere dat rascal EK i will sex him up
ShirleyNYC 11:32:38pmGo away karissa browne all of skn know u be a slut and nutjob
Charles USA11:33:16pmLol gotta love karissa browne no shame jusr newtown trash
Monicà4:57:42amGood morning to everyone, its a blessing to be on the land of the living, .The second day of the eight month.. Thank you Lord..Its a beautiful day.
Concerned3:06:56pmBlessed Sunday my peeps...hope you guys are enjoying to the fullest
VICTORIA SECRET 3:20:52pm@Concerned - fighting to stay awake this cool
calm Sunday afternoon 😀
Concerned3:26:24pm@VICTORIA SECRET - wow...wish i was you temp is registering 88 degrees
VICTORIA SECRET 3:26:36pmGood afternoon JL freedom wallers..after a hearty lunch the struggle is on to stay awake😀😀
VICTORIA SECRET 3:28:19pm@Concerned - Oh Lord sorry..stick your head in the freezer.🤭🤭
Concerned3:28:30pm@VICTORIA SECRET - ooooh...u have the itis?
VICTORIA SECRET 3:56:17pmAm I the only one listening to freedom FM on this Sunday afternoon???🤔
Concerned4:10:26pm@VICTORIA SECRET - u got company..i'm right here
VICTORIA SECRET 4:16:05pm@Concerned - nice to know..🤝
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:17:57pmGood afternoon
@Monicà -
@Concerned -
@VICTORIA SECRET - happy Sunday!! Aw enjoying the love tunes
Concerned4:22:48pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - Good affnoon...yep some good ole love songs
VICTORIA SECRET 4:29:38pm@❤️SexyLADY❤️ - hey hey @❤SexyLADY❤ WELCOME good afternoon just relaxing listening to the music AC blasting 😀😀😀
❤️SexyLADY❤️4:34:49pm@Concerned -
@VICTORIA SECRET - that’s right l!!!
ShirleyNYC 8:12:48pmğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶
VICTORIA SECRET 8:22:52pmIs anyone still on?? Lord I sleep over 3 hours 🤭 when will I return to work🤷‍♀️
MANBALLER8:28:23pm@VICTORIA SECRET - am here for you
VICTORIA SECRET 8:38:28pm@MANBALLER - Oh so touching if only this was true. Loll
MANBALLER8:39:34pm@VICTORIA SECRET - it's true but how to get there?
VICTORIA SECRET 8:39:55pmI think it's time to unmask the writers on the wall..🤔
MANBALLER8:40:54pm@VICTORIA SECRET - Yeah but this me for real
MANBALLER8:41:02pmLong time
VICTORIA SECRET 8:41:43pm@MANBALLER - this people with their experiment mess
up the hole world.. chups
MANBALLER8:41:52pm@VICTORIA SECRET - How are you doing and the newly wedding
MANBALLER8:42:33pmHow was your weekend? @VICTORIA SECRET -
VICTORIA SECRET 8:43:47pm@MANBALLER - don't have much of a life..😀😀 sorry
same dam **** just a deffrient day 🤭
VICTORIA SECRET 8:44:21pm@MANBALLER - where have you been???
MANBALLER8:45:03pm@VICTORIA SECRET - just take some time out the chat
VICTORIA SECRET 8:45:36pm@MANBALLER - wedding was beautiful just rain of and on..
MANBALLER8:46:26pmRain is blessings
MANBALLER8:47:26pm@VICTORIA SECRET - That means it's a long together ness
VICTORIA SECRET 8:48:25pm@MANBALLER - I hope so cause I'll mess up somebody 🤣🤣🤣
ee have to link
MANBALLER8:49:29pm@VICTORIA SECRET - sounds like country GUL
VICTORIA SECRET 8:50:02pm@MANBALLER - 🤣🤣🤣 they won't like me when am angry 💪
ShirleyNYC 8:50:46pmğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶
VICTORIA SECRET 8:52:07pmOMG that's my song..ğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶
VICTORIA SECRET 9:01:04pmğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
Stay With God Ministry4:00:44amMerciful Monday to all @ the DJ @ShirleyNYC -
@VICTORIA SECRET - Our God is a merciful and for that let us continue to hold on to his mercies each returning day.His mercies kept us and He will not let us go.Thank you Jesus Thank you Lord..
Stay With God Ministry4:01:38am*God
Monica5:04:02amGood morning, Freedom,
@Stay With God Ministry -
Oh what A mighty God we serve. The Lord is great and greatly
to be praised .Thank you Lord for another day
who am I 6:03:32amanother day of JAHOVAH GOD BLESSINGS to a wicked and perverse people
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 8:10:27amJust want to say a pleasant good morning to the usual Freedom wallers listeners fulljoy the rest of the day..
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 8:13:19amQuestion Who's coming in this morning..?? SUGARBOWL is on vacation..😭😀
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 8:26:43amOMG Sugarrrrrrrrrrrrrbowl.. LoL LoL 😀🤭
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:10:39amGood morning JL I'm here faithful listener Victoria secret..😀
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:18:18amGood morning JL,
@who am I -
@Monica -
@Stay With God Ministry - hope you all are well! Happy Emancipation Monday
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:19:15amStay safe my dears.
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:19:26amLol 😂
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:20:00amJL I'm Torn between Micko and ThIS and THAT I
love them both..🤫😀😀
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:20:49am@🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳 - hey hey good morning good morning SexyLADYğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:22:04amAre feel young C..🤫 ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:23:10amJL don’t start lol 😂
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:23:48amNevis nice OMG love king Micko I just love this man ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµ
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:25:27amJL give me the Layla MAN...woyyyy I'm so happy this morning thank you Lord for life ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽ¶
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:25:59amJL police coming for you..😀😀😀
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:28:39amWow Mansion Bay wow 😳 omgosh mek they didn’t advertise it pon you show
🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳9:29:21amAh wonder what’s happening in Dieppe Bay??? Ah going go call mi brother and me friend
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:30:32am@🇰🇳SexyLADY🇰🇳 - I stuck on Gilligan's island..LOL
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:32:29amJL U have to play THis N THAT
C'mon man
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:38:56amJL can I please come just home home I tired of the house..ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:41:46amJL FAKE OR REAL..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
INTERESTING 9:45:13amBJL you see Anguilla having jamming on de street as we speak ,they also has no active case so life goes on .
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:47:38am@INTERESTING - You mean August Monday???
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 9:56:38amB JL they all Robbing the Man.. they to unfair..
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 10:02:37amLove You BJL ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒ Freedom FM 106.5
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 10:05:19amBJL Don't let me swim and come for THIS N THAT...ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸ˜€ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ’ƒFREEDOM FM WOYYYY ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµ
INTERESTING 10:08:23amBJL Let me take this time out to big up you and the Freedom team ,ever since freedom was born I hardly shift to any other station ,the thing about freedom everybody have they favourite DJ but you could listen to all of them ,nuff love and respect to the Freedom Family
VICTORIA🤫SECRET 10:11:47am@INTERESTING - I second the motion...👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🏾🙏🏾
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