Freedom Wall

Min ago2:48:19pmCurtis we know about your condition. We feel sorry for you.
Min ago2:48:36pmIt's gonna be okay Curtis
Labourforlife2:48:50pmCode of ethics Sylvine?
What about Jonel and Lindsay and the number of young men who are being propositioned for sex in exchange for work?
She says nothing about that.
Labourforlife2:48:57pmKeep talking Curtis.....
colin2:49:19pm oh
lord the folks man
Ginger n Turmeric2:49:20pmDis is a program for all.....not labour alone...
Labourforlife2:49:25pmModerator, cut off this deportee....he is a paid caller....
Labourforlife2:49:44pmYes, your stress is that you are a criminal and was deported from the USA.
Reo2:49:48pm@Min ago - What is his condition to talk the truth The truth always got fire to its tail
Calypso2:49:50pm@Ginger n Turmeric - That's why they want power.
G2:49:51pmLeft Curtis cause you let sylvine give she sermon
Truth2:50:03pmHear David deporte again
Labourforlife2:50:07pmThat's your stress....ask Trump for a pardon..
Labourforlife2:50:18pmYes, he is a deportee and is paid to call in.......
Labourforlife2:50:36pmModerator, his stress is that he is a criminal deportee....
Ginger n Turmeric2:50:39pmBig man...caller...dont come tie up d airwaves
Labourforlife2:50:42pmGive him 30 seconds...
Ginger n Turmeric2:50:55pmCut n clear
Labourforlife2:51:21pmThank go in the church and repent of your sins.
Truth2:51:23pmThey don't call ziz
Labourforlife2:51:39pmSylvine is a fraud and so is this deportee.
Labourforlife2:51:48pmThank God he is quitting....
Labourforlife2:51:54pmAnd we are sick of you.
Kinetic Energy2:51:59pmLabour and NRP full of sh*t.
G2:52:03pmGet he off he crazy
Labourforlife2:52:08pmPraise God...
Kinetic Energy2:52:17pmSame crap every week
Labourforlife2:52:26pm@Kinetic Energy - Labour and NRP for life...
Labourforlife2:52:46pm@Kinetic Energy - Yet you come every week to listen....what does that say about you?
colin2:52:59pm thhe P.M
Harris is more
slower than Sylvine
Min Ago2:53:17pmCurtis I have your pills.
Min Ago2:53:32pmCome take them
Labourforlife2:53:33pmDouglas is a man.....whatever Harris is is for his supporters to decide.
Reo2:53:47pmlabor is strong and they afraid of them but they ready with their votes to vote out Unity
@Min Ago -
@Kinetic Energy -
Labourforlife2:53:56pm@Min Ago - You should take seem to need them.
should look at the police
at night
Min Ago2:55:17pmHere's another one of my patients.
Labourforlife2:55:26pmWe need to test, test and test.
Uk 2:55:35pmMin gao play with you life like you government you better listen to curtis Crooke
Ginger n Turmeric2:55:45pmI need solutions from the opposition "politicians"....not just constant complaining
Labourforlife2:55:56pm@Min Ago - You need to check yourself first.
Gatty2:56:01pmBetter they open country serious times and
Labourforlife2:56:16pm@Ginger n Turmeric - You need solutions from the government.
That's why they are government.
Fairness2:56:27pmWhat's the point of this program?? 😒😒😒😒
Ginger n Mel sense....better than any politician
colin2:56:31pmthe police dos have there partyes
when we in our beds at night
Reo2:56:32pm@Min Ago -Labor is Ready for them and very Red and Ready too
nonsense 2:56:49pmMarcella is a better politician and person than anyone in unity feel it and cuss
Ginger n Turmeric2:57:04pm@Labourforlife - dats where you wrong.....we Need solutions from both sides
Labourforlife2:57:27pm@Fairness - To educate the people and the Labour supporters.
Labourforlife2:57:49pm@Ginger n Turmeric - Labour gives solutions....perhaps you need to listen more and complain less.
Ginger n Turmeric2:58:11pmthis is not a one party problem@Labourforlife - t
Sandwich2:58:52pm@Labourforlife - They never hear the solutions. Some ppl only hear what they want to hear.
Labourforlife2:59:11pm@Ginger n Turmeric - You have not been paying attention. Labour has set out its ideas and plans for months now. On Corona Drew and Douglas have been on top of the ball so I don't know what F you are chatting.
Ginger n Turmeric2:59:19pm@Labourforlife - I haven't heard any from labor or nrp all week.....just b*itching n complaining
Labourforlife2:59:31pmDrew went to Germany in January to understand Corona...
Reo2:59:37pm@Fairness - To let u know that their vote counts because they can help u with Education, Housing, Health Care,
Ginger n Turmeric3:00:05pm@Labourforlife - Wa months now.....a joke ting dat
Labourforlife3:00:15pmReally @Ginger n Turmeric?
I suggest you listen more and talk less.
I am done with you.
Drew handed over 20 test kits....2000 more are on their way.
What the hell you call that? Is that not a solution?
police looking at us but no body looking at the police
Labourforlife3:00:38pm@Ginger n Turmeric - Bro or Sis, I done with you.
Calypso3:00:44pmJiub us next week for a next edition of dreaded tears with Labour.
Ginger n Turmeric3:00:59pm@Labourforlife - Lol....typical....of party supporters
Labourforlife3:01:04pm@Sandwich - Exactly...
Labourforlife3:02:01pm@Ginger n Turmeric - No. I don't debate with damn fools, hypocrites and those who don't want to learn.
You clearly don't listen or wish to learn and I don't have time to waste.
You are clearly someone who is not very bright.
Sad but your choice.
colin3:02:09pmthe police
Ginger n Turmeric3:02:27pmI back no party....i do not like any of them in d federation.....
Calypso3:02:52pmAre you could have played NRP from yesterday and save yourself the trouble.
Reo3:02:58pm@Fairness -
@Calypso - Remember good housing is essential along with an Education, and a party that look out for the Federation and not just for self and Families.
nonsense 3:03:05pmunity won't say nothing since dem 2 scamps dey been hiding
Ginger n Turmeric3:03:24pmName calling is wat you're resorting to because we disagree on way solutions are...lmao @Labourforlife - weak
Labourforlife3:04:21pm@Ginger n Turmeric - Objectively describing you is more like it.
nonsense 3:04:58pmfacts not calling names I called no names
Reo3:05:26pm@Calypso - Next time call in to the station and not just to write on the wall that will help u to prove your ability to others and self.
Labourforlife3:05:57pm@Ginger n Turmeric - That's your choice about backing no party.....don't bring your fake "above the fray" approach to us since we saw in 2015 where you all who hold that so called superiority complex end up.
colin3:08:15pm@Reo -
calling on radio or not
its the same thing
the p.m
is a slower
than Sylvine
Labourforlife3:12:34pm@Calypso - Programme is pure rubbish yet you listen...what does that say about you?
Nikki b3:19:28pmEk I am here
Concerned 3:21:39pmlol....facebook equipment on lock down too
Concerned chinese dem gonna raise de prices now
Concerned 3:30:49pmlol.....i told you chill on de sarsi lasr nit enuh
Tehso in st thomas 3:33:50pmEK good afternoon
how u doing how SK doing today keep clear of dem police keep jaming we done tune in
Concerned 3:37:12pmyes EK ... dovving pot
Donna in Montreal 3:43:10pmE.k. how are you?
Donna in Montreal 3:44:31pmAm ready like corona
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒3:45:14pm@Donna in Montreal -
@Concerned -
@Tehso in st thomas - Good afternoon....
Donna in Montreal 3:45:43pm@🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒 - bless up, be safe.
Nyahz3:46:42pmTell dem you no want no non-stick fry pan
Brown Sugar3:46:57pmGood afternoon all.
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒3:47:05pmTing called build a vibez 🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥💥🔥
Brown Sugar3:47:08pmEk a reach!
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒3:47:37pm@Donna in Montreal - Thanks dear. Likewise...
Brown Sugar3:47:58pm@🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒 -
Good afternoon Hun. How are you doing?
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒3:48:10pm@Brown Sugar - Good afternoon Empress....
Cheryl Warner 3:49:07pmEk good
am here
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒3:49:13pm@Brown Sugar - Making the best of the situation. Just wake up from a nap. How you managing?
Dwayne Earle 3:57:51pmek big up me mother on her birthday today nunga down ther in sandy point love her to the moon and back
Brown Sugar3:58:26pm@🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒 - Was just on a conference call with my job but I'm doing good otherwise.
Donna in Montreal 4:01:03pmTynessssssssss
Cheryl Warner 4:02:25pmMy mother pass I done let her no I love her daphne
Kazi4:03:47pmEk not even a kind word sometimes
all it takes is a smile to cheer up someone
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒4:04:32pm@Brown Sugar - Okay nice. This working from home got some more busy than a day at the office... Glad you're doing well tho....
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒4:08:25pm‼‼Where is the lie⁉️⁉️ They have TRILLIONS & still grabbing for more... Greed have us in this mess
Gatty4:12:19pmGreetings bro
🍒🍒ANGEL🍒🍒4:14:48pmMeh monkeys tuhday!!!!!!
Nikki b4:19:13pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nikki b4:19:51pmTunnne ek vibes sell off
Brown Sugar4:20:07pmPull up EK!!
Nyahz4:20:35pmSell Offff De REAL Righteous 👍🏿
Nikki b4:21:57pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nikki b4:22:44pmğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽµğŸŽ¼ğŸŽ¼ğŸŽ¼ ek big tune
Nikki b4:24:47pm🙏🙏🙏👀
Nikki b4:36:11pmBoy ek for real
Nikki b4:36:31pmVibes maaad
Anthony @Boston4:38:08pmPreach preacher
Sk-kittie4:48:35pmTalk de tings dem E k ur so correct
Donna in Montreal5:11:14pmLoneliness is a sin. Lol
Kid5:13:30pmLoneliness mek you chip out..
Donna in Montreal5:13:50pmE.K. you ****ing me. In your St.Paulsvoice. Lol
Nikki b5:14:50pmLord ek yeap
🦋ANGEL🦋5:15:08pmWell sah!!!!!! Tory dis ooooooooooooo
Nikki b5:15:19pmLooool
🦋ANGEL🦋5:15:54pmWay truth ago budday!!!!!! 😂😄😂😄😂😄
Lasbo 5:20:23pmGreetings
Lasbo 5:21:02pmBlessings and respects
Donna in Montreal5:23:17pmSame thing I am here saying. I want my vibes in S. K.
Back. Lol
Donna in Montreal5:24:24pmSummer cannot meet this non-sense. I want me S.K. vibes.
Nikki b5:28:42pmTalk de things ek
Donna in Montreal5:32:42pmE.K. what you are looking for on that phone.
Donna in Montreal5:33:43pmE.K. tell them you hear. Independent ladies.
Kiwi5:41:18pmMe tiyad get bite from that dj there
Zatiti 5:46:57pmEk u beating a dead horse e ain gonna run
Donna in Montreal5:47:05pmWhite way eh
Donna in Montreal5:47:12pmWash
Kid5:49:41pmJoseph get a nice jacket boii I tell you.
Donna in Montreal5:51:54pmCurfew coming in E.K. Be safe
Donna in Montreal5:54:02pmHello Hello
Brown kinda vibes!!
Brown Sugar5:56:45pmYes! Come a yard Ek!
Donna in Montreal5:58:34pmHammond sounds like a good drink. E.k.
Me birthday tomorrow6:01:13pmEk a love the vibes you putting me in the birthday mood even thou we on lock down.
Vanny6:01:35pmMe birthday tomorrow
Nikki b6:02:51pmMaaaad
Vanny6:44:36pmEk a love the vibes you putting me in the birthday mood even thou we on lock down.
Shirley Morton6:57:31pmDJ Right Hand, stay safe 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shirley Morton7:01:14pm🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Nar switch7:01:31pmYow right hand a big tune dem
Shirley Morton7:24:26pmRight hand you not live on Facebook tonight
Shirley Morton 7:52:16pmLord sorry for calling you right hand 😐 😐 😐 😐
MANBALLER8:01:15pmGood night to all
MANBALLER8:01:47pm@Shirley Morton -
@Nar switch - Night
MANBALLER8:03:40pmRINCH is lock down so we need to give them some gospel
MANBALLER8:05:11pmMe know you know your thing RINCH
MANBALLER8:07:04pmRINCH we have lots OF vex man and woman want to know wa he/ have to be home
MANBALLER8:09:26pmWell my birthday start from today until the 30th
xavier8:30:27pmi reachh enuh
xavier8:30:55pmi reach
🦋ANGEL🦋8:49:08pm@Rajiv good night...
🦋ANGEL🦋8:50:01pm@xavier -
Good night....
xavier8:50:39pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - night
🦋ANGEL🦋8:51:19pm@xavier - How you doing? Keeping safe I hope..
xavier8:52:07pmyeah quaratine got mi hungry
xavier8:52:58pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - but hope u doing the same
xavier8:53:54pmrinch bih up monique in prospect from xavier
MANBALLER8:54:40pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - night
xavier8:54:56pm@MANBALLER - night
🦋ANGEL🦋8:55:03pm@xavier - LOL you was to stock up... I am doing my part to keep safe...
MANBALLER8:55:32pm@xavier - Blessed night
🦋ANGEL🦋8:55:49pm@MANBALLER - Bless up King...
xavier8:57:27pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - i was a essential worker but they tell us stay home until further notice but i got lil stuffs here
xavier8:58:47pmrinch big up tamecka nd monique for me please nuff love to monique from her babes
🦋ANGEL🦋8:59:58pm@xavier - Oh okay.... Staying home is important...
xavier9:00:36pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - yep
PROBLEMS ....9:07:28pmNo linger
PROBLEMS ....9:07:34pmPull up the tunnneeee
PROBLEMS ....9:07:50pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyy
PROBLEMS ....9:08:10pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - sup
PROBLEMS ....9:08:27pm@MANBALLER - sup champ
PROBLEMS ....9:08:38pmTurn up
MANBALLER9:09:35pm@PROBLEMS .... - me cool bro
PROBLEMS ....9:09:59pm@MANBALLER - ok
PROBLEMS ....9:10:34pmStop it calm down
MANBALLER9:10:43pmMe going sleep
PROBLEMS ....9:11:06pm@MANBALLER - ok
🦋ANGEL🦋9:11:21pm@PROBLEMS .... - Night night!
PROBLEMS ....9:11:34pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - how was your day
🦋ANGEL🦋9:11:39pm@MANBALLER - Sleep easy....
🦋ANGEL🦋9:12:08pm@PROBLEMS .... - I managed to get a nap so that was good thanks and yours?
MANBALLER9:12:26pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - yeah tell SEXY B i miss her
🦋ANGEL🦋9:12:50pm@MANBALLER - I will when she pops up...
PROBLEMS ....9:13:46pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - I good starting to forget what the days be now everyday pass so fast
xavier9:14:08pm@PROBLEMS .... - night cum quick too
🦋ANGEL🦋9:14:18pm@PROBLEMS .... - OKAY.... LOL man I know what you mean,
same here...
PROBLEMS ....9:14:51pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - not even sports you can see
PROBLEMS ....9:15:27pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - think I will take up a cooking class lol
🦋ANGEL🦋9:17:17pm@xavier - The days seem shorter to you? Could be you know because I can hardly get all I need done & I am working from home...
xavier9:18:10pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - they are
🦋ANGEL🦋9:18:14pm@PROBLEMS .... - LOL LOL that would be awesome... At the end of all this we should be able to come out with new s****s...
PROBLEMS ....9:18:14pm@xavier - that's true
PROBLEMS ....9:18:29pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - lol
PROBLEMS ....9:19:10pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - I guess I get blight tonight
🦋ANGEL🦋9:21:56pm@xavier -
@PROBLEMS .... - Okay okay...
🦋ANGEL🦋9:22:48pm@PROBLEMS .... - Dread , time will tell... what time Rajiv going done, 10?
PROBLEMS ....9:26:00pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - idk.

🦋ANGEL🦋9:26:05pmWeh de genna deh weh de genna ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµ
🦋ANGEL🦋9:26:50pm@PROBLEMS .... - Okay....
PROBLEMS ....9:26:57pmTurn up
PROBLEMS ....9:27:07pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - he nar read the wall
🦋ANGEL🦋9:27:45pm@PROBLEMS .... - I notice buddy.... He treating us like step chirren...
PROBLEMS ....9:28:25pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - lol
🦋ANGEL🦋9:29:30pm@Rajiv you self!!!!!
PROBLEMS ....9:29:41pmLol
🦋ANGEL🦋9:29:48pmHoe you making out @Rajiv?
PROBLEMS ....9:29:51pmSexy lady no here tonight
PROBLEMS ....9:30:01pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - lol
🦋ANGEL🦋9:30:31pm@PROBLEMS .... - wooooooooiiiiiiieeeeeeeee you see it??? Only then he does notice us enuh...
PROBLEMS ....9:30:38pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - we should lock home him up for child support
🦋ANGEL🦋9:31:07pm@PROBLEMS .... - 😄😄😄😄😄
🦋ANGEL🦋9:31:39pm@Rajiv shout out Neka!!!
PROBLEMS ....9:32:03pmLol
🦋ANGEL🦋9:32:20pm&& Sexy B.
PROBLEMS ....9:33:13pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - where sexy b
🦋ANGEL🦋9:33:18pmI expect the wallers to be present during these times... where is everyone else...
Victoria Secret 9:34:09pmJust relaxing..
PROBLEMS ....9:34:24pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - idk
🦋ANGEL🦋9:34:40pm@Rajiv 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣 Shout out, Darky, Sexy Lady, Sexy B, Snakeyes,
Sexy Cherise,
Neka & all wallers...
PROBLEMS ....9:34:55pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - rinch a play a gun man tune so all the woman dem gone sleep
🦋ANGEL🦋9:35:09pm@Victoria Secret - Hey missy! How was your day?
🦋ANGEL🦋9:35:22pmTuuuuuuuuunneeee ğŸ”¥ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ”¥
PROBLEMS ....9:35:29pm@Victoria Secret - welcome back
🦋ANGEL🦋9:36:01pm@PROBLEMS .... - Awoah! Is that going on....
Victoria Secret 9:36:39pmTired of these dogs.. need a human LoL
@🦋ANGEL🦋 -
PROBLEMS ....9:37:32pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - idk
Victoria Secret 9:38:21pm@PROBLEMS .... - self quarantine..
PROBLEMS ....9:39:43pm@Victoria Secret - ok
PROBLEMS ....9:39:55pm@Victoria Secret - how long you quarantine
xavier9:40:13pmprince swanny dreams play dat rinch
Victoria Secret 9:41:19pm@PROBLEMS .... - wayyyyyy before COVID19 🆘️
PROBLEMS ....9:41:54pm@Victoria Secret - lol
PROBLEMS ....9:42:10pm@Victoria Secret - where you in st.kitts
PROBLEMS ....9:42:52pm@Victoria Secret - you want share you secret
Victoria Secret 9:43:58pm@PROBLEMS .... - No
PROBLEMS ....9:45:35pm@Victoria Secret - lol why not you no scared
Neka9:45:57pm@PROBLEMS .... - Night
Neka9:49:02pmRinch good night
Victoria Secret 9:49:33pm@PROBLEMS .... - Red wine or white wine ❓❔😕
PROBLEMS ....9:50:27pm@Neka - night
Vanny9:50:39pmA love the vibes to bring in my birthday tomorrow
Neka9:50:39pm@PROBLEMS .... - sup
PROBLEMS ....9:51:18pm@Victoria Secret - am not really a wine person but I sample the white wine
Victoria Secret 9:52:13pmNeed help to kick the habit..
PROBLEMS ....9:52:46pm@Neka - what's up
where you been
PROBLEMS ....9:53:32pm@Victoria Secret - lol it's nice to have once or twice a week
Neka9:53:54pm@PROBLEMS .... - Me hear were bz but am free to do my thing now
PROBLEMS ....9:54:31pm@Neka - mmmmm
Neka9:54:49pm@PROBLEMS .... - yea
Neka9:54:58pmWhat about u
@PROBLEMS .... -
PROBLEMS ....9:55:13pm@Neka - what this payback ?
PROBLEMS ....9:56:16pm@Neka - I good just here in the cold chilling
Neka9:56:17pm@PROBLEMS .... - payback no why u think so
PROBLEMS ....9:56:57pm@Neka - mmmm
Neka9:57:03pm@PROBLEMS .... - ok
Neka9:57:09pmO k
PROBLEMS ....9:57:24pm@Neka - how was your day
PROBLEMS ....9:57:51pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - where you gone
Victoria Secret 9:57:53pmHey Mr. DJ..👏👏 👊
Neka9:58:06pm@PROBLEMS .... - It was Good yours
🦋ANGEL🦋9:58:13pm@Victoria Secret - LOL I feel your pain sweets... I hope you get lucky...
🦋ANGEL🦋9:58:34pm@PROBLEMS .... - Right here .....
🦋ANGEL🦋9:58:50pm@Neka - Good night...
Neka9:59:08pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - Night Lady
PROBLEMS ....9:59:11pm@Neka - was busy cleaning trying to keep my mind off the corona
Neka10:00:15pm@PROBLEMS .... - ok nice
PROBLEMS ....10:01:14pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - in the morning
that guy concerned come on and chatting crap about the Corona virus when ppl all over a die like fly from the virus ...I dont know if I'll be on in the morning
PROBLEMS ....10:01:57pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - I guess they will know how real the virus is when ppl close start to die
PROBLEMS ....10:02:25pm@Neka - you quarantine too
PROBLEMS ....10:03:25pmAh who listen to freedom everybodyyyyyyyy
🦋ANGEL🦋10:04:50pm@PROBLEMS .... -
I think the person was just using his name man... IDK
PROBLEMS ....10:08:00pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - mmmmm
🦋ANGEL🦋10:12:55pmRun choon Rajiv!!!
PROBLEMS ....10:13:32pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - I think I'll be
taking a break got
a few my friends died from the virus
🦋ANGEL🦋10:14:56pm@PROBLEMS .... - Oh really?
Damn!!! Sorry to hear that man... My condolences King...
PROBLEMS ....10:16:09pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 - yep the sad thing you cant even go funeral
PROBLEMS ....10:17:31pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 -
@Neka -
@Victoria Secret - enjoy your night am out
Neka10:18:47pm@PROBLEMS .... - seen
🦋ANGEL🦋10:19:15pm@PROBLEMS .... - Yea , it is very very sad man... I pray you strength to get thru this & all affected...
Neka10:19:18pm@PROBLEMS .... - no
🦋ANGEL🦋10:19:44pm@PROBLEMS .... - Okay man. Hang in there... One love!
Neka10:20:25pm@PROBLEMS .... - wow sorry to hear
PROBLEMS ....10:23:27pm@🦋ANGEL🦋 -
@Neka - no worries
this virus dont discriminate so
we will get thru this .... hopefully
Victoria Secret 10:28:12pm@PROBLEMS .... - worried about my vacation..DAM
Stay With God Ministry3:28:43amThankful Thursday to all@ Bro.Bernel.Nobody like you Lord and for that we give you all the glory and praise.
Stay With God Ministry3:30:48amFolks pls occupy yourselves at this time of the lockdown otherwise the devil gonna find work for you to do.
Stay With God Ministry3:40:05amPls occupy yourselves by reading your bible and prayer everyday read a book write a poem or puzzle.Spring clean your home or do your Easter cleaning or rearrange your home.Develop a relationship with the Maker etc etc etc.
Stay With God Ministry3:43:00amSo much to do just be creative even to make your own face masks with resources around you.
Stay With God Ministry3:54:07amBro.Bernel pls whenever you go out into the public wear your masks not only sometimes but all the time
Stay With God Ministry3:57:34am@Bro.Bernel I need your number pls email address dont know if you are on whatsapp.Need to share some stuff with you.
Stay With God Ministry4:13:59amI do believe the lockdown should go up to Monday 6am.No matter what there will always be some that gonna disobey rules and regulations and they gonna be roaming physically and spiritually.You often hear running footsteps and dogs barking in the deep night to early mornings.Folks stay at home
💕ANGEL 💕5:11:24am@Stay With God Ministry - @Bernel, Good morning. Have a Blessed day!
Ras-b 5:33:47am@💕ANGEL 💕 -
@Stay With God Ministry - @ Bro Bernel :A blessed morning to all do enjoy the day and be safre
Zatiti 5:52:43am@💕ANGEL 💕 - A pleasant good morning and JAHOVAH GOD blessings always l
Zatiti 6:05:25amJAHOVAH GOD BLESSINGS to the Phipps and Francis family and related family Dieppe Bay Sandy Point Tabernacle love to all my family
Zatiti 6:11:45amA blessed morning to my cousin Bertrand Charles in the Virgin islands
💕ANGEL 💕6:28:07am@Ras-b - Good morning Ras. Thanks & same to you. Hope you're keeping safe..
💕ANGEL 💕6:29:38am@Zatiti - Good morning. We are blessed to see another day.
Have a fruitful day.
Ras-b 6:30:46am@💕ANGEL 💕 - yes I am
💕ANGEL 💕6:35:55amğŸŽµğŸŽ¶On the wings of a snow white dove He sends his pure sweet love A sign from above On the wings of a dove.ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶
💕ANGEL 💕6:36:15am@Ras-b - Nice to know. Blessings.
Anthony @ BOSTON 6:56:02am,A Blessed GD Morning thank you for ur morning selection, it is soothing not only for the Federation but for the world
Neka 7:08:55am@💕ANGEL 💕 -
@Ras-b -
@Anthony @ BOSTON - Good morning all
💕ANGEL 💕7:15:53am@Neka - Good morning.
Neka 7:16:26amMorning Lady how u
Concerned7:40:33amBlessings Wallers!
Nightingale in Tampa 7:45:36amGood morning
say happy birthday to my brother
Nuttys from
his sister
Gale love you
very much please stay safe please to everyone
Shirley Morton NYC8:16:21amGood morning sugar bowl, another Bless and awesome day
Shirley Morton NYC8:18:09amGood morning to the Bloyce Family in Conaree
Boston8:18:21amMorning Sugar
Victoria Secret 8:30:49amGood morning you''s great to be alive many went to bed and don't wake up..let's give thanks for the little/much we have! God is still in control.🙏Morning Sugar bowl the baddest DJ on the planet hands down.ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ™
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:52:27amGood morning sugars,
@Stay With God Ministry -
@Ras-b -
@Zatiti -
@💕ANGEL 💕 -
@Anthony @ BOSTON -
@Neka -
@Concerned -
in Tampa
@Shirley Morton NYC -
@Boston -
@Victoria Secret - blessings my freedom family on this thankful Thursday. Praying you’re all well. Love you all God bless
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:55:37amSugars send a special shout out to Problems, Snakeyes and Manballer
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:55:55amGoing on a conference calls Lawrd dem can’t done
Boston8:56:12am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - morning
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:56:27am@Victoria Secret - yes we’re grateful for another day on this earth
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:57:27am@Boston - hey beautiful how are you? Keeping my head up!!! Just got a credit for our family trip to Fresno, California for my cousins wedding and spring break. It’s all about safety
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ8:58:35amI need to keep up on the news as soon as the
news break that we can travel
I’m heading home
Boston8:59:26am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - I heard that better to be safe. The world is a scary place right now
Shirley Morton NYC9:01:25amAmen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Zatiti 9:02:41am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - Blessed day JAHOVAH GOD BLESSINGS ALWAYS
Zatiti 9:11:22amRemind me of my youth at pilgrim holiness church not a Christian but know d creator seek always for truths
@Zatiti -
@Shirley Morton NYC -
@Boston -
@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ -
@Victoria Secret -
in Tampa
@Concerned -
@Neka - Good morning all! Happy Library day! Have a Blessed day!
Boston9:18:06am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - Morning
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:18:29am@Zatiti - That's what Library day (Thursday morning) on Freedom FM is all about. Enjoy!
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:18:57am@Boston - Howdy do today?
Boston9:19:38am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - Still hanging in there what about you
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:20:58am@Boston - Aaahhh you're doing the right thing! Same here dear! Same here. It is the most beautiful sun shiny day in the BVI, gives you a sense of hope...
Boston9:22:44amLl [@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓well it is suppose to rain from 12 pm until tomorrow that what the weather people say
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:27:06am@Zatiti - amen.
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:27:40am@Boston - yes my dear
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:28:24am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - hey sweets
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:29:03am@Boston - the rain is one of my favorites and nice sunny ☀️ day
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:29:55am@Boston - LOL @that's what the weather people say... sounds like good weather too...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:30:17am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - Hey young lady! Hope your day started off well...
Shirley Morton NYC9:33:02amHappy birthday ğŸŽ‚ğŸŽ‰ğŸŽˆğŸŽğŸŽŠ Mention sugar band for life
Boston9:33:20amP @SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - outside is dark
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:36:15am@Boston - hmmm 🤔 sounds like you need to be under the covers
Boston9:36:48am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - I wish working
Victoria Secret 9:37:05amYou keep telling me this.. telling me that..CHUPZZZZ.ğŸ˜ž
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:37:11am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - yes it did with my job’s 7AM roll cal and updates they’re something else but I’ve NEVER been so happy for JOB!!!
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:37:40am@Boston - you’re not working from home?
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:39:32am@Victoria Secret - lmao 😂
Neka 9:40:01am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - Good morning
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ9:42:39am@Neka - hey beautiful how you managing?
Boston9:44:59am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - I am it is so boring these people only want face time
Neka 9:46:40am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - I trying
to manage with my kids at home and sll day is mommy mommy mommy but giving god thanks
@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - Am so happy i dont have a man or i might have a nine months later Lollock down
Neka 9:47:26amLock down
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:48:53am@Victoria Secret - LOL LOL stop listening to him. Next time he opens his mouth tell him fire he backside... lol
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:49:55am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - Sweet! Say that again... #blessings
Zatiti 9:50:45amGreatest love singer Al Green nuff party days
Neka 9:51:51am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - how u
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:51:54am@Boston - LOL @it's boring.
They're taking all the fun out of working from home eh? My music blasting loud so tail,
volume on call, if & when they call, I turn down, & they better keep it short...
PROBLEMS ....9:52:50amMorning ppl @⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 -
@Neka -
@Zatiti -
@Boston -
@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ -
@Victoria Secret -
Zatiti 9:53:12amNo apologies grow up as an American born Nevisian still nothing but an old village man
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:53:21am@Neka - I am fabulous dear. I am optimistic that this too shall pass ad I know we are overcomers. I feel great! My spirit is soaring high...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:54:21am@Zatiti - Keeping in touch with your roots is richness! You are blessed believe that...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:55:05am@PROBLEMS .... - EH EH! Look what the cat dragged in 🙂 How you doing today King? Blessings to you!
PROBLEMS ....9:56:39am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - I just wake up
trying to stay positive sup with you ?
Zatiti 9:58:03amDey tell me I ain't nothing but a Kittitian can't take none of dem out a me represent all
Victoria Secret 9:59:50am@Zatiti - #JeffreyOsborne..shine on..😢
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍9:59:54amOoooooooooooohhhhhhhh me arm wid this song!!!! I ain't heard this since small days...
PROBLEMS ....10:00:00am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - these tunes new
Neka 10:00:20am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - Nice
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:01:05amğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµI'm on top of the world looking down on creation ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ & the only explanation I can find is the love that I've found, that has put me on top of the world ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµ
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:01:54am@PROBLEMS .... - Okay. Sending you ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the positivity you need to get thru this...
PROBLEMS ....10:02:43am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - thanks I listening to the new tunnnnnneeee s
Victoria Secret 10:07:30amR.I.P king Arrow😢
Neka 10:12:47amBowl Good morning
Zatiti 10:13:02amMy people learn to read a thermometer and keep in ur home to read the temperature of u and ur family and please stay safe it's about our people love to all
Nino b10:15:03amGd morning all, first time on the freedom wall. There's never s dull moment on this station
Nino b10:17:18amBig up all the freedom wallers and everyone stay safe
Victoria Secret 10:19:27amWoyyyyy 💃💃💃💃💃 sing Star Shield SING.. LOVE THIS SONG..
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:19:35am@PROBLEMS .... - These are all OLD OLD tunes..
That's what Library day is about... You young so consider it a learning experience...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:20:56am@Nino b - Good morning. Welcome. Thanks & same to you... You got that right,
the station with the excitement...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:21:25am@Neka - You managing okay?
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:21:40am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Good morning King. Blessed love!
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:21:56am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 -
@Victoria Secret -
@Nino b -
@Zatiti -
@Neka -
@PROBLEMS .... - Morning
Neka 10:22:14am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Morning love
Victoria Secret 10:23:11am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - how young❓🤔
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:23:12am@Neka -
@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ -
@Boston - morning
Boston10:23:29am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - morning
Nino b10:23:31amYea, to tell u all the truth, my radio stick on one station 24hr a day
Neka 10:23:53am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - sup
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:24:07amThey said only animals farmers
PROBLEMS ....10:24:12am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - ok
Nino b10:24:13amI just actually download the app.
PROBLEMS ....10:24:43am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - morning
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:25:09am@PROBLEMS .... - How are you doing bro?
PROBLEMS ....10:25:25am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - I just here
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:26:13am@PROBLEMS .... - I now came outside to get some ğŸŒž
Neka 10:28:30am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Enjoy the rest of u dayy am out
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:29:03am@Neka - Ok dear do the same
Nino b10:29:15amCan you all imagine what the country going be looking like tomorrow morning after this curfew
Neka 10:30:19am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - I will
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:30:29amI think the curfew should go 24hrs a few more days
SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ10:30:42am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 -
@PROBLEMS .... - good morning my dear
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:31:12am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - MORNING love
PROBLEMS ....10:31:18am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - .how are you
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:31:24amBowl blessed love
Nikki b10:31:31amMorning guys
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:31:46am@Nikki b - Morning
Nikki b10:31:51amProblems
PROBLEMS ....10:32:15am@Nikki b - sup
Nino b10:32:16amBut people running out of food and supplies so we need at least that day to replenish
PROBLEMS ....10:32:25am@Nikki b - morning stranger
Neka 10:32:36am@SexyLADYğŸ™ğŸ¾ğŸŒŽ - how u day going lady
Nino b10:32:38amYes bowl, bless up
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:33:41am@Victoria Secret - I am not sure... wondering if I can ask...
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:34:08am@Nino b - St.kitts too small for this get out of hand
Nikki b10:34:18amI here
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:34:40am@Nino b - Just click on the person/people name you wish to speak to & start typing...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:34:58am@Nikki b - Good morning. Good morning..
Nino b10:35:49am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - true dat so who is gonna control that tomorrow
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:36:07am@Nino b - I know what you mean. Here in Tortola we have 3 days to go out & do business,
throw out garbage
then back under lockdown...
Nino b10:37:15am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - I heard so, have couple people I keep in constant contact with down there
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:37:34am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - You miss your beach
Nino b10:37:45amWe exchange info on both island
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:37:46am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - I feel the same way about here but it's a double edged sword. Because they have an arrangement,
we get out in last name order but of course people are taking advantage..
PROBLEMS ....10:38:30am@Neka - did I miss something
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:38:54am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - Yeah people not listening
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:39:36am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - You ain't sorry for me? Calgon,
Take me away
Nino b10:39:56amHon @⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - honesty don't work at times like this. Everybody wants to be the to get the best of what's there
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:40:21am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - If you in a line and someone come close to you what would you do?
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:40:23am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - At all. They fail to realize how small the Islands are & how EASY it is for loadzzz to be affected at one time.
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:41:05am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - I can USE Air Force 1
Nino b10:41:56am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - my point
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:42:14am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - Am feeling for them it's better for them to stay home
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:43:45am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 -
@Nino b - Sigh. They would not take heed until people start dropping like flies. I don't know why we're like this but it's messed up & very frustrating to those that are woke!
Nino b10:43:53amWe'll c when tomorrow comes, just pray that we all discipline enough to do the right thing
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:44:12am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - It is but you can't make them see that it appears...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:45:21am@Nino b - Facts! I do not agree with the let out because after this 3 day of Freedom I am afraid we will have a spike in cases...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:46:49am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 -
@Nino b - I telling y'all.
I am staying home.
My husband is a police & of course have to work so that is enough of a threat for me to me constantly worried about...
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:47:19amğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸŽ¶ Thee poor can't take no more ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽµğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾ğŸ’ƒğŸ¾
PROBLEMS ....10:50:09am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - am out enjoy your day
Peaches10:51:21amGood morning. What the number to call?
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:52:08am@Nino b - I WOULD KEEP IT LOCK DOWN UNTIL THE PEOPLE THEy have for testing see how that goes Y
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:52:26am@Peaches - Morning
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:53:33am@Peaches - the numbers are on the top
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:54:10am@PROBLEMS .... - Okay man. Stay positive.
Be comforted... Take care.. Thanks.
⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍10:54:54am@Peaches - Good morning.
Which number Freedom number?
PROBLEMS ....10:55:02am@⚓🤍ANGEL⚓🤍 - yeah bless up
Victoria Secret 10:55:47amBad boy King.. Ayatollah great singing voice..👊
🐂MANBALLER🐂10:56:30am@PROBLEMS .... - later
PROBLEMS ....10:56:55am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - bless up later
Neka 11:00:49am@PROBLEMS .... - what there to miss
Neka 11:01:29am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Come by me same here
🐂MANBALLER🐂11:01:35am@Neka -
🐂MANBALLER🐂11:02:28am@Neka - HOPE THE 🚔 NO STOP ME
Neka 11:03:25am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Nothing to stop u am bored
Zatiti 11:03:38am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - JAHOVAH GOD BLESSINGS stay safe JAH LOVE
🐂MANBALLER🐂11:04:03am@Zatiti - SAME
Nino b11:05:05am@Victoria Secret - nuttn but gd vybz he sings. But I think he is underrated
Neka 11:05:06am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Lol
Anthony @ BOSTON 11:07:02amMuch Blessings to the freedom family loving the back in the day lime
🐂MANBALLER🐂11:07:33am@Anthony @ BOSTON - MORNING
Anthony @ BOSTON 11:08:22amMuch Blessings the all keep safe... enjoying the back in the day tunes
Neka 11:09:51am@🐂MANBALLER🐂 - Same thing here
Anthony @ BOSTON 11:10:29amGM morning loving the back in the day vibes...let’s all keep, much Blessings to all
Victoria Secret 11:12:53am@Nino b - yes so true.. nothing more so than 2011😢
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