Julie Charles

Since 2000, Julie has invested considerable effort to social issues affecting women, childhood, and adolescence; beginning with the start of a Big Sister Program in the Basseterre High School in 2000, which peered young professional women with troubled teenage girls to peer counseling. Facilitating such topics as Teen Sexuality, Choice, Conflict Resolution, Self Esteem and Self Confidence, Parenting Skills, How to prepare for a job interview to both teens and parents continues to be Julie’s passion. As a journalist, Julie created articles such as Legacy, Purpose, Happiness, and Choices; with local, regional, and international readership. In 2009, Ms. Charles became a guest co-host on the weekly radio show entitled “Tell me what is on your mind and I will give you my opinion” on Sugar City Roc 90.3 FM (St. Kitts) with Sweet Sister Sensia on Monday nights.

It has been said that Julie Charles’ commitment to social activism stirred the day of her birth in the guitar shaped island of St. Kitts; of the twin island Federation St. Kitts-Nevis in the West Indies. Through her travels throughout the Caribbean and US, as well as her participation in cultural events, Ms. Charles has witnessed the extreme challenges, hardships, motivations, and the never-ending determination of people to rise, to believe, and to dream. This as well as her experiences in St. Kitts-Nevis inspired her to be an active volunteer in Project Viola which is a program operated by the Ministry of Gender Affairs. Project Viola’s mission is to formally acknowledge the right of all teen mothers to receive an education while providing any additional support that will facilitate the completion of her studies, such as mentoring, day care services, or even tutoring. In 2004 Ms. Charles became a Voluntary Facilitator for the Ministry of Gender Affairs and Social Development. This Ministry is responsible for addressing issues that affect gender as well as the community, and ensure that workable solutions are found to alleviate any stress.

Julie graduated from Baruch College, City University of New York with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research and is based in St. Kitts-Nevis. Believing in her personal motto “if she can save only one child from a life of hardship and crime or assist a parent in better communicating with his/her child” continues to bring her a sense of accomplishment that she can make a difference in the lives of others.