Sweet Sister Sensia

Michelle D. Stokes affectionately known as Sweet Sister Sensia has undoubtedly become a top female DJ throughout the Eastern Caribbean region. A proud Cancerian born July 22nd on the small island of St. Kitts to the wonderful and loving Pamella Noland and a famous calypsonian and drummer named Mick Stokes, Michelle considers herself special as she is the only girl of 9 kids shared between her parents.

Michelle got her nickname while on a visit to the United States. During her stay, a Jamaican asked Michelle her name when she was with a friend who called her Herby and herself Sensia but Michelle debated with her friend that they should exchange names making the Jamaican laugh. The Jamaican agreed and said “alright thickness from now on your name is Sensia.” Being a friend to the ladies on the Radio Michelle added “Sister” to “Sensia” and being complemented for her enchanting voice she added “Sweet” to her alias and is now commonly called “Triple S” or “Sweet Sister Sensia.”

Blessed not only with brains, a beautiful face and a sexy body, Sweet Sister Sensia has an engaging voice and a talent for mixing tracks. She has been working in the music and Radio industry since she was a young teen and appreciates her start at Sugar City Rock where she tenured for eleven years. Her aim at the genesis of her musical career to become one of the best female DJs in the world has remained the same even though she has made significant accomplishments. Sensia has traveled to numerous Eastern Caribbean islands on several occasions including Tortola, Antigua, Montserrat, St. Maarten, St. Thomas and Anguilla. She has also visited South Carolina and the New York Tri-State area and has showcased her skills at the popular Savoy Night Club in The Bronx, for example. Sister Sensia is of the opinion that people recognize and feel her vibes not only because she is a female DJ but because she is good at what she does. Whether she performs at home or abroad she always gives her best because she considers herself a musical ambassador representing her country.

When Triple S is not busy deejaying she spends her time taking care of her home and household or is on the computer researching and social networking. She also enjoys dancing, spending quality time with friends and loved ones and styling hair.

Musically, Sweet Sister Sensia is not only talented on a turntable but she also freestyles Reggae. Even though she appreciates a variety of musical genres including Dancehall, Hip-Hop and Soca, she is “madly in love with Old School Lover’s Rock” and considers it her favourite musical genre. Her entrepreneurial spirit has driven her to be a partner of Trendsetter Sound which serves as an additional outlet for her to evolve as a female DJ. Conclusively, Sweet Sister Sensia aims to make a difference in the world through music.