US National Detained Over Brantley Drone Affair

December 05, 2017 in National

Police in Nevis are investigating a report made by Sharon Brantley, wife of Deputy Premier of Nevis, Mark Brantley, that an unmanned drone was spotted hovering feet away over their family home in Montpelier. As a result, police began their investigations and US citizen, Matthew MacMillan,...

Monday night saw the culmination of the Sugar Mas 46 Senior Calypso Eliminations among Proud Sound Calypso Tent, Legends Calypso Tent and On Stage Calypso Tent

December 05, 2017 in National

16 calypsonians have been chosen to advance to the semifinal round. Below is the full list of semifinalists:👇 SOCRATES: 255 points RUDDER: 246 points KING ASTRO: 243 points BIG LICE: 241 points JACK SPANNER: 241 points MISS INDEPENDENT: 240 points MURRAY: 238 points DADDY NATURE: 238 points ZARKIE: 234 points HOLLYWOOD: 232 points BIG EDWARDS: 223 points CHARRIS...