Two Wounded During Police Arrest

November 03, 2015 in National

The local police force is reporting that the 18th illegal firearm, so far this year, has been removed from the streets. This came following an unusual incident where two individuals were shot while the police was seeking to arrest another. The altercation reportedly occurred on Sunday...

Wilkins responds to Nigel Carty on SIDF money

November 02, 2015 in National

Controversy continues over the moneys spent by the multi- million Sugar Industry Diversification Foundation(SIDF). Lawyer Charles Wilkin QC, at the recent government forum on the economy, said that the former government used SIDF funds as it pleased in breach of the SKN constitution. However on...

BHS back in spotlight on “Issues” and “Working for You”

October 29, 2015 in National

Former Education Minister Nigel Carty is blasting the Team Unity Government & Minister of Education for continuing to deceive the country about the Basseterre High School and the realities of what’s taking place there. Carty said it was regrettable that the government media is distorting what’s...