UK ministers rally around embattled Boris Johnson, for now

January 13, 2022 in International

With varying degrees of enthusiasm, senior British government ministers on Thursday expressed support for Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson and rejected demands he resign for attending a garden party during the country's first coronavirus lockdown. Many other Conservatives held their tongues, waiting to see whether the...

‘It’s Not Adding Up’: Off-Duty Deputy Tells Supervisor ‘People Are Hostile’ After He Guns Down Black Man In Front of His Home; Some Claim Victim Was Run Down By Deputy’s Pickup, Then Shot

January 12, 2022 in International

A 37-year-old Black man was shot and killed in the street outside of his home in North Carolina by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy over the weekend in an incident that has sparked protests in the town of Fayetteville amid swirling claims about what led to...