June 2023

LIAT: Union slams Gaston Browne’s “compassionate” statement

June 02, 2023 in Regional

The Antigua and Barbuda Workers Trade Union (ABWTU) has accused the government of showing “contempt and disregard” for workers. The accusation follows Prime Minister Gaston Browne urging to former employees of the cash-strapped regional airline, LIAT (1974) to accept his administration’s compassionate offer. Browne had also accused...

Why Rastafari smoke marijuana for sacramental reasons

June 02, 2023 in Regional

Members of the Rastafari religion and political movement have for decades been persecuted and imprisoned for their ritualistic use of marijuana. But the tiny islands of Antigua and Barbuda recently became one of the first Caribbean nations to grant Rastafari official sacramental authorisation to grow...