Trump says Obama took Biden off ‘the trash heap’

October 22, 2018 in International

ELKO, Nevada (AP) — President Donald Trump poked fun at former US Vice-President Joe Biden Saturday, on a day when both politicians were campaigning in Nevada for candidates on the November 6 ballot.

Trump was in rural Elko, Nevada, for a rally a short time after Biden appeared hundreds of mile south in Las Vegas.

The president mocked the potential 2020 White House contender as ‘one per cent Joe’ — a reference to Biden’s low showing in earlier presidential runs.

Trump said Barack Obama came along in 2008 and took Biden “off of the trash heap and made him vice-president.”

Trump boasted of the size of his audience in Elko, and said Biden drew only a few hundred in Las Vegas “and he was thrilled — that’s one of the biggest crowds he’s ever had”.

Trump also scoffed at the idea of a “blue wave” sweeping Democrats to big victories on Election Day, saying he thinks it’s “being rapidly shattered”.

He told the Republican rally in Elko, Nevada, that he “likes where we stand in the election” on Nov 6 that will determine control of Congress.

The president said “all the Democrats want is power and they’ve got this blue wave deal going. Not looking like a blue wave”.

Trump is listing a number of GOP candidates he says will prevail, including Dean Heller, who’s seeking another term as a Nevada senator.

Trump also accuses Democrats of backing an “extremist immigration agenda” and claims that he’s “already figured out” how to solve the complex issue of immigration, though he’s giving no details.

“We’re going to make a lot of people happy,” he said. “I think I’ll keep it a little bit low-key until the election.”

Meanwhile former Vice -President Joe Biden says American values are “being shredded by a president who is all about himself”.

Biden’s swipe at Republican President Donald Trump came as he spoke at a Democratic Party rally in Las Vegas, on Saturday.

Biden said that America was built on basic fundamental decency and “it is being shredded right now”.

He said that America built some of the “greatest alliances in literally the history of the world” over the past 70 years. But Biden said Trump is “all about himself”.

Biden also called out congressional Republicans, saying they are “choosing party over their country” because of gerrymandering and unlimited spending.

President Donald Trump also said Democrats are “too extreme and too dangerous” to take control of Congress.

That’s one of the themes he’s hitting on during a visit to Western states as he makes his closing arguments for Republican candidates before the November 6 election.

The president wants to focus on immigration as one of the defining election issues.

On Friday night, Trump rallied thousands of supporters for GOP Senate candidate Rep Martha McSally of Arizona. He warned of dire consequences if Kyrsten Sinema (SIN’-uh-muh), the Democratic congresswoman challenging McSally, is victorious.

Republicans hold a 51-49 advantage in the Senate now.