Community Pulse


February 13, 2017 in Community Pulse

The Saint Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA), in accordance with Section 61(e) of the St. Christopher Air & Sea Ports Authority Act, hereby informs the general public that all loading and unloading (handling) of commercial cargo at the Basseterre Ferry Terminal has been...

Community Notice

January 09, 2017 in Community Pulse

ANNOUNCEMENT - A (Please announce this information from Monday January 9th, 2017 to THURSDAY January 12th, 2017) There will be a Community Meeting for all persons living in the area from Brightons to Bourryeux on Thursday, January 12th, 2017, starting at 8:00 p.m. All are invited. Matters...

Soca Semi Finalists Released

November 29, 2016 in Community Pulse

The National Carnival Committee has released the names of the 2016-17 soca semifinalists. They are: GROOVY 1. Jevon Lynch- Jeezy Sparta: 267 pts 2. Casim Pemberton- Rucas HE: 258 pts 3. Shannakay Raymond- Shanna: 254 pts 4. Delison Roper- X-Man: 251 pts 5. Jason Kyte- KT: 247 pts 6. Shakier Challenger- Vybz: 246...