The beautiful little country that’s 29C in January and has direct flights from UK

January 12, 2024 in National

A trip to this fantastic country full of sandy beaches and amazing experiences is the perfect way to beat the January blues.

The Christmas and New Year’s holidays are well and truly over and the January blues are in full swing thanks to the unforgiving weather that has been battering the UK over the past several days.

While Britain is dealing with strong winds, rainy days and dangerous storms, some 4,000 miles away a tranquil paradise is offering its visitors warm temperatures and relaxing experiences.

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a country consisting of two islands located in the West Indies.

These stunning islands are home to some 54,300 people and, thanks to their sandy beaches, rich history and friendly locals make the best destination for a recharging January break.

The beginning of the year is a great time to travel to these islands, as there are only occasional rainy days.

The average high in January is 28C, but in the past few days the mercury hit 29C on multiple occasions, granting visitors and locals in St Kitts and Navis sunny and warm days.

Among the reasons why St Kitts and Nevis, whose head of state is King Charles III, is a perfect holiday destination for Britons is the fact the official language on the islands is English.

People considering St Kitts and Nevis as a possible holiday destination will notice it is easily accessible from the UK. British Airways flies direct from the UK to St Kitts, although the journey includes a one-hour stop on the runway in Antigua.

Arriving on St Kitts doesn’t make it much more difficult to visit the second island part of the Caribbean nation, as they are linked by a 50-minute public ferry.

One of the most obvious activities for tourists when in St Kitts and Nevis is relaxing on one of its many white-sand beaches.

Among those with the best panoramic views is Cockleshell Beach on the southeastern edge of St Kitts island. Also on the southeastern part of St Kitts lies another beach, Majors Bay, offering a more laid-back experience to visitors.

The Caribbean country is also famous for its rich history. Its official name is the Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis – with St Kitts’ original denomination deriving from Italian explorer Christopher Columbus, who visited the island in 1492 during his second trip to the New World.

A former British colony, St Kitts and Nevis retains to this day much of its former sugar industry infrastructure, which can be visited aboard the St Kitts Scenic Railway, the last railway in all of the Caribbean.

Those who love enjoy holiday destinations like locals will fit right in on St Kitts and Nevis by visiting one of the Saturday markets scattered across the islands and heading to live music events on the weekend.