SWMC Cleanup Campaign

October 05, 2018 in Community Pulse

The SWMC National Clean Up campaign continues this weekend in areas spanning St. Johnson’s Village to West Farm and Newton Ground to Saddlers. Persons in the following communities are advised to be ready to dump their bulky waste and white goods in bins made available by the SWMC and D and D Waste Services: St. Johnson’s Village, Haynes Smith Village, Trafalgar, LaGuerite, Cardin Avenue, Buckleys Site, Buckleys, Russell Village, Limekiln, Camps, Olivees, Amory Drive, Seaview Gardens, Ocean Gardens, Hummingbird Development, Mattingley Heights and West Farm. From Newton Ground to Saddlers, the areas are Newton Ground, Cranston, Back Street, Station Street, Charles Ground, Main Street, Brotherson Estate Belmont Estate, Church Ghaut, Grove, Rawlins Lovers Lane, Douglas Avenue, James Avenue, Carse Avenue, Bradshaw Avenue, Leaders Avenue, Willets/Extension, Dieppe Bay, Parsons, LAvington, Lynches, Pogson and Saddlers. Bins will be placed on Friday October 5, 2018 and end on Monday October 8.