“Stop Obsessing Over Balancing The Books”- Douglas to Harris

July 09, 2021 in National

The people of St. Kitts and Nevis continue to suffer due to the incompetence of Timothy Harris and his obsession to save face. This is a comment made by the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, while speaking on Freedom Fm’s ‘Issues’ program earlier this week.
As a matter of addressing the concerns of the people, Dr. Douglas noted that for there to be any relief, there would have to be a shift in focus for the Prime Minister and the government, adding that Harris’ obsession with balancing books must come to an end.
“For the suffering to end, Dr. Harris needs to stop obsessing over balancing the books like some first-year university accountant student. This is not an academic exercise! This is a practical exercise where real lives matter, and where decisions have to be taken on time in order to deflect what we have seen as a result of the hesitancy of the government.”
Dr. Douglas continued, “For the suffering to end, Dr. Harris needs to grow a conscience, he needs to be able to see things not just from his own personal status in life, he needs to understand that there are real people of real families who have nothing to eat and at times, therefore, need to do more than fast and pray.”
However, as a minister under the Labour administration, Dr. Douglas recalled, that Harris regularly demonstrated the inability to lead through tough times and crises, which led him to be fired.
“We in the cabinet then, felt strongly that he didn’t have the capacity to lead… It is this inability and the current internal leadership pressures that Harris is under, that has caused him to make so many mistakes in the mismanagement of the pandemic in St. Kitts and Nevis.