Star of Merit Award Winner 2022 National Awards: Mr. Clement Wickham “Juni” Liburd

September 17, 2022 in National

Clement Wickham “Juni” Liburd Broadcaster:

Exemplary Icon in Broadcasting

Real freedom in its purest form comes at a great price and often sacrifice; especially in an era when greater accountability, freedom of expression and transparency are demanded in a rapid digital and technological operating space. Moreover, people’s appetite for information and entertainment keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

Our nominee for a National Star of Merit Award hails from a veteran broadcaster, father, teacher, community advocate, historian, disc jockey and cultural icon, Mr. Clement Wickam Juni Liburd. He spans 53 years in broadcasting through the hallowed halls of ZIZ Broadcasting, VON Radio, Sugar City Rock and Freedom FM, which turned 12 Today.

Mr. Liburd holds a masters degree in education and broadcasting. He has shared his vast knowledge and expertise with any and everyone willing to listen and engage in useful conversations about life and its idiosyncrasies. He is a true believer in the African diaspora and its rich cultural heritage. Mother Africa and Black Liberation are his usual refrain and passion.

Mr. Liburd’s outstanding contribution and life long achievements in broadcasting are etched in the highest echelons of our beloved Federation. These include and are in no way limiting:-

  • Informing the general public about the latest local, regional and international developments in social,political, cultural, economic affairs, technology, sports and entertainment
  • Engaging the public on prevailing critical issues of the day
  • Providing world class radio and entertainment content to all stakeholders
  • Promoting true democracy by allowing all sides to present their views to the public
  • Providing opportunities for volunteer groups to promote their causes
  • Promoting businesses; especially the aims and aspirations of small businesses and their leaders
  • Providing a social platform where young people can build their careers and break new grounds in earning a name and place for themselves in a careful brand management fashion

When you say broadcasting our people have come to expect that it is synonymous with Freedom 106.5FM. A trusted name built by Mr. Clement Juni Liburd and his hard working team through tested trials and unexpected challenges. Through it all, Freedom has reigned with dignity, pride and sheer admiration of our populace.

We simply cannot allow Mr. Liburd’s broadcasting footprints to go unnoticed or unrecognized. Furthermore, he goes about his daily living with humility and utmost respect for himself and definitely others; his efforts and works stand tall in our hearts and minds in a rhythm that soothes our souls.

Broadcaster, Mr. Clement Wickham Juni Liburd Is an exemplary Icon in Broadcasting