St Kitts and Nevis to offer kidney transplants at local hospital

September 05, 2023 in National

Prime Minister Terrance Drew said kidney transplant surgeries would soon be available at the Joseph N France General Hospital in St Kitts and Nevis.

Drew provided the update while appearing on Freedom FM’s Issues programme yesterday.

“[It is for the] people who cannot catch a plane and go overseas. These people are dying sooner than they should because they don’t have access to transplants. I cannot allow our people to die when we have an opportunity to save their lives,” he said.

“I would encourage our people to eat well, exercise, keep their pressure under control, your sugar, change their lifestyle, but in the event that they develop end-stage renal disease, we want to make sure that they have an option for renal transplant and we are going to launch the renal transplant programme.”

Drew added that a team from Canada would visit the country soon to train staff at the Haemodialysis Unit on the proper use of the dialysis machines that they recently received.