Robber hacked to death in MoBay, associate saved by church members

November 20, 2014 in Regional

CrimeSceneFilePhoto-1MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica – One of two thieves who were on a reported robbing spree in the Catherine Hall housing scheme in St James last night was hacked to death and his associate left nursing chop wounds in hospital.

Reports are that the two men during their pillage stabbed a woman whom they held up and robbed of her cell phone and handbag and were chased by a mob.

The two robbers were eventually caught and chopped all over their bodies as they desperately attempted to reach safety.

One of the men collapsed and died a short distance from a Seventh-Day Adventist Church in the community, while the other ran into the church where the choir was gathering for rehearsal.

Members of the choir reportedly locked the church door to bar out the mob until the arrival of the police.

The injured man was taken to hospital in a serious condition. The female victim positively identified him as being one of the two who robbed and stabbed her.