Richards Pledges to Prioritize Water Crisis in Cayon

July 15, 2020 in National

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Infrastructure, utilities, Posts and Urban Development the Honorable Shawn K Richards told Freedom Fm on Wednesday that the lack of water in the Cayon area is a top priority for his Ministry and the Team Unity Government as a whole.

Richards, who is responsible for water said that coming out of an emergency meeting to deal with this problem on Tuesday which was attended by relevant stakeholders, the matter would receive his full attention.

Richards further pointed out that this dire water situation has been affecting Cayon residents for many years and that the time had come to end the water woes of Cayon residents.

He stressed that outside expertise is being sourced but because of the current COVID-19, more immediate and temporary solutions such as trucking water would bring a measure of relief.

Richards pledged to use all resources necessary to resolve this issue in the short to midterm period.