Konris Chastise Harris-Led Government Misuse of Vaccine and Misinformation

July 09, 2021 in National

“A vaccine is to aid and prevent a future problem, a future spread,” said Konris Maynard, as a means to properly educate the public, and thwart the fabrications being peddled by the Timothy Harris-led government surrounding vaccinations.
While speaking on Freedom FM’s ‘Issues’ program yesterday, July 5th, Konris chastised the Harris-led government for misusing the vaccine and for misinforming the general public.
Since the rollout of vaccinations in the Federation, Konris recalled, members of the task force, supported by the Harris-led government stressed that there was no need for lockdowns, because of the availability of the vaccine. “This is neither scientific nor does it makes sense in the context of the lessons we’ve learnt,” Konris said, while also commenting on the fact that as the Federation is under lockdown resulting from an upsurge in positive COVID-19 cases, the government continues to scare persons into taking the vaccine, by stating that the vaccine is the only choice.
“This is not true,” Konris stressed. “It takes just a few days for the virus to spread rapidly, however, it takes weeks to months for bodies to develop the immunities to a virus after receiving a vaccine. This is why you will never see anywhere in the world where there is rapid community spread, that the solution is to vaccinate. The vaccine is not for now, a vaccine is for later. Therefore you cannot use a vaccine to solve a now problem, a today problem, an active spread. A vaccine is to aid and prevent a future problem, a future spread.”
Konris challenged the government to step up to the plate and invest in the lives and the wellbeing of those affected and those who are most vulnerable, instead of engaging in fearmongering and deceit.