Fake engine oil among $300m in counterfeit goods seized

June 09, 2022 in Regional

Approximately $300 million in counterfeit goods, including engine oil, was seized from a wholesale on Princess Street in downtown Kingston Wednesday afternoon.

Two persons have reportedly been taken into custody by the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC).

Assistant Superintendent Victor Barrett, head of CTOC’s Intellectual Property Unit, told OBSERVER ONLINE that the practice of selling fake goods has become a lucrative business in Jamaica.

He noted that they had received reports from a brand/rights holder and acted on the information.

“This store has a wide variety of counterfeit goods – from shoes, bags to engine oils, lotions, Beats by Dre headphones…We have Puma, Nike, we have a lot of Crocs, we have Micheal Kors – and some of them are even named Micheal Rors. They are so creative and disrespectful to the brands,” ASP Barrett said.

He stressed that counterfeit engine oils may cause irreparable damage to vehicles.

“Once we receive a report from a brand owner or rights holder, then we have a legal obligation to act. If you have a brand, and you register your brand and a recognised brand in Jamaica, and you have your certificate of registration from Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO), then we as the police have a responsibility to act. The owner for the respective brands reached out to us, so we are here,” ASP Barrett said.

ASP Barrett told OBSERVER ONLINE that the store was not ordered closed as the merchant also has other goods that they are licensed to sell.