Devrone Connor Is Kfc 20th Anniversary Car Winner

February 01, 2017 in National

Devrone Conner won this brand new Car at KFC 20th Anniversary year long draw on Tuesday afteroon at KFC. The draw was carried live on ZIZ, FREEDOM FM and SUGAR CITY FM with speeches and acknowledgements from Mrs Wendy Grant, Sleigh Boncamper and local manager Colin Richards.

A jovial mother and child were lost for words as elation overtook them when Devrone was named winner of the raffle. Tears of joy and happiness also overtook the onlookers who were present at the draw which took place on the Bay Road in-front of KFC.

Many folks in attendance saw it as divine intervention as Devrone who is disabled has in the past been carried around on his mother’s back.Emcee for the event was G Cue with music provided by DJ Yardie.