CXC exams on unless governments order a cancellation due to Bret

June 21, 2023 in Regional

As the Caribbean braces for the impending Tropical Storm Bret, if a country’s Ministry of Education has not ordered a cancellation of the examinations, then Caribbean Examinations Council exams are still on in the territory.

This is the premise that CXC® will operating on for the ongoing CAPE, CSEC and CCSLC exams.

In a statement issued this evening, Tuesday, June 20, 2023, CXC® is currently monitoring Tropical Storm Bret as it approaches the region.

The statement said:

“During and after the passage of this weather system, the safety and well-being of all our stakeholders is paramount. We urge all stakeholders to follow the safety directives provided by each government.

“CXC® is in dialogue with ministries of education across the region as it relates to the examinations which may be affected in their country. For countries where their government has not ordered a cancellation of the examinations, all examinations are expected to be administered as normal.

Continue to remain safe and we pray that the storm will pass by with minimum damage.”

CXC® promised to update as further information is provided by the region’s Meteorological Services.