19-year-old is St Kitts & Nevis’ new Deputy Clerk of Parliament

February 10, 2023 in National

History was created on Wednesday when Mauriel Knight began his new job as the Deputy Clerk of St Kitts and Nevis’ National Assembly.

That is because Knight, who is only 19 years old, is the youngest person to hold a senior role in the country’s parliamentary structure.

Parliament and parliamentary procedure is not new for Knight who was the President and Vice President St Kitts National Youth Parliament Association (SKNYPA).

Knight told St Kitts and Nevis Information Service that he was excited about serving in the new capacity.

“It is definitely an honour and a privilege to serve my country in this capacity,” Knight said, noting that it aligns with his strong sense of civic responsibility. “I’m happy to be given the opportunity to serve in this way, fulfilling a passion and serving my country.”

Knight said the experience he gained while serving in the SKNYPA would help him to transition into this new role.

“The various leadership roles that I was thrusted into definitely allowed me to gain an appreciation for prioritising tasks and for organising different events. Working alongside the Clerk and the Speaker for today’s sitting as well as seeing how parliamentary procedure is done from SKNYPA’s end, definitely gave me the skills and the mindset necessary to enter the halls today,” he stated.

In introducing Knight during the first parliament sitting for 2023, Speaker of the National Assembly, Lanien Blanchette, expressed her confidence in Knight’s ability to serve as deputy clerk.

“He comes with a wealth of knowledge and is uniquely poised to be an asset to the National Assembly. He has been an incredible help to the Clerk and to the office as a whole,” Blanchette said.

Prime Minister Dr Terrance Drew also commended Knight, whom he described as “very astute and dedicated.”