‘We accept the win, even if its 9 or 10 seats,’ says Gaston Browne

January 19, 2023 in Regional

Political leader of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP), Gaston Browne has promised supporters that with his re-election as prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda, he will work to resolve all of the problems which citizens need to be addressed, including water, roads and employment.

In his victory speech early this morning following the results of the general election, Browne said the victory of the ABLP was not only historic but significant as all the conditions to win an election were in favour of the Opposition UPP.

Browne noted his party had to contend with a number of crises including climate change which created water problems for the people, and COVID-19 which resulted in unemployment and ultimately people blaming the government.

“We have time now to recover our economy fully to put you back to work and solve all of the issues…water issues… road issues… infrastructure issues. I give you my word…we will resolve those problems.”

He said another thing that was supposed to work in favour of the Opposition UPP was that the ABLP was going up for a third term, which is usually difficult to get. “Today I am eternally grateful.”

Browne indicated that he is the only prime minister who would have won three elections since Antigua and Barbuda’s Independence.

He said if all of those conditions were in favour of the opposition and they could not win, ‘they are winning again.’

With some seats slipping away from the ABLP, Browne said whereas the party had anticipated a landslide victory or a clean sweep, it accepts the win the people of Antigua and Barbuda has given to them.

“Even if its 9 or 10 seats we accept, we are grateful and give thanks,” said Browne.

Noting that the results of the election create the opportunity for fresh talent, Browne said he did signal before that the labour party needs fresh legs and new talent.

He said after two terms some ministers become lethargic and don’t have the will to fight. Browne has indicated that no matter what, an incumbent must put in the same energy in their term third as they did in their first and second term.

“Wherever I need to realign I will realign,” said Browne.