Trinis & Grenadians charged with drug trafficking in St Kitts

October 13, 2022 in Regional

The five-crew members of the MV Elizabeth C have been charged by police in St Kitts and Nevis in connection with a drug bust.

Desue Mc Farlang and Ronald Ollivierre of Grenada, along with Peter Scotland, Saleem Ali, and Micheal Jack of Trinidad and Tobago have been charged with Possession of Cannabis with Intent to Supply, Importation of Cannabis, Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Supply, Possession of Cocaine and Importation of Cocaine.

Customs officials have charged the men for the offences of Fraudulent Evasion of Cannabis, Fraudulent Evasion of Cocaine, Concealment of Cannabis, Concealment of Cocaine and False Declaration of Documents. Mc Farlang received an additional charge for the offence of Modification of the Vessel for the Purpose of Concealment.

They were charged on October 07, 2022, and have been remanded at His Majesty’s Prison.