The ST.KITTS DIABETES ASSOCIATION is hosting a project called..”A Healthier You”

May 23, 2022 in National

The ST.KITTS DIABETES ASSOCIATION is hosting a project called..”A Healthier You”… that seeks to target primary school children in the age range 10 to12 years old.

It’s geared toward modifying lifestyles of these children that could result in improvements in the quality of their health whilst lowering the risk of acquiring the condition known as Diabetes and if by chance , already diagnosed as such, then empowering them with suggestions for better management of the condition.

This project will be launched tomorrow Monday 23rd May 2022 at the Dean Glasford Primary school and will last for a period of two weeks.

Activities include presentations by various professionals, involving exercises, healthy snacking, screening and distribution of exercise paraphernalia , that can be used by the students in this pilot program.

Included in the program, would be special days , during which for example, there will be no sweets used, and on another day when fruits would be provided as the snack by the association.

There will be exercises demonstrated by someone involved in this type of activity routinely and a presentation by nutrition surveillance officer, addressing the significance of healthy eating habits.

It is hoped, that this pilot project would form the basis for a change in the lifestyle of our younger population, and by extension the parents and guardians, thus resulting in improvements in the statistics related to chronic noncommunicable diseases, and more specifically in this case , Diabetes.

The association thanks the ministry of health and the ministry of education for the collaboration and expresses sincere gratitude to the Ross University School for supporting us with this project