January 11, 2021 in National

Shark attack at Turtle beach in St Kitts waters.
Freedom Fm has received confirmation of a shark attack in St kitts where at least one person received serious injuries and is now in surgery.
The person attacked by a shark was a Ross student from Texas swimming from Major’s Bay St Kitts to Oualie.
A release on Ross website urges students to exercise caution when swimming at beaches.
RUSVM – Shark Biting Incident – Turtle Beach St. Kitts
“All RUSVM community members are advised to stay away from Turtle Beach, St. Kitts until further notice and exercise caution while swimming in general.
Earlier today, several community members were involved in a shark biting incident at Turtle Beach, St. Kitts. One individual sustained significant injuries and has been taken to the hospital. We keep the individual’s health and well-being in our thoughts. Additional information will be communicated as necessary.”
More details to come….