Ministry of Health Reminds the Public of Blood Giving Procedures and Encourages Community Support

May 31, 2023 in National

Basseterre, St. Kitts May 27, 2023 [Ministry of Health] β€” The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Joseph N France General Hospital Blood Bank, wishes to remind the public about the importance of blood donation and urges individuals to find the time to give back to our community.

Although our blood bank currently maintains an adequate supply, it is crucial to ensure a consistent and reliable source of blood for patients in need. Blood donation is a selfless act that directly impacts the lives of those facing medical emergencies, undergoing surgical procedures, or managing chronic illnesses.

To facilitate the blood donation process and make it more convenient for donors, the Hospital Blood Bank takes this opportunity to remind the public that, the blood bank is open Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is to provide greater accessibility and flexibility for individuals who wish to contribute to this noble cause.

The process of donating blood is simple, safe, and supervised by a team of trained medical professionals. Potential donors undergo a brief medical screening to ensure eligibility and determine their suitability for blood donation. Once cleared, the actual donation process takes approximately 10-15 minutes and involves the extraction of a unit of blood. Following the donation, donors are provided with refreshments and rest to ensure their well-being before leaving the facility.

While the current blood supply is stable, it is crucial to maintain a robust reserve to meet unexpected emergencies and the ongoing needs of patients. Therefore, we humbly ask patients that may receive blood products to encourage family and friends to donate where possible. This is an extremely helpful practice that can prove vital in ensuring that the next person in need is afforded the same care as our current patients.

By donating blood, you become a lifeline for someone in need. Your contribution can make a significant difference in saving lives and improving the health outcomes of our fellow community members. The Ministry of Health and the JNF Hospital Blood Bank express their deepest gratitude to the individuals who have donated blood in the past and encourage new donors to join this noble cause.