Machete Wielding Men Attack Wedding Reception in Dominica

October 31, 2016 in Regional

injured-man-at-reception-1A wedding reception for a couple in Loubiere was turned into a nightmare on Saturday evening when the event was attacked by a group of cutlass-wielding and stone-throwing young people at the Loubiere Resource Center.

The origin of the fracas is unknown but according to reports, it took place between a group of men at the reception and a group of young men, who according to witnesses, are from Loubiere.

Eyewitnesses told DNO that the two groups began hurling stones and bottles at each other. The men at the reception then retreated to the Resource Center and locked themselves inside.

However, the other group, reportedly from Loubiere and led by a young people wielding a cutlass, went to the center and began breaking down the door. A young woman was also part of the group.

The group eventually broke through the door and one of the men inside the Resource Center was attacked. DNO was told that he was hit by a stone in the head.

The attacking group fled the scene, however, numerous persons who witness the incident told DNO they know the identity of them all since they are well known in the Loubiere area.

The couple at the wedding was left in tears at the unexpected turn of events.

The police and the ambulance service eventually arrived on the scene and the injured man was taken away.

DNO is unsure of the extent of his injuries.

Dramatic video below shows the moment the Resource Center was attacked.