Local Farmers are advising the Ministry of Agriculture to adopt a multidimensional approach to eradicate the tick disease

June 25, 2020 in National

Local Farmers are advising the ministry of agriculture to adopt a multidimensional approaching an effort to eradicate the annihilating tick disease that has been wreaking havoc on the federation’s livestock for a number of years. Gareth Lewis a livestock farmer who was a guest on a recent edition of Freedom Fm’s “Issues,” explained that the it is time for the ministry to look towards avenues other than Bayticol, a ready to use pour-on solution used for the treatment and control of biting lice, sucking lice, ticks and mange in cattle, that is currently being used.

Lewis also spoke of plans to upgrade the cattle stock on the island but noted however, that this initiative could only be undertaken once the tick problem is under control.

Another critical issue pointed out by Lewis is the lack of water. While revealing that he has started to take step to build the necessary infrastructure to ensure that he can access water on his farm, Lewis urged the government to provide some assistance in this area.