Henderson condemns rising crime in Central Basseterre

February 17, 2023 in National

Minister of Tourism and Urban Development, Marsha Henderson, has called for Central Basseterre to stand against the surge in criminal activity affecting their communities.

Henderson’s calls come as St Kitts and Nevis recorded its fourth murder for 2023 at the Irish Town Primary School.

The victim was 51-year-old Dahlia Hanley, who worked as the school’s security guard.

Henderson said schools should remain a safe haven for students and staff.

The minister revealed that security would be beefed up in Central Basseterre to give residents a sense of peace.

Henderson said residents should not stand idly by and allow criminals to take over their once peaceful communities.

“As a community, it is imperative that we become affirmed custodians of our brothers and sister. Violence is never the answer. Choosing violence depletes the very essence of who we are as a community,” she said.

“We must not bolster the criminals by staying silent. Let us protect our Central Basseterre community by speaking up, by nurturing the youth and simply recognising that violence destroys the lives of victims and assailants.”

Henderson said community meetings will be held with residents to get their views and inform them on what is being done to stop criminals.