Guidance to Employers Re: Staff Members in Quarantine by Order of The Chief Medical Officer, Ministry of Health

May 31, 2021 in Community Pulse

In light of the current situation regarding the cluster of Covid-19 cases in our Federation, the Department of Labour is appealing to all employers to be considerate and empathetic towards workers who have been ordered by the health authorities to enter quarantine. The Department of Labour asks that employers preserve the employment of the individuals so affected and, where possible, continue to pay wages/salaries in full or up to at least thirty-five (35) percent, as quarantined workers may be able to claim sickness benefit in accordance with Schedule 8: Part III, Section 9 (2) of the Social Security Act, CAP 22.10.

The Department of Labour also strongly encourages employers to insist that all staff members/workers to adhere to all of the Covid-19 safety protocols to reduce the
spread of the virus.

Let us continue to strive towards the maintenance of harmonious working relations during this pandemic and put our best efforts forward in working together to defeat Covid-19.