Former PM Denzil Douglas lays out vision of NEXTGEN SKN

May 22, 2019 in National

The electorate including the youth of St Kitts and Nevis has been presented with a vision by the political leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party that will improve not only their quality of life and their families, but also restore vibrancy in the diminishing economy, provide employment opportunities and attract investment.
SKNLP political leader, the Rt Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas urged party members at the 87th annual national conference to mobilize support for the new team of candidates that will be presented to the electorate for the next general elections.
“I want all of them to join me in Cabinet to move the vision forward. Our NEXTGEN SKN agenda for progress is an inclusive agenda that is the culmination of our conversations with the people. It is not about us – it is all about you! It is our covenant with you the people so that we can serve the interests of people of all generations from the cradle to the grave and in all sectors,” Dr Douglas told delegates and invited guests.
“Our NEXTGEN SKN approaches will not only improve services and attract investment, but it will also revolutionize the power of citizens, to grant you direct access to and influence over your government and to cultivate that as the foundation of prosperity. We are committed to ensuring that our policies and plans are effective and impactful in doing the most for the most and that the people who are affected most are included in the decision-making process.” Dr Douglas said.
He said the NEXTGEN SKN VISION will make sure that when St Kitts and Nevis takes off that the masses of the people must also all be onboard, “not just a few politicians and business people and their families.”
“Our NEXTGEN VISION will create an environment where our young people can dream big and participate in the policy conversations of our country. Our NEXTGEN SKN VISION will restore the vibrancy of the economy and stimulate growth again, It will put the economy to work for you. Our NEXTGEN SKN VISION will put policies in place to empower our small business and create new entrepreneurs. One entrepreneur in every household will be our goal,” said Dr Douglas.
He also promised that the new Labour Cabinet will teach the people of St Kitts and Nevis how to invest their money and grow wealth.
“We will engage our Diaspora in an institutionalized way to better communicate with you and partner with you on community development projects and the broader goals of nation building. To our nationals abroad I want you to know the NEXTGEN SKN needs YOU! We need your skills, connections, technology and expertise,” said Dr Douglas, who promised to provide incentives for farmers and fishermen with the systems, tools and resources that are needed to grow the agriculture industry.
Entertainers, artists, dancers and fashion designers will get the necessary assistance to build their creative industry and international brands and attract economic activity to every town and village in St Kitts and Nevis.
Dr Douglas promised that the new Labour cabinet will also create a safe, just, confident and caring society where every citizen can live and work in peace and security.
“A NEXTGEN SKN VISION will ensure that all our nation’s children will be equipped with the tools to become masters of their own destiny. This is what a NEXTGEN SKN LABOUR government will do. Today we are asking all of you to get onboard. Let us move forward with Labour to a better St Kitts and Nevis,” declared Dr Douglas.