Floods receding, revealing catastrophic damage

October 22, 2018 in Regional

There was no official shutdown in central and north Trinidad on Monday but the usual traffic gridlock on the roads was absent as many stayed away from work and school.

The roads were like a ghost town.

Some schools that are opened had sparse numbers in attendance.

Many teachers from flood ravaged areas could not turn out to school.

Flood waters on the Uriah Butler Highway are slowly receding. In the vicinity of the Caroni flyover the south bound lane of the highway is closed and the North bound lane was being used as a dual carriageway with two lanes of traffic hearing North and one lane heading South.

There is a heavy presence of police on the highway to guide motorists.

A team from the Ministry of Works is also on site doing works.

There is also a free flow of traffic on the Churchill Roosevelt highway on both the West and East bound lanes.

The Education Ministry yesterday stated that some schools in flood ravaged areas would be closed as they are being used as shelters

However, it appeared many parents kept their children home fearing the road conditions as well as the latest bulletin from the ODPM advising of more adverse weather.

Major tertiary education institutions also opted to shut down today.

A message from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Campus Registrar advised that due to the continued adverse weather warnings and limited mobility across the country, all classes at main Campus and our off-campus sites (DCFA and FMS sites) have been cancelled for today.

The Hugh Wooding Law School also cancelled classes citing adverse weather conditions.

The University of Southern Caribbean administration advised students, faculty and staff that the University will remain closed today.

It invited individuals who are unaffected to volunteer to their neighbours and communities together with USC. Those who are interested in assisting may convene on campus at 9 a.m.

COSTAAT advised its students and members of the public that due to the ongoing adverse weather conditions all campuses will be closed today.

Private institutions also opted to cancel classes.

The School of Business and Computer Studies (SBCS) stated all its campuses will remain closed today.

The Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business stated it is fully operational today.

However, it noted that there may be difficulty for some to access the school due to flooded areas.

“We regret any inconvenience that this may cause. In sympathy with these potential challenges, the School wishes to make it clear that we will understand if there are some staff members who cannot access the site. Please inform your line Manager if this is the case. If there are any students who cannot access the School, please let your Programme Director or Learning Assurance Officer know and we will create the opportunity for you to catch up on any classes missed” it stated.