Douglas says voters must ensure names on voting lists

February 23, 2017 in National

Former Prime Minister now Opposition Leader Dr Denzil Douglas speaking at the first in a series of town hall meetings put on by the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, told the large gathering of nationals at the St. Peters Anglican Church Rectory Wednesday night, that large numbers of voters are being disenfranchised by the Team Unity Government.

Douglas said nationals had a responsibility to ensure that their names are listed in the Registry of Voters. Douglas further stated that he had heard that in constituency #5, over 90 names were removed. Douglas said it was a collective and individual obligation to ensure their right to vote.

Douglas said the Attorney General Vincent Byron had indicated that the Team Unity Government intended to scrap the present Register of Voters and start a new enumeration exercise, which could lead to the removal of legitimate names, and that the SKNLP would not take that situation without protest.

Douglas pointed out that the Attorney General had shut down the Electoral Office following the 2015 general elections to conduct an investigation of that office; but that to date nothing has come out of that investigation.

Douglas further declared that it was the intention of the Team Unity Government to remove the names of overseas voters from the register to the disadvantage and disenfranchisement of the overseas voters.