Defense Lawyer Chesley Hamilton Calls on Team Unity Government to Start Cannabis Production for Economic Development of SKN

September 09, 2020 in National

Defense Lawyer Chesley Hamilton in a candid interview with Freedom Fm Newsdesk on Tuesday, called on the Team Unity Government to send clear cut guidelines and initiatives to nationals to begin the process of cannabis production, that would provide economic stability and security for the country.

Hamilton said countries like Canada, Holland, the USA, and Israel had legalized marijuana and were reaping huge financial gains from cultivating and selling marijuana.

He called on government to legalize and liberalize marijuana..

Hamilton said the government had passed legislation and gazette laws to deal with personal cultivation of up to 5 trees on one’s property and the possession of up to 56 grams.

Another lawyer noted that the Ventose Ruling was still applicable, where nationals were allowed to have cannabis in their possession as well as on their property.