AG Garth Wilkin Meets Integrity Commission to operationalize anti corruption measures in SKN

October 06, 2022 in National

Today, I met for hours with the St Kitts Integrity Commission. The Nevis Integrity Commissioners were invited to attend. We met to discuss the Federal legislative changes needed to immediately operationalize your Government’s brand new Anti-Corruption/Good Governance programme. We are on the same page.
To show how serious your Government is, our Prime Minister visited the Office of the Integrity Commission for a tour and to meet the Commissioners. He, like me, is serious about stamping out corruption in the Federation.
The main three pillars of our Anti-Corruption programme are soon to be actioned. The Integrity Commission will finally get the teeth needed to address corruption by high-level public officers in our Federation by way of amendments to the Integrity in Public Life Act.
Our proposed Anti-Corruption Act envisions the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate and prosecute criminal acts of corruption throughout the Civil Service, Statutory Boards and Government-Owned Companies (subject to the constitutional powers of the Director of Public Prosecutions).
The Freedom of Information Act, passed in 2018, will finally be operationalized to allow access to the press and public to non-confidential Government information and to protect whistle-blowers. I meet with the Press Association on Friday to hear their recommendations.
Why are we doing all of this? Why are we prioritizing anti-corruption legislation? CORRUPTION CRIPPLES SOCIETIES.
The IMF has said that depending on its extent, corruption can have a profoundly detrimental effect on public finances as governments collect less in tax revenue and overpay for goods and services or investment projects.
“But the cost of corruption is greater than the sum of lost money: distortions in spending priorities undermine the ability of the state to promote sustainable and inclusive growth. They drain public resources away from education, health care, and effective infrastructure—the kinds of investments that can improve economic performance and raise living standards for all.”
While we craft a brand new diversified economy where ALL (not just some) can truly benefit, we must move forward as a Nation by eliminating corruption and its impact on our Treasury. A New Day. A Better Way. #staytuned #stayfocussed #ignorethenoise