A Little Herb Medicine Costs Reggae Singer Luciano His US Visa

August 31, 2016 in Regional

luciano-1KINGSTON, Jamaica, Wednesday August 31, 2016 – Back in 1999, Jamaican reggae artiste Luciano sang ‘When Will I Be Home?’ Today, he’s likely wondering when, if ever, he will be back in the United States, after having his US visa revoked following what he said was “an abnormal interrogation” that led to authorities finding a cannabis-based liquid in his luggage.

Luciano, whose real name is Jephter McClymont, has disclosed the visa revocation, the circumstances that led to it and his plan to try to regain access to the US, on social media.

“I regret to announce that whilst crossing the border from Canada into America by air on August 25th, 2016, I underwent an abnormal interrogation during which my personal hand luggage was searched. During the search, a mixture that I normally use as a herb medicine for my throat was found and after numerous tests was claimed to be illegal because it contained cannabis extracts. The herbal liquid was a very small amount (less than one gramme), but, as a result, my visas were revoked and I was denied entry into the US,” he wrote.

“We are pursuing all avenues to appeal and hopefully reverse the decision as soon as possible. Also, please note that this will not affect any bookings that I have in countries anywhere else in the world, apart from North America.”

Luciano, who is also known as the Messenger, had been scheduled to perform on the Philadelphia Jerk Festival on Sunday and also had several gigs lined up in California, British Columbia, Washington, Arizona and Oregon from September 2 to 17, according to the Jamaica Observer newspaper. The singer apologized to fans, promoters, family and friends who had been looking forward to his performances.

“I sincerely regret the inconvenience and disappointment that this will cause as I am also deeply devastated. Please pray for me while I face yet another major obstacle in my life,” his Facebook post stated.
Although he did not mention those previous obstacles, Luciano recently lost his son, Menelik McClymont, on February 28 this year.

The 19-year-old student died a day after being stabbed while at a plaza in Jamaica’s capital, Kingston. Two other students and a third person have been charged with his murder.