Property For Sale at Conaree and Muddy Pond Estate

May 05, 2022 in Community Pulse

The property described below is offered for sale to the general public by sealed tender bid. Interested persons may contact the mortgagee bank’s Attorneys-at-Law for further information and to collect a copy of the Conditions of Sale at Tel: (869) 465-2440 or Email:

NOTE: The mortgagee bank shall not be obliged to accept the highest offer or any offer made.

Description of Property:

ALL THAT lot piece or parcel of land being part of Conaree and Muddy Pond Estate situate in the Parish of St Peter in the Island of Saint Christopher aforesaid containing by admeasurement 15,363.0 square feet bounded and measuring as follows, that is to say:- On or towards the North-East by Conaree Estate, 100.00 feet; On or towards the South-East by Lot No. 18, 137.4 feet; On or towards the South-West by an Estate Road, 105.4 feet; and On or towards the North-West by Lot No. 16, 166.9 feet; all the same as is described in an Indenture of Mortgage dated October 22, 1999 and recorded as Deed Number 11464 in Liber R Volume 7 at Folios 2781 to 2792 of the Register of Deeds for the Island of Saint Christopher.

Minimum Offer: EC $687,000

Photographs of Property: