Lovell Wins

May 18, 2015 in Regional
A jubilant Harold Lovell thanks supporters. (Photo courtesy C Major Productions)

A jubilant Harold Lovell thanks supporters. (Photo courtesy C Major Productions)

“The road to 2019 has begun,” declared Harold Lovell, the newly elected political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), last night.

Lovell unanimously emerged the winner of Antigua & Barbuda’s main opposition party in what has been described as a “divisive” race for the leadership by members of the UPP and political pundits.

The new leader copped 291 votes from the 304 delegates eligible to vote. His lone contender, Eleston “Namba” Adams, received 13 votes. There was one spoilt ballot.

Sources at the closed-door event said cheers erupted for Lovell after the formal announcement of his victory was made. Reports also indicated that Adams received loud cheers and applause from the delegates for every vote he received, a gesture he accepted in good faith.

Lovell told OBSERVER media that he will remain committed to the party’s moving ahead as “one united party”.

He said now the leadership race has ended the party will be able to “take the fight to the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party.”

The other members who were elected to form the UPP Executive were Chairman, Gisele Isaac; Vice Chairman, Richard Lewis; General Secretary, Shawn Nicholas; and Assistant General Secretary Dulcie Horsford-Watkins.

Also Philmore Benjamin, will now function as Treasurer, Collie Stevenson Smith is the Assistant Treasurer, Kema Benjamin is the Labour Relations Officer, and Rachel Collis is Education Officer.

The UPP’s new Mobilization Officer is Winston Henry, while Damani Tabor and Etienne Charles fill the positions of Public Relations Officer and Elections Officer, respectively.